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Heads up KRUU listeners, tonight at 12 midnight, special guest Jeff Harris is going to be manipulating the airwaves and your eardrums with his minimal vinyl set. Why is this historic? Jeff Harris was at the helm when KRUU sent out our first ever signals after constructing our tower over two years ago. Check out this link for a little flashback set of pictures. Thanks once again to Dwight Harris for donating the tower sections, his expertise, and his time to raise the tower. Without Dwight, no KRUU.


In the studio setting up for the show tonight.

UPDATE 1:41 am CST: Service has been switched over, stream experianced about 10 minutes down time, web and mail servers about 5 minutes. Because of the way the worlds DNS system works, it may take up to 48 hours for the changes to be propogated around the world. Please let us know if you are experiancing any trouble accessing the website or live stream. Contact us here.


As we speak, the collective technical genius of the KRUU CREW is madly working to switch all our networks services over to the newly installed LISCO fiber. This service will be replacing our 2MB DSL service currently also provided by LISCO, but will be running at 100MB wire speeds, so we're looking at least a 50x increase in speed/bandwith... with that we'll have to push really hard to max out on live stream listeners and/or web&archive downloads. (Both of which we've maxed out in the past)

elle wellsEleanor Wells is currently a member of Central City Opera, Colorado Ballet and the Boulder Philharmonic. She also performs extensively with many different chamber ensembles throughout the United States. Ms. Wells has been the recipient of many prestigious awards including first place winner of the Santa Barbara Performing Arts Competition as well as winner of the Denes Koramzay Quartet Award. Ms. Wells has been a member of the Boulder Arts Academy for the last four years. She has just completed a nation-wide tour, playing with the Carl Rosa Opera Company.

For the show, she will be playing Bach's Solo Cello Suite in G major.

Andrew Pietro Wells was born June 22 (2 weeks early) at 10:57AM at the
University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City, IA USA. He weighed 6lbs, 11oz and was 19.75in head to toe.

Both mamma and bambino are healthy, strong and beautiful.

We would like to thank everyone who has sent their best wishes and support, we can't wait for you all to meet him!

Roland, Angie, Andrew & Jamal!


KRUU thanks Hangun Man, Shuge & Cellphone from Anti-civ for stopping in to perform & Shark vs Octopus for making it happen. 


Hangun Man playing live in the studio!

oct in the studio

Octopus in the studio

So today, the inevitable finally happened...we completely, totally ran out of bandwidth. Thank you everyone for contributing to this amazing feat!


The problem: Mr. Sundar Raman did a great interview with Cory Doctorow on his show Open Views. Cory subsequently posted on his blog a direct link to the archived interview on our server. In less than 12 hours, over 1000 people downloaded (or attempted to download) the 60mb .mp3 file...a total of about 60 gigs worth of attempted bandwidth usage. Needless to say, our 2mb DSL connection was not able to keep up; downloads slowed to a crawl, the website took an hour to load, and our live stream was choked out of existence. It was the best possible failure we could hope for: not that the fragile clump of boxes and wire that we call the server/transmitter room (pics below!) finally caught on fire, but that we just couldn't keep up with the demand...

Temporary Solution: Once we realized this was happening, we took the file down from our main server and put up a link to a mirror copy at a temporary location, and another link to the file on This will get us through the night...  

The light at the end of the tunnel: LISCO (our "Local Internet Service Company") generously provides us with a 2mb DSL connection at no cost, later this spring they will switch us over to their new Fiber project, upgrading our connection to 1000Mbps, thats right not a typo, 1000Mbps. That should go a long way to helping increase our capacity for streaming and downloading.

Published 01/20/2007
Updated 03/21/2007

Please find below a copy of our ongoing budget for 2007. This includes a the minumum items that we need to fund to keep the station operational. Needed capital items have not been included! Please stay tuned...

KRUU-LP went live today at ~ 12:00 noon, Dennis Raimondi introduced KRUU to the community, facilitating interviews and introducing Fairfield's own "Jefferson County Green Band", led by Steve McLain. Here's a couple pictures. Stay tuned for instructions on accessing the internet stream!

Andrew Perry outlining our call letters for paint the next day. 

Steve Fry and Tom O'neill hanging some drywall in the soon to be mission control. 

Welcome to the KRUU!

Community radio comes to Fairfield on September 30

by Virginia Hancock | Staff Writer

Work is becoming play at 405 N. 2nd Street, broadcast site for 100.1 KRUU FM, Fairfield’s new community radio station. Roland Wells, James Moore, Steve Cooperman, and Stephen Fry, the station’s Programming Committee, are on the fast track to give Fairfield’s collective voice a chance to be publicly heard. Going on air September 30, the 100-watt, low power, non-commercial, non-profit station vows to “put the unity in community,” welcoming all shows, help, ideas and people.

Emphasizing local programming, KRUU (pronounced “crew”) leaders aim to provide “an open, inclusive, diverse forum for music, creative expression, information and entertainment that encourages dialogue and community involvement.”   

James Moore, Roland Wells and Steve Cooperman (l to r) get ready for KRUU’s debut at the end of the month. Photo credit: Virginia Hancock.

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