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Short version: The KRUU machine-robot-hive runs on Open Source Awesomeness + Hard Drives + Homies... hard drives are dying and we need more! Help us by donating now, seriously:

Update as of 4/02 @ 10pm: we've received $2285, over 75% of the way there! Thanks Gary G, Chris S, David J, Michael G, Luke S, Susan F, Cole F, Doug H, Steve B, John F, Andy B, Steve S, Bob M, Brandon N, Kevin R, Monica H, Rich S, Darien S, and Rob H.


 If you donate now, the amount you put in will be doubled up to $650. We're almost there. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TODAY! Thank you!

Update 3/23: progress on backup vault, its happening.

(continue reading for long version... with numbers and stuff)

With the generous contributions so far, we're making progress with getting the backup KRUU Vault in place. Here's some pictures of the rebuild so far:

The new vault has been rebuilt with new motherboard, ram , OS and drives, and installed into the KRUU server rack. The vault files are currently being synced over... a multi-day process. After that, some final configuration will be completed to allow for the new vault to serve files to the KRUU workstations.

We're about half way towards our full goal of a fully redundant master/backup Vault system. Check here for updates on progress (funding and work).


In the process of upgrading all the KRUU workstations to 14.04.1, wanted to list some notes, configs, packages:

Install sources:

  • Front computers:
  • Studio computers:

Config notes:

Selected partner respositories in software sources

  • sudo software-properties-gtk

Packages to add (front computers):

  • sudo apt-get install skype audacity cifs-utils

Configuration to system:

File browser, edit -> preferences

  • Display: Navigate folders in tree (check)
  • Preview: selecte "Never" for both count and thumbnails

Copy FSTAB entries for vault and archive:

Had a great time talking with MUM Radio Production students today, stoked to see what they create!

URLS from presentation:


Presentation slides (PDF)

Contact me:

Had a great time talking to the MUM Media Students about Community Radio, here's the presentation slides.

Friday evening around 10pm, the computer that is the main program source within the main on-air production studio (aka as Mission Control) experianced a hardware fault. Specifically the motherboard in the computer started to fail, resulting in system instability and usability issues (for example, the mouse stopped working!). With only a slight impact to the broadcast, Caleb Flynn (KRUU Director and tech master) replaced the machine with a backup (one of two backup machines that are generally availible at the station) and brought Mission Control back UP! within minutes.

Impact of this failure was reletively small, and was relatively easy to fix because of the network structure that KRUU has deployed at the station. All the important program material is stored on the Vault, a highly fault-tolerant server, and all workstations (mission control included) connect to the Vault on boot up, and store all program-related files there as part of normal operations.

Today, I gave an overview presentation of the technology that runs KRUU to the great radio production class over at MUM. Handout/slide is attached and shows a listing of most of the software that we use to run KRUU.

Click here for a copy of the presentation:

I had the distinct pleasure of talking with MUM's Media and Communications class today regarding KRUU. It was a great group with great questions and great discussion. I've attached the presentation slides from my talk to this post, in both OpenOffice and MS format.

ODP - kruu radio presentation B_0.odp

KTVO-3 news segment - news segment @1000bit.flv

Live RIGHT NOW! DJ Rin, DJ Tatiana & Olly Sneks

Nearing the finish of a looong FF weekend, Rin and co decided to stop by the studio and mix a live set for KRUU listeners worldwide. Based in LA, this crew is on the up, playing major venues worldwide (we're not talking about no chicken-coop, but Rin doesn't forget where he came from...FF!)

More info can be found here:

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