Steven Druker author of Altered Genes Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public.

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Joseph "Duane" Mottet

I am saddened to report the passing of my Uncle Joseph "Duane" Mottet who died February 5th at the age of 85 at the Halcyon House in Washington.

Duane was my dad's baby brother. And he was a true Mottet---a talker, a thinker, a storyteller. He was a real cut-up who made everyone laugh.

He and my Aunt Carol raised four great kids in a house just outside of Brighton, a house where I stayed while my folks went on vacation in the late sixties.

I'll always remember his voice. I'll always remember his walk. I'll always remember his good nature.

Bob MosesWant to get caught up on what has been kicking around in Andy Bargerstock's brain during 2015??  Well, here is the time to do it!  On this once per year program, DJ Andy shares his Crispy Awards playlist of 27 songs selected from over 400 new releases played on Fringe Toast during 2015.  The spotlight shines on the Brooklyn, NY based duo Bob Moses (originally from Canada; image left) with their splendid tracks on our Album of the Year called Days Gone By. Check out the Crispy Award's article published in the Laura Marling smilingIowa Source February issue.

In the second hour Chill Session, you will hear why so many ears are turning towards 25 year old UK singer-songwriter Laura Marling (photo right).  Spread the word to others who seek the "best source of new music available anywhere."   Click here for playlist... print and plunder it abundantly. 

"The best music you never hear ... unless you are tuned to Fringe Toast."



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Extending The Underground Passageways

G ManOne thing that struck me as I looked over this playlist for the show: the whole wide world was involved. I have music from my local library, a friend in Seattle, Amazon, Ebay, a dj at another station, three European countries, two dj's at KRUU, NPR's Tiny Desk, and three different record stores in Des Moines. It is wonderful what you can find out there these days. It takes some digging to get a set this cool. I have new music from Fur For Fairies, Leon Bridges, Hiss Golden Messenger, Helvetia, Kurt Vile, Leon Welch, The London Souls, Paul Weller, Pulselovers, Underworld, Lanterns On The Lake, Ethan Johns, Khruangben, and Muse. The wayback machine will transport us to the late sisties for some excellent blues offerings, and some eighties psych. A 26 song event in your life, Thursday at 2 PM. The G Man

Waste Free Kitchen HandbookHow about changing the way we eat and positively impacting our pocketbooks as well as the environment?  The average household of four spends about $120/month on food that is not eaten.  We throw away tons of food each day in commercial establishments.  Countless products that are still edible, but past their sell or use by dates are tossed out recklessly.  Our society wastes more food/capita than any other country in the world.

Dana Gunders, a scientist from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), has written a simple, easy-to-use guide, the Waste Free Kitchen Handbook, and I'll talk with her during the first segment of this week's show.  

Also, a shout out to the folks at Organic Matters Cafe as they are working to not only reduce kitchen and consumer waste, but their lofty goal is to get as close as possible to zero waste.  If anyone knows of other restaurant efforts like this one locally, please tell me.

David Olney

Singer/songwriter David Olney talks with James Moore about his storied career and upcoming special 2pm concert in Fairfield coming up Sunday 21st at Hickory Highlands, an Intimate Farmhouse Concert in Fairfield, IA. For more details call 641-451-0438.

Click on the pic for more concert details,

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Best of 2015: Rap & Hip-Hop

Alright folks this is the last one--the last of my "Best of 2015" series. I started out with my favorite instrumental hip-hop and now we've come full circle and it's time to bring out the rappers.

I'm a sucker for that old school boom-bap sound and 2015 was another great year for bringing back the boom-bap. We had new albums by classic rappers like Ghostface Killah, Blackalicious and Slum Village. Plus a whole set of new artists, like Sugar Tongue Slim, Myke BoganOddissee, and Chance the Rapper, keeping the tradition alive.

Stream it all live February 9th, 5pm-6pm CST right here on KRUU radio.

Stella by StarlightThe flu got me down this week, so we are going into the archives for a great interview, perfect to honor Black History Month.

Sharon Draper was a middle and high school English teacher for 25 years.  In fact, she was named National Teacher of the Year in 1997.  Her first book for young adults, "Tears of a Tiger" was published in 1995 and named one of the top 100 books for young adults for the millenium.

Writers' Voices host Caroline Kilbourn, herself a former high school English teacher, says "Stella By Starlight" should be required reading for all school children.  Inspired by the childhoold journal of Draper's grandmother Estelle, who had to quit school in the fifth grade to work on the family farmSharon Draperbut continued to write late at night, "Stella by Starlight" is set in 1932 in the fictional town of Bumblebee, NC.  Like many of Draper's books, it deals with difficult subjects; the Depression, segregation, the Ku Klux Klan, and voting rights, but told in a way that readers don't even realize they are learning history.

Join us this week on Writers' Voices to learn how this book came to be and why it is so important, why Draper writes for young adults and middle readers, and how she got her first book published.  Originally broadcast 1/23/15.

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On tonight's edition of After Hours I'll be playing my favorite afrobeat, brass and jazz-funk from 2015. Stream it live February 6th, 10pm-12am CST right here on KRUU radio.


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