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Join us Sat Dec 24th Christmas Eve at 6pm for a taste of traditional Christmas! Grandpa D and his family from Christmas Past

That's right, tune in for our "Grandpa D Two-Hour Christmas Special", this Saturday, Dec. 24th from 6-8pm. The show will be packed with traditional Christmas songs and Grandpa D will be reading some of his favorite stories of the Christmas Season.

Credit: Royal Society Open Science, Published 14 January 2016.DOI: 10.1098/rsos.150645

Did you know that research suggests some of the bedtime stories and fairy tales were first told during the Bronze Age!

New research suggests some of the most treasured stories, or some variation of them, date back thousands of years. To come to these conclusions, the researchers applied a technique normally used in biology—building phylogenetic trees to trace linguistic attributes back to their origin.

I guess Wilhelm Grimm, of the famous Grimm brothers was right. He published his famous fairy tales back in 1812 and wrote that he believed the tales were many thousands of years old. But that was discredited not long after. Now researchers suggest he was right all along.

- Grandpa D

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Do you know who wrote and sings the Sleepytime Theme Song? Yes, kids, it's none other than Sleepytime family member Sharon Bousquet. Sharon BousquetSharon will be joining Grandpa D. for an hour of stories and songs live from KRUU Studios. Sharon Bousquet is a mother, songwriter, seminar leader, composer, performing musician, vocalist, private voice and beginning guitar teacher.

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Delaware, singer-songwriter Sharon Bousquet lives and works in Fairfield, IA where she is the lead vocalist and co-writer for All Souls on Deck, a 6-piece Indie-Acoustic band. Sharon is a composer of film scores with6 independent CD releases to her credit. She recently received composer credit. She received composer credit for scoring the film Vertical" which will have its premiere at the Sundance International Film Festival in Utah in January. All Souls on Deck is writing and recording material for the CD "Ricochet", with a projected release date in early 2014.

I have been waiting for this album to be released for a while now and I thought we could let go of the normal Sleepytime format and just list to this entire album together.

Inspired by his father, Bobby McFerrin has released a collection of devotional tunes, an idea that first captured his imagination 20 years ago. Spirityouall pays tribute to McFerrin's father, opera singer Robert McFerrin Sr., the first African American to sign a contract with the Metropolitan Opera Company.

The album, a twist on "spiritual", is on Sony Masterworks and has seven classic spirituals, five originals and a cover of Bob Dylan's I Shall Be Released.

McFerrin is joined by Esperanza Spalding (who sings on three tracks), bassist Larry Grenadier, multi-instrumentalist Larry Campbell, and drummers Ali Jackson and Charley Drayton. Arranger and musical director Gil Goldstein played accordion and keyboards.


Make sure to catch Sleepytime with Grandpa D. this Tuesday at 7pm. Grandpa D. will read the Shadow Stevens Sleeptime classic "The Big Galoot" and then play some sweet, sweet music til 8pm. So tune in kids.

Join Grandpa D tonight as he welcomes Matthew MacLeod back to Fairfield for a preview of his children's concert this Sunday, March 21st at 7pm at Revelations. Matthew has been performing children's concerts and teaching music classes across the globe to young children for the past seven years. The concert will feature crowd pleasers such as "Sticky, Sticky Bubblegum", "Potato Chips", "Never Swat A Fly" and "Red Winged Blackbird" by Raffi, Slim Galliard and David Francey. Expect sing-a-longs, clapping, stomping and a silly dance contest. Which of those songs will Matt play live on Sleepytime? What story will Grandpa D read? You're just going to have to listen tonight at 7pm and let Sleepytime work it's magic on you.

Jill Esbaum



Sleepytime with Grandpa D welcomes noted children's book author Jill Esbaum.

Author of favorites like Stanza, Stink Soup and Estelle Takes a Bath, Jill will speak later this week at the Fairfield Public Library.

Tonight we will ask Jill about her motivation to write her books and how she balances writing tme with her busy life on the farm.

Dick D & Vocal Point at KRUU-FM



Brigham Young University's world champion collegiate a cappella group, Vocal Point, appears live at the KRUU studios for a special half hour interview and impromptu taste of their stunning vocal harmonies.

Dick DeAngelis hosts this nine-man jazz/pop nonet who will delight and surprise the listener both on the air and at their subsequent free noon concert in front of the Convention Center.

Did you see Steve Martin playing the banjo on TV recently? Well, Tuesday March 24 we'll present a live version of "Late For School," which he wrote, from his new album "The Crow."

We will also read some fun and funny poetry and hear from Patti Soderberg at the public library. A great way to chill out.

Children's stories, poetry and laid-back music from 7-8pm. - Grandpa D.


Join us for a very special Sleepytime with Grandpa D. First, we will have a visit from our youth Services Librarian Patti Soderberg, where we will read some fun Valentine's stories. During the second half hour, we will be playing David Bowie Narrates Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf". composed by Sergey Prokofiev, performed by Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy. If you never heard it, you are in for a treat

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