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In honor of the 40th anniversary,

Hepcats' Holiday presents an hour of

demos and live versions of songs from

George Harrison's All Things Must Pass,

along with songs intended for the album

which didn't make the final cut.


Friday 11/26/10  9-10 AM.



A Very Harry Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, 11/22/10  8-10 PM  



Friday midnight

after P5K.



Girl-Detective and proto-feminist* Nancy Drew is now 80 years old.  

She is cited as an inspiration by Sandra Day O'Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayer, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton, among many others.  

She's been the subject of several movies over the years, not to mention television shows, board games and computer games.  The Nancy Drew books have been translated into 25 languages and continue to outsell those of Agatha Christie and other mystery writers.

ChaosYou don't think I'd make up something like that, do you?  It seems appropriate that nobody seems to know who started this holiday or why it should fall on Nov. 9th.  (Personally, I would have had it coincide with Election Day.)  

According to one website,  "It's a day to recognize the chaos in your life.  You can partake in this special day by putting just a little order back into your life.  You can start by picking one thing that is really disrupting your life and and change it...for the good."

Songs of chaos and confusion to open this week's Whizbang. Tuesday 11/9/10  8-10 PM   Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

HellSongs for this Election Night and songs about Hell.  I can't imagine why I thought of putting those two themes together.

If the polls are correct, the majority of American people have decided that life during the administration of George W. Bush was just fine and are going to do their best to return us to that era, if not all the way back to the Middle Ages.  That's for 2012.

As Abraham Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, and those are the people who watch FOX news."


I would never be mistaken for a political thinker but I wonder, in all seriousness, if anyone else has brought up the following idea:




Halloween entertainment

for the living,


this Saturday night -

beginning at 10 PM

till 4am

hosted by Your Sacred Cowboy.



Personally, I find the prospect of a Tea Party/Republican rampage on Election Day ("Forward, into the past!") much more horrifying than anything Halloween has to offer, but traditions must be maintained.  

Therefore, this week's Whizbang will be our annual Pre-All Hallow's Eve Special, featuring the usual scarifying mix of songs from the dark side.  (Now, where did I put that Sarah Palin mask?)

Tuesday 10/26/10 8-10 PM  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K

And I believe there will be even more Halloween music beginning at midnight on Halloween itself.




Who decides these things?  Anyway, it's the perfect excuse for building up your tolerance for huge quantities of sugar before Halloween arrives.  

An I.W.H. salute to those little circles of joy to open this week's show.

Tuesday 10/19/10  8:00 PM   Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.


Christopher Columbus has fallen on hard times in the last decade or two.  After centuries of being a colossus of history, celebrated in song, story, and elementary school pageants he has been reduced to being considered at the very least redundant: The vikings, John Cabot, and let's not forget Amerigo Vespucci (after whom the world's largest property-development scheme was named, after all) had "discovered" America first.  And the Egyptian-Greek scientist Erastosthenes had measured the circumference of the Earth in 300 B.C., so proving the world round was hardly necessary.

But beyond that, Columbus has been denounced as a thief, slaver and practitioner of genocide. You can get all the dirty details here:

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