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Lisa Moser


Our guest writer tonight is Lisa Moser, who is a wonderful children's book writer who visited her hometown of Fairfield recently and spoke to Mick and I. We will air part of that interview. Check it out tonight at 7pm.

Tonight is a great night. Mickey and I are celebrating Mick's Grandma's birthday. We will be playing some great music in the second half hour of the show. In the first half, we will read The Greatest Story Never Told by Ray Negron and then have Ray talk with us for a while.

Ray Negron
Ray Negron is from New York. His first job as a New York Yankee batboy came when Yankee owner George Steinbrenner caught young Ray scrawling a Yankee logo on a Yankee Stadium wall. Steinbrenner hired him in the 70's and propelled him into a “dream job”. Despite his young age, Ray was a positive influence in the fiery clubhouse that included manager Billy Martin, superstar Reggie Jackson, the legendary Thurman Munson, and more.

2006 ICCA World Champion Vocal Point, Brigham Young University’s premiere contemporary a cappella ensemble, appears live at the KRUU studio this Friday, August 15th, at 9:30 a.m. They will perform later Friday at a free noon concert on the Square in Fairfield sponsored by the Fairfield CVB.
What a great way to start your weekend - catch our interview at 9:30 to 10 am
and follow it up with a noon concert at the gazebo this Friday.
Vocal Point is a really special group of young men who have reached new heights in acappella music. Under the direction of James Stevens, this nine-man vocal firepower propels harmonies far beyond traditional four-part possibilities with inventive arrangements, humor, and remarkable vocal percussion,.

Have you had your fill of Italian (at least for one week?)

Well, you're in luck.

Sleepytime with Grandpa D gets a true blessing tonight as Grandpa D and Mickey D are joined by fiddler Lauryn Shapter (of Truckstop Souvenir fame) and Scottish storyteller Tracy Chipman.

A taste of Scotland to enjoy and then be lulled asleep.

Have a good night with Sleepytime - tonight at 8pm.


Sleepytime with Grandpa D. goes bilingual tonight as Susana Liberona visits and reads some beautiful children's books. Then we will finish with some wonderful Latin music including a song from Luis Miguel.

This show is dedicated to our friend Jill Miller.

All love to you and your family, Bruce.

Our prayers and our love are with you.

Sleepytime with Grandpa D. gets a special gift tonight in the form of a visit from children's author Rosemary Serluca-Foster. Rosemary conceived the character Genevieve, and wrote a wonderful story about her: Genevieve's Gift.
"I am completely dedicated to helping children stay in touch with their true selves and the voice of their own hearts, having personally lost that voice, like so many of us do, while growing up. Genevieve represents the part of us that longs for authentic expression. To live life in truth and on purpose."
An accomplished, producer, writer, actor, and children's conference leader (see credits), Rosemary is also a certified children's Meditation Facilitator from Satya International, Asheville, NC, and certified from the IM School of Healing Arts, New York, NY.
Creativity with Consciousness.

After hearing Rosemary read Genevieve's Gift and chat with us, Mickey and Grandpa D will play an eclectic blend of laid-back music.

This Tuesday at 8pm, Dick DeAngelis and his son Mickey will introduce the Christmas story of five young cousins who stow away in the world’s most fabulous toy store on Christmas Eve to meet The Real Santa Claus! The broadcast will include an interview with the authors and Ravenna founders, J. J. McLean and Gail Sforza Krebs.

In the new story from Ravenna Writing Studios, five young cousins set out to have Fabulous Toys in New York City, a store known to children everywhere,
but never more popular than at Christmastime, and their not-to-be-missed
Santa’s Workshop (including Santa) -- all to themselves on Christmas Eve. What happens after the parents discover the children are missing – and how the cousins’ wish to meet Santa is granted – are the makings of a heart-warming classic.

Don't miss this Special Holiday Broadcast of One Christmas Eve in New York along with some fun and unique Holiday songs on Sleepytime.

Singer/songwriter Jeffrey Hedquist fresh off his east coast tour visits his old friend Grandpa D. tonight at 8pm. "It's said that Jeffrey has twice as much hair as James Taylor. I beg to differ. I think it's more like three or four times by now." says Grandpa D. " Nothing but the best for our loyal listeners"
Quotes About Jeffrey Hedquist
“You have some good songs!”
– a guy who once performed on stage

“Jeffrey Hedquist – a very funny man.”
- a Hedquist family member

"Nothing but the best..." - Grandpa D., KRUU cult legend

So listen in and catch a rising star - Jeffrey Hedquist on Sleepytime from 8-9pm

Dr. Suman SharmaSitar player Suman Sharma began studying the Sitar at age ten. Soon after she was appearing at festivals and winning awards. She went on to study classical sitar and vocal music as a graduate student at the University of Delhi, where she also holds her Doctorate in Music. There she came into contact with the renowned sitar maestro Pandit Debu CAnup Ghoshhaudhuri and established her musical career in India. Suman has taught and performed Indian classical music worldwide, including the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. She has a unique style that is flawless, enchanting and deeply rooted in traditional Indian classical music.

Like Dr. Sharma, Anup Ghosh came from artistic family and began studying music as a child. In 1981 he was awarded the prestigious National Scholarship of Music. Since then, he has performed on radio, television and many leading festivals and music venues in India. As well, he has performed at the homes of both the President and Prime Minister of India. He currently holds the distinction of having performed in sixty countries.

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