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Featuring Brad Cole's New Album: Lay It Down

This week's feature is the new album by Brad Cole:

Lay It Down

One of the most beautiful, charming albums you will hear this year!

-- Glide Magazine

Society of Broken SoulsSociety of Broken Souls will be in studio for the Three O' Clock hour of the show Thursday afternoon. They will be singing and playing for you, and previewing cuts from their upcoming release Things Still Left Unsaid. We will discuss the CD release party, the music, and the evolution of the band among other things. Hour one is full of some amazing singer songwriters that led directly from suggestions by band mates Lauryn Shapter and Dennis James. Join me for a unique event, without commercial interruption, thanks to the magic of KRUU. The G Man

Asparagus was the star at GREEN BUILDING SUPPLY Tuesday night for the LIVE Great Taste radio program.  Michael Havelka, a local asparagus whisperer, shared his 20 plus years of growing experience with the audience, inspiring everyone to start their own patch.  

"Asparagus requires a bit of attention, but not that much," Havelka said, "plus it keeps coming back year after year.  Also, if you have a few chickens they can keep the grass down so mulching and weeding isn't really necessary."

The tasting menu featured asparagus three ways:  asparagus soup with wild ramps, a simple oven-roasted asparagus, and asparagus risotto.

Great Taste is LIVE the first Tuesday or each month in the GBS kitchen.  The next live show is Tuesday, June 7 at 7:00 pm with Kathy Dubois, Rosie Witherspoon, Will Love, Chiraj El, and others.  Mark it on your calendar.

Great Taste Live-Asparagus


Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

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"All Better Now" is a Relative Term for Emily Wing Smith

Emily Wing SmithAll Better Now From the "Weird Smart Girl," to the "Thank God She was Hit by a Car Girl," to "Woo-Head" and "Bad Hand" - there was always something wrong with Emily Wing Smith.  In this memoir, complete with pages from her childhood medical history, Emily Wing Smith faces describes the struggles she faced to become "All Better Now," how relative that is when dealing with physical and mental illness, and how important writing and story-telling have been in the process. 

In our coversation, Emily highlights the paradox of how we view mentail illness. When her behavioral problems were blamed on a near-fatal brain tumor, somehow that was less "her fault."

Join us on Writers' Voices for an insightful conversation with this brave and authentic author.



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Is Facebook Turning Into the New Google?

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Ted Cruz is 'Lucifer'? Why John Boehner's words matter.

Click "Read more" below to continue.

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FRI 2:05pm | EcoJam Fashion Focus with Marandah Franke & Minca Borg












James Moore talks with EcoJam Fashion show executive director Marandah Franke and EcoFairfield co-founder Minca Borg about this year's exciting event Saturday, May 7th 7:30pm in the Expo Hall at Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.

An exciting and highly anticipated tradition that has been going on since 1993, Marandah and Minca say this year promises to be another fabulous evening of fashion, ecology and entrepreurial celebration with plenty of surprises. An afterparty will continue the festivities with a DJ dance party at the Arbor Bar.

This week we'll feature the new album by the Tedeschi Truck's Band:

"Never has TTB sounded so organic, relaxed, and free. Let Me Get By is the album this group has been striving for since their formation. You need this."


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Authors Amanda Haas and Anna Thomas on GREAT TASTE this Week!

Don't miss two of my favorite cooks this week on Great Taste: Amanda Hass and Anna Thomas.

Amanda Haas

Amanda Hass is the Culinary Director at Williams Sonoma, and she filled me in on what it's like working in the test kitchen.  She is also the author of the recently published book, The Anti-Inflamation Cookbook, co-authored with Dr. Bradley Jacobs.  Amanda, who has suffered from serious intestinal irritation issues, used her own wellness journey as a basis for developing the recipes in this book, which is filled with helpful tips designed to make eating a joyful and healthy experience again.

Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore

Anna Thomas started a cookbook revolution in 1973 when her now classic, The Vegetarian Epicure, was published.  Her newest book, Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore:  Dinner for Everyone at the Table, is a paradigm-shifting volume filled with over 200 recipes.  The book is about hospitality. "Start with the foods that everyone eats," she writes, "design a meal that works, then expand it, make it flexible..."  Personally, I think she may have hit on a real solution for world peace.

Don't forget GREAT TASTE is LIVE at Green Building Supply next week, Tuesday, May 3 with asparagus whisperer, Michael Havelka.  See you there at 7:00 pm for the show and free tasting of my favorite spring vegetable.

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Stick To Your Ribs Music

G MANA buffet of tasty deep blues and blues rock has been set for your discerning palate Thursday at 2 PM. You may remember the Ride, Captain Ride boys Blues Image: They play Lazy Day Blues. Howlin' Houndog plays Workin' On The Farm. I am opening with Neil Young from Sleeps With Angels. Plus some slightly obscure tracks by Aum, Above The Tree, and Des Moines legend Bob Pace. Let me tell you some really good news: next week, on May 5th, I will have Society of Broken Souls live in the studio. They will be playing cuts off of their new CD coming out in May. Mark your calendars for that event. The G Man

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