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pic"Giacchino’s mastery of the orchestra, his cleverpic variations on pre-existing themes, his knack for exhilarating percussive action, and his intelligent application of thematic ideas, makes Star Trek Into Darkness a worthwhile entry into the pantheon of Trek scores, and the first satisfying blockbuster score of summer 2013."

Also, selections from Iron Man 3; Kon-Tiki; World of Warcraft Video Score; David Arnold's Independence Day and a brand new score to Hitchcock's 1929 thriller The Lodger.

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    Apr 17
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    2:00 pm
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    Apr 19
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    4:00 am

Tribute to Annette Funicello: America's Girl Next Door

pic "Today, the Magic Kingdom—and the nostalgic boomers picwho yearned to make her either their girlfriend or their best friend—are mourning the death of Annette Funicello, the teen dream idol whose sunny, perky screen presence defined the ’50s and ’60s. The quintessence of innocence, mixed with dark good looks and beguiling charm, she was a male ideal and a female role model.

Wholesome in the best sense, Funicello was drive-ins, sock hops, beach parties and malted milks-the personification of a seemingly innocent era." I'll play a handful of her songs from that long gone era. Also on tap, since Annette was Italian, it's fitting to play some Italian Crime Themed lounge music.

Tune in Wed April 17, 2-3PM.


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Showcasing Piero Piccioni - Crime Themed Mood Music Extraordinaire

picPiero Piccioni was one of Italy's most prolific andpic creative film composers. Inventive, futuristic Jazz for Science-Fiction, moody orchestration and Funk for gangster movies and political thrillers and serious B-3 boogie and wah-wah groovers for oddball sexcapades; no genre was beyond his range.

He incorporates jazz, mystery-adventure thrills, and avant-garde elements into his wide variety of work which has been the sonic backdrop for everything from B horror films to lush, romantic epics.

Take a trip back to the wild and hip swinging days of the 60's & 70's that sound as modern today as ever! Wed March 13, 2-3PM.



Oscar night was quite memorable with winners and formidable nominees. This week I showcase music from winning films in various catagories that include:

Argo; Life of Pi; Lincoln; Anna Karenina; Zero Dark Thirty; Les Miserables; Skyfall; Brave; Frankenweenie; Beasts of the Southern Wild; The Hobbit; and Django Unchained.

Listen in Wednesday Feb 27th 3-4PM on the Only Film Music show on KRUU!



Some of the most beautiful music from films that stirred or broke our hearts.

Romeo & Juliet; Casablanca; Titanic; Edward Scissorhands; Cinema Paradiso; A Walk in the Clouds; E.T. and MORE.

We'll never stop listening or stop going to the movies for our hearts aching to love and be loved and sharing the journey of others.  

Wednesday Feb 13, 3-4PM.

hitch picToday's highlights include music from some of the cloudbiggest or most anticipated films of 2012.

Danny Elfman's original orchestration and instrumentation tribute to Bernard Herrmann in "Hitchcock"; Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil's near masterpiece "Cloud Atlas"; Howard Shore capturing the spirit of each scene in "The Hobbit" (click HERE to see an 8 minute clip of Shore conducting the London Philharmonic Orchestra in rehearsal!)
Also, selections from "Life of Pi"; "Lincoln"; "Rise of the Guardians"; "The Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn 2" and "Les Miserables." Catch the Glory of Film Music Wed Jan 9, 3-4 PM.

PiA slew of great film scores are bursting through the surround sound systems in theaters around the world.

We highlight this week selections from: Mychael Danna's score to the stunningly visual "Life of Pi"; John Williams "Lincoln";  The composing trio of Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil's masterpiece "Cloud Atlas"; LincolnHoward Shore's "The Hobbit"; Alexandre Desplat's "Argo", "Rise of the Guardians" and "Reality"; Carter Burwell's "The Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn 2" and Thomas Newman's "Skyfall".

Give your ears a treat and listen Wed November 28, 3 PM right here on KRUU.


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    Nov 28
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    3:00 pm
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    Nov 30
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    5:00 am

Highlighting The Incomparable Julie London

julieThis weeks show focuses on one great female vocalist. There's Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, Anita O'Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, AND then there's the one and only JULIE LONDON. This sultry, seductive smoky-voiced "master of understatement" enjoyed considerable popularity during the cool era of thejulie 2 1950's.

A collection from some of her best swinging and blues tracks will be showcased. If you haven't listened to her intimate vocal style in a while, tune in Wed November 28, 2 PM and be swept away by the one and only Julie London!


Drac"Why does Dracula consider himself a good artist? Because he likes to draw blood!"

And what a star Dracula is outranking Frankebelanstien and the Wolfman for decades in popularity. This week selections from famous Dracula horror scores along with characters Halloween is proud of:
Bram Stokers Dracula; Buffy, The Vampire Slayer; The Horror of Dracula; House of Wax (the Original 1953); Gremlins 2; The House of Frankenstein; Interview with the Vampire; Fright Night; Drag me to Hell; Wolf and Dark Shadows.

"How can you tell a vampire likes baseball? Every night he turns into a bat." 

OK that's corny but the music isn't. Listen in Wed October 31, 3-4pm.


007You'd never guess Thomas Newman, being the unlikeliest composer, was picked to score his first 007 movie. But he has created a surprising soundtrack with confidence and one that is resolutely his own not sounding like anything he's done before in "Skyfall", the twenty-third James Bond film opening in theaters Nov 9.

This week highlights selections from this refreshing and entertaining film score album as well as Alexandre Desplat's newest, "Argo", Danny Elfman's "Frankenweenie", Thomas Newman's "The Help" and Nicolas Hopper's "Land of the Tiger".

Listen to the Movies Wed Oct 24, 3-4pm.


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