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James Moore, KRUU Station Manager

Farewell, local community radio! Since its launch date, September 30, 2006, KRUU-LP 100.1FM has fullfilled its mission 24 hours each day. KRUU's encouraged creativity, dialogue, and community involvement by being an open, inclusive, and diverse forum for music, creative expression, and information and entertainment via nearly exclusively locally-created programming.

Many dear souls contributed to KRUU's success, chief among them is James Moore, the heart of the station. During this final episode of The Studio, KRUU's dedicated and creative station manager will share a behind-the-scenes look at true grassroots community radio. Thanks, James!

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Rotarians & Librarian Unite to Encourage Children to Read

Self Above Service: that's the Rotarians' motto. Fostering literacy is a major project this worldwide service organization undertakes. Taking it local, Iowa's Fairfield Rotary Club teamed up with the Fairfield Public Library to host evening children's storytimes. For details about ROTARY READS, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Rotarian Joshua Laraby and children's librarian Afton Hallauer.

METAFORE MAGAZINE COVERCalling all writers: Evoke the world in the way only you can! A new literary magazine is currently seeking authentic, diverse, voices for its December 2017 debut issue. METAFORE MAGAZINE will feature genre-bending and convention smashing poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Deadline? November 21st. Submit only previously unpublished material. Check out Metafore's #MegaMondays feature, too: poetry or flash fiction of up to 500 words will be published every week. Hear more about this new online publication this week on The Studio with Cheryl, Nynke Passi, and James R. Davidson, Editor-in-Chief and Poetry Editor of Metafore Magazine. 

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Susan's "Genuine" Stories Win Award

Susan Smith DanielsInspired by a dead possum on a bike path, SUSAN SMITH DANIELS penned THE GENUINE STORIES, tales so riveting that they captured Fairfield University's MFA Book Prize for 2017. Featuring a young healer who wishes she were ordinary, the stories will be published by New Rivers Press in 2018.

Dowd Family Enjoying CadoFood brings families together. Preparing good food together also brings one Iowa family business successes. In 2014, Shaktea Kombucha owners Deb, Jack & Meghan Dowd--a mom, son & daughter trio--won a $250,000 Mission Main Street grant from J.P. Chase & Company. Since then they've expanded that businesses and launched, Cado, a frozen avocado dessert company. For a glimpse into this creative trio's approach to forging family bussiness successes together, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Jack and Meghan Dowd.

Nynke Passe, The Luminous Writer Literary CenterPoetry, drums, chimes & Tibetan bowls are tools that can help you revitalize your relationship with your muse. That's what poet and creative writing professor Nynke Passi and sound therapist Kenny Kolter have discovered while collaborating on events offered through The Luminous Writer Literary Center in Fairfield, Iowa.

Moni Hayne at KRUUTo teach gardeners easy, sustainable tricks to keep pests off vegetable plants, entomologist Moni Hayne created an e-book. Garden Insect Pests of North America--Pictures for Identifying and Organic Controls identifies and contains pictures of 30 common insect pests. It also explains which are the good bugs that you shouldn't control (because they eat bad ones).

Book Cover Betrayal at IgaSet in 16th century Japan, SUSAN SPANN'S HIRO HATTORI murder mystery series features a detective duo that pairs her Ninja protagonist Hiro with a Portuguese Jesuit, Father Mateo. BETRAYAL AT IGA, the fifth mystery in the series, will be published soon by Seventh Street Books. A practicing transactional att



Fracking, sex trafficking & genetic engineering are among the thorny contemporary issues DR. KELLY OLIVER explores in riveting murder mysteries.

Curiosity about the world we live in inspired Dr. Oliver's 20 scholarly books (Example: CARCERAL HUMANITARIANISM: LOGICS OF REFUGEE DETENTION) and also generated her mysteries, WOLF, COYOTE, and F.O.X.

All three feature JESSICA JAMES, a young philosophical cowgirl detective. To learn how Dr. Oliver garnered the courage to tackle challenging topics via noir millennial mysteries, tune in to The Studio with Cheryl and Kelly Oliver 1 PM Monday & 7AM Wednesday on KRUU.

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