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    Apr 21
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bBack in action...

Deliciousness abounds.

We will listen to things,

the Hits,

and a secret topping*!


Monday @ fo

*I'm ready to get wild

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    Feb 17
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What's this sandwich all about?

Find out at 4.




Mega Sweepstakes!!!

Win a song for your EARS!!!

Win a song for your LOVED ONES EARS!!!*

Win a song for being THERE,




*Valentines Day is approaching guys...like in 4 days...friday

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Tonight only

@ 6

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Words of a true television sage.

I'm ready to get wild

Monday @4


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    Oct 28
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Expect Lou Reed in today's Sandwich

and some Halloween KRUUnes

Tone on, tone in, tone out

monday @ 4

Carry on Lou

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    Oct 14
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    5:00 pm

Two tapes Twoday


In honor of the "Concert for Serenity" this friday at the Sondheim, todays Tone Sandwich will feature a tape that her parents made back in 1976 called "Sharmachord & Lila".  This tape was created and released in Fairfield and I am very fortunate that Serenity's mom, Patti Miller, was kind enough to let me borrow this rarity, for the show today.  Truly, a beautiful piece-not to be missed!

After that, a reggae tape that I picked up in St. Martaan called "Reggae 1%"-a dubbed tape of some of the islands favorite jams.  

Solid KRUUnes today!

So tone in and turn up!

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    Sep 16
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Back in Action

you know

live @ 4

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