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Music near and far

This week on You Bet Your Life

I'm playing some local bands incuding The Nomadic Youth, Karen Meat, and Miracles of God...French/Finnish synth-pop from The Dø, troublemakers Astronaut Ice Cream Headache, and some poetic songs from the thoughtful David Dondero... and much MUCH MORE!!!

 (From left) The Dø, Jimmy the Wigwam

David Dondero, Sex Clark Five 

Questions, comments, requests? Drop me a line! youbetyourlife@protonmail.com

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Summer Songs for Sweaty People

Mondays @ 11am, Fridays @ 7pm

This week on You Bet Your Life: Summer songs for hot weather. Music about the ocean, tropical carnivals, swimming, and sunburns. 

Pictured below: The tropical beaches of Tahiti, Georgia White, James Brown, and Bjork. 

If you like the show and have any comments or requests, email me at youbetyourlife@protonmail.com

This week on You Bet Your Life! (Monday at 11am & Friday at 7pm)

A musical interpretation of the news. Songs that speak to the crazy.

Music to keep you holding on. And at some point, you just gotta laugh. 

Including: AniDifranco, the Honey Drippers, Janelle Monae, the Beastie Boys, Woody Guthrie, and many other surprises...


Sabotage, Beasties

Woody Guthrie & the Beastie Boys

Ani DiFranco & Janelle Monae

This week on You Bet Your Life! 

Pet carrots, plastic gardens, an old box, bubblegum and mustard. 

Above: Palehound


From Left: Heidi Spencer, Andrea Estella of Mr. Twin Sister

This week on You Bet Your Life (MON 11AM, FRI 7PM)

Rock stars within reach. Midwest mania. A micro dose of the underground current in Fairfield, Iowa City, Keokuk, Minneapolis, Springfield, and Milwaukee. 

With a few classics slipped in decrying 1984 !!! The film is playing here at the Orpheum Theater April 4th. 

Pictured from left:

Nalani Proctor, St. Thomas and the Fervors, and RONKY archival tapes. 

You Bet Your Life! 

This week: Bad businessmen and pigs, pocket knives and rebel girls. 

Land of broken dreams, little countries, and Goat. 

Mondays @ 11 AM, Fridays @ 7 PM.

You Bet Your Life! Mondays @ 11am, Fridays @ 7pm

Music to make your think and dance. And feel all the feels. Fierce, witty, tender, vivid, crazy, smart. Rock, pop, rap, folk, classical, jazz, no stone unturned. International and Homegrown. Old and new songs for the times. 

This ain't kumbaya. 

Mondays @ 11am, Fridays @ 7pm

PJ, Bjork, Tori

Heavy Rotation: The Triple Goddesses PJ Harvey, Bjork, and Tori Amos. 


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