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apeSeeing as Rise of the Planet of the Apes is such a hit, and has arrived in our fair community, it behooves us to start this week's Whizbang with an hour or so of simian songs, baboon beats and primate poesy.

BTW, did you know that a monkey is a primate but not a type of ape, but a chimpanzee is a type of ape (and a primate) but not a monkey?  Who says radio isn't educational?

Tuesday 9/6/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

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(I'm more powerful than I thought: all I had to do was threaten to play my Rain Chant songs and today the sky opens up like a politician's palm.

Hmm... Now what do I do instead?  Probably something really original like...rain songs.)

rainOh sure, the east coast gets a foot of rain in one day, but do they offer to share with us in the Midwest? No.  And what do we get?  Bupkis - or at best an occasional miserable little five-minute drip-fest, the spritzing of the gods. 

I live out in the country somewhat, and usually in summer I mow my lawn every other week, maybe every third week in a dry summer.  This year I haven't had to mow since the end of June.

It's time to make a complaint to the Head Office.  Musical requests for moisture will open this week's Whizbang.

Tuesday 8/30/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

Festival"I have suffered for my art...  Now it's your turn."  I can't find out who said that originally but it suits our purpose.  I'm celebrating my 60th birthday on the air by playing all kinds of original songs, radio productions, mash-ups, song parodies and other audio stuff that I've recorded over the years, so brace yourself.

Tuesday 8/23/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

horizontalAnd speaking of song parodies, while I'm here let me put in a plug for the videos of Horizontal Program and Horizontal Dance Party, which I'll be hosting (for free) in the Fairfield Public Library meeting room at 7:30 PM on Saturday the 27th.  You'll laugh until you stop.

ShapeFor no particular reason, songs about circles, squares, parallelograms and nonagons to open this week's Whizbang.

WhoThis week also marks the 40th anniversary of the release of The Who's megamonster hit album, Who's Next, and we'll be featuring some of Pete Townshend's demo versions of the songs for that album, probably around 9 PM.


Tuesday 8/16/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

heatSince the heat index has managed to hover around 100 degrees or better (if you want to call that 'better') for the last month or so, it behooves us to make our obeisances to the Sweat Gods.  The obligatory heat-wave songs, comin' up.


And by way of balance, a musical salute to one of the few things that make this kind of weather bearable.

Tuesday 8/2/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

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Courtesy of the College of Metaphysics (Home of the Peace Dome):

"On One Voice Day, people all over the world unite to read the Universal Peace Covenant in one voice. Individuals and groups in all parts of the world unite spiritually to declare their commitment to global peace." 

 Sounds good to me.  This week's Whizbang will open with appropriate accompaniment.

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KRUU reminds you that as of Tuesday there are only 158 days until Christmas - and they're not all shopping days either, so get with it.

In that spirit, the I.W.H. proudly presents it's first annual Hot Yule segment as an opener for this week's show.

Tuesday 7/19/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.



The more-or-less annual Whizbang salute to the bugs of summer.  


Dab on a little Skin So Soft and tune in.


Tuesday 7/12/11, 8-10 PM.  


Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.



What better day than July 4th to declare your independence from clothing?  

Yes, Nude Recreation Week runs from July 4th through the 10th this year, so get out there and show your support (or lack thereof).  I, personally, will be completely naked* while hosting this week's Whizbang salute to to the bare bodkin, so cover your ears and tune in.

Tuesday 7/5/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

(*beneath my clothing.)

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King Henry VIII of England was born 520 years ago on June 28, 1491.  He was responsible for the separation of the Church of England from the Catholic Church, the English Reformation and, of course, Herman's Hermits.


A king-sized salute to the monarchs of England, the road, California, the world, the jungle and the surf guitar, among many others, to open this week's Whizbang.


Tuesday 6/28/11, 8-10 PM.  Rebroadcast Friday midnight after P5K.

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