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Miles Davis
Tune in Wednesday, May 16th 3-4pm for the Jazz Hour Mix and hear Miles Davis and his band Live at Fillmore West, San Francisco - April 10, 1970 for a 35 minute Live Bitches Brew Jazz Fusion performance.

The Grateful Dead were the top billing that weekend so Miles was the opening act.  The Dead were transfixed on stage watching Miles & his guys blow the roof off. They were completely deflated and felt their performance stunk when they walked off stage and Jerry reported afterwards that they could never do what Miles was doing at that high caliber.

So join Miles, Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette, Steve Grossman and Airto Moreira for some legacy of music Miles has left for the world. See you Wednesday on the greatest radio station on Earth, KRUU! 

TunMiles Davise in This Wednesday, May 9 for Rich Sims's Jazz Hour Mix 3-4pm.

At around 3:30pm I'll be playing Miles Davis Live in Tokyo, Japan June 19, 1973 with a track called 'Black Satin' from his 'On The Corner' fusion avant-garde Funk period.

Don't miss this exciting live show that proves Mile's music is still way ahead of the times.

Join me and all the rest of the KRUU for the best non-stop variety in music, talk and edutainment this side of the Milky Way! Who says community radio can't knock your socks off?

If you turn us on, we'll turn you on. We may not be for everybody--but we just might be right for you.

I wanted to share some feedback from a friend of mine listening from California:

Tell Andy that we like his show Fringe Toast out here. It's good for after dinner and relaxing (with an egg nog, or something. I will be listening at 0700, here time,Thursday morn for your movie show.

I missed the first minute of your Ultra Lounge show and just caught the end of Jingle Bells. That was a neat version. I don't remember hearing it before. And now is Grenada. It sounds familiar but I cant place it. Oh well. --jock

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