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This week I highlight selections from nominees and winners of the 2011 Golden Globe awards held in Beverly Hills last Sunday. A city where the post office offers valet parking.

Selections include: Howard Shore's "Hugo"; John Williams "War Horse" and "The Adventures of Tin Tin"; Ludovic Bource's "The Artist"; Thomas Newman's "Iron Lady"; Alexandre Desplat's "The Ides of March"; Mychael Danna's "Moneyball" and more.

Tune in Wed Jan 18th, 3-4pm for the best film music you'll ever hear on any radio station.

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Highlights of Acclaimed 2011 Film Scores

What are your Oscar predictions for the best 2011 film music scoresHugo?
War Horse
 This week, selections from some of my top picks: Hans Zimmers' fun score 'Sherlock Holmes - A Game Of Shadows'; You wouldn't guess that Danny Elfman scored 'Real Steel'; Howard Shore's refreshing and mesmerizing journey in 'Hugo'; John Williams at his best technically and emotionally with 'War Horse' and a testament to his own brilliance with 'The Adventures of Tintin' and let's for sure include Ludovic Bource's "charming throwback to Hollywood’s Golden Age" in 'The Artist'. 

Listening to the Movies promises not a single dull moment. Tune in Wed Jan 11, 3-4pm.


Ultra Lounge welcomes Melanie Taylor, from Los Angeles pursing a fast growing career of music and acting. She is currently recording her pop/rock album to be released later in the year and performs in venues around the LA area. Melanie's enthusiastic nature will fill you in on her current musings while we listen to some move n' groove music from: Bebo Best and The Super Loung Orchestra, Combustible Edison, Tipsy, Christina Aguilera, a track from Melanies album and moreMelanie.

Also, Listening to the Movies will highlight selections from Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows; Adventures of Tin Tin; Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol; War Horse; The Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn; Lawrence of Arabia and more. You'll be glad you packed it all in - Wed Dec 28 2-4pm.



This week we highlight Christmas trackcocktails with

Tony Bennett, Ray Charles, Jimmy Smith, Esquivel and Aaron Neville along with:

Gaslight Mood & Groove music to Bob Dylan's MTV Unplugged track Tombstone Blues.

Have a fabulous holiday time and join in this Ultra Lounge special Wed Dec 21, 2-3pm. 

The ArtistThis holiday week brings some fabulous score music set for the season:

SherlockAlan Silvestri's Polar Express; Hans Zimmers Sherlock Holmes-A Game of Shadows; John Debney's Elf; John Powell's Mars Needs Moms; John Williams brand new score The Adventures of Tin Tin:The Secret of the Unicorn; Michael Giacchino's Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol; and hot news for a possible Oscar winner, Ludovic Bource's score to The Artist, about a silent movie star with no dialog in this film.

Listen in on the goods Wed Dec 21, 3-4pm.

Pete One of the great arrangers of the Big Band era, Pete Rugulo has passed away at age 95. As a primary composer and arranger in the early and very successful years with the Stan Kenton Orchestra Pete became far more famous as a TV and film music composer.

Today on Ultra Lounge, you'll hear selections from Mr. Rugulo's Crime Jazz classic TV scores Richard Diamond, Boris Karloff's highly successful hosted show Thriller and other orchestrated works. "Rugulo deserves to be celebrated not only for his skills but for bringing 'cool jazz' to the massess without any of them even realizing it". I'll also tie in Rugulo to Listening to the Movies with selections from the great TV series The Fugitive and one of his film scores, Jack the Ripper. Don't miss the treats Pete has in store for you on Ultra Lounge Wed 2-3pm and Listening to the Movies 3-4pm .

 It's been 3 years and not since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull have we've heard a score from film music master John Williams. And he doesn't disappoint us with his newest The Adventures of Tintin:The Secret of the Unicorn being released December 21. Speilberg directs and Peter Jackson producer based on a series of classic comic books.

I'll also play selections from Christophe Beck's thrilling score Buffy, The Vampire Slayer; John Powell's delightful animation Rio; Michael Giacchinno's Super 8, Patrick Doyle's Rise of the Planet of the Apes and from Ramin Djawadi of Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours and the incredible TV series Prison Break gives us a surprising score, Fright Night.

Don't miss this and much more Wed Nov 2, 3-4pm rat here on KRUU radio!

The Blockbusters are in full swing and have you ever seen so many superhero flicks in one summer! This week features Harry Gregson-Williams "perfect mix of old-time cowboy and new-school sci-fi" in Cowboys and Aliens.

 Then Alan Silvestri cooks up the latest big-screen incarnation of Marvel Comics with a music score of true cinematic adventure in Captain America.  Selections from HP & the Deathly Hallows Part 2; X-Men First Class; The Borgias and Super 8 complete the show. Listen Wed Aug 3th 3pm for big screen action and more swooping in your ears.

soul surfer

This weeks film scores features selectionsThor from the current Marvel Superhero Thor; Marco Beltrami's Soul Surfer on the incredible true story of Bethany Hamilton. Beltrami triumphs with one of his best. Also featured is Dracula 2000; Jerry Goldsmith's The Edge; Disney's Song of the South; Bernard Herrmann's Twilight Zone episode Walking Distance; Hans Zimmer's Megamind; Ennio Morricone's Nostromo and Alexandre Desplat's Firewall.

Lots of action music and more. Tune in Wed June 1st, 3-4pm.

Beat At Cinecitta

This weeks Ultra Lounge presents tracks from 60's and 70's cool and exotic Italian cinema; Rocky Horror Picture Show; New Wave icons Duran Duran's new album featuring their title track "All You Need is Now"; Sam Butera & The Witnesses; Bobby Darin and MORE.

That's Wed June 1st, 2-3pm for Ultra Lounge's Soundtrack for High Living.

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