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    Dec 17
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Dominic Rabalais of Little Ruckus

Little Ruckus will release their debut album this Saturday, and Local Yokels will present an officlal leak of three tracks, plus a chopped and screwed version of a song that will be part of a separate release.  Little Ruckus is Dominic Rabalais of Fairfield, IA. 

He works on numerous music/art/social/cool projects, including a band with his brother called Utopia Park and a magazine called Weird Life and hosts a sun-powered radio show called Tea Time Camraderie. [4pm Mon KRUU]



Fooch the MC drops his long awaited mixtape, Rhythm & Barz November 3. 

Universe Party will play a majority of the mixtape during the regular schedule of the program. 

Fooch will be in the studio for live talk about the mixtape, his upcoming record [Quiet Noise], and his live project, Purple Asteroid Cadillac. 

Tune in to get deep with a local star on his way to the top.

  • Thu
    Dec 09
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get in tune with the universe party, dance the last two hours of thursday night away, fall in love, take a ride, and hear some new songs by:

-Lindstrom and Christabelle

-Fitz and the Tantrums



-FM Belfast

too much here to list, too much to try and think about. just be at the universe party...


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