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I will admit it.

Christmas on the farm when I was a kid was very exciting and pretty cool.

I always got excellent gifts from my family and from "Santa."

The whole family was always in a good mood.

And we were just happy to be a family.

Fortunately it's still pretty much like that for me.

The difference being that I spend the 25th with my married family--my wife and her family.

And I couldn't be luckier.

Here's hoping we all had the holiday that we deserve.

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The Feed Store

Winter on the farm in my youth could get pretty brutal. Especially when we were thirteen miles from Fairfield. The nearest neighbors were a half mile away. And it was just plain dark, snowy, windy and scary (in no particular order).

These days I live in the city with street lights and snowplows and regular weather forecasts on the tv, radio and computer. And guess what--winter is still a struggle some times.

Thank heavens I am now equipped with my official Fairfield, Iowa black stocking cap (thank you, Bargain Box, of course).

Keep it tuned to "The Feed Store" on Thursdays and Sundays for more heroic tales of winters past and present.

We are mere moments away from the two-fisted whammy that is Xmas/Kwanza/Channukah and New Year's Eve. It's the time of year when you can fail miserably at the Xmas party knowing full well you can redeem yourself the following weekend at the NYE party. It's the perfect time of year for  a mildly anti-social guy like me(I can be clumsy at a party but I summon every ounce of skill and courage in order to appear suave around the lady folks). It's the time of year to be on your best behavior. Mind your knittin'. Above all else, don't be a giant schmuck(sound advice for the entire year really). 

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The Feed Store

Boy oh boy, I'm a lucky so and so. I spent Thanksgiving weekend in the greatest city in the whole wide world(and I don't me Paducah). I was in the Square for the Xmas lighting ceremony. I went to the Bargain Box(thanks for the killer 45's). I got on stage with James Moore at the Depot Brewery. It was just about the most fun I could have. And you'll hear all the gory details in the upcoming weeks on The Feed Store, Thursdays at 10 AM CT and Sundays at Noon CT [Gawd willing...]

It's the holiday season. It's time for the holiday of giving thanks. First and foremost I am thankful that my sainted mother made it through hip replacement surgery and she is recovering nicely. The other things that make me grateful--you'll hear all about them this week on The Feed Store(thursday at 10AM CT and sunday at Noon CT). Things like Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys, Dale Watson and the Kingsmen. Sure, I love my wife and I like kitties. But rock and roll and roots music really pop my cork! Hear all about it this week on the program.

I didn't spend a lot of time in Iowa recently. But any time spent in Iowa is a very good thing. My mom had some surgery in Iowa City(and she is recovering nicely, thank you). And that was my excuse to bomb over to Iowa City for an overnight stay. It is amazing how much Iowa I can pack into just a few hours. Plus everything I do in the Hawkeye state is fodder for the Feed Store. You'll be hearing all about it very soon on the program, Thursdays at 10 AM central time and sundays at noon central time. 

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The Feed Store

I sincerely hope that all Feed Store listeners enjoy the records that I play. Rest assured, every song on the show is something I really really like...except towards the end of the hour. Sometimes I just need to fill that last 4 minutes and I get a little desperate. I do indeed listen to Faron Young and Little Jimmy Dickens in my free time. My wife and I are friends with Dale Watson and Big Sandy and the Bellfuries and the Gin Palace Jesters. And we couldn't be happier. This music and these musicians are the backbone of our existence. Music is like sunshine--it brightens every day.

Who knew that I could just go on and on and on with my stories about the Iowa of my youth and other things??? Well it has gone on and on. And by "it" I mean The Feed Store. Tune in next week(thursday october 20 at 10AM CT and sunday october 23 at noon CT) for episode #300. Trust me--there will be no special guests in the studio(that takes time and effort). There will, however, be songs by Little Jimmy Dickens and Three Dog Night. What better way to celebrate. 

In my early days in Chicago(mid-eighties) once I coughed up the lucre and bought a car, I came to Fairfield fairly regularly...once or twice a year at least. These days my life is as complex as the next feller's and I don't make it to the Hawkeye state as often as I should. I will be flying solo(no wife in tow) to Iowa several times in the coming months to fulfill family obligations. And I couldn't be happier. I will only make it all the way to FF for Thanksgiving weekend. But that means I get to see the Xmas lights on the Square. And that's about as good as it gets in my book.


Apparently somebody got this absolutely crazy idea, assembled a bunch of equipment and people, moved into the old dry cleaning building (I think it Septmeber 30, 2006 under the call letters KRUU.

And here we are ten years later.

I am a very fortunate fellow to be a part of this crusade. I was offered "The Feed Store" in January of 2011 and I've been on the air ever since.

Thank you James. Thank you Corey. Thank you Mom for making it possible for me to be on the air in Fairfield...and the world. 

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