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The Feed Store

I sincerely hope that all Feed Store listeners enjoy the records that I play. Rest assured, every song on the show is something I really really like...except towards the end of the hour. Sometimes I just need to fill that last 4 minutes and I get a little desperate. I do indeed listen to Faron Young and Little Jimmy Dickens in my free time. My wife and I are friends with Dale Watson and Big Sandy and the Bellfuries and the Gin Palace Jesters. And we couldn't be happier. This music and these musicians are the backbone of our existence. Music is like sunshine--it brightens every day.

Agnes Obel(See link to playlist below). This week's program begins with vintage track "Sign Your Name" from Sananda Maitreya (photo below; formerly known as Terence Trent D'Arby).  All tracks are new to the Fringe Toast library including singer-songwriter Agnes Obel (photo left) with tracks from her new CD. Twin-spins come from Adia Victoria (read review by DJ AB here), River Whyless, and the band Phosphorescent.  Rounding out the first hour are recently introduced artists: Christine and the Queens, Half Moon Run, Horseback, and Britta Sananda MaitreyaPhillips.

In the second-hour Chill Zone, DJ Andy Bargerstock unveils new tracks from Bonobo, Mogwai, Trent Reznor, Parov Stelar and Owl City.   Invite friends to join the live stream at 

Enjoy Dr. B's monthly music reviews in the Iowa Source Magazine. To scan article titles and read details, go to: Iowa Source

Click here for play list.  Fringe Toast offers the best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to KRUU!

Get caught up on the life work and music of SANANDA MAITREYA by visiting his website. Click here.




PicCharacters in costumes abound galore on Halloween and the enduring visceral power of music in fright films has us 'listening to fear'.

Selections from "Batman"; "The Wolfman"; 4 Dracula films; "Trick 'r Treat"; "Devil"; "Fright Night"; "Phantom of the Opera"; "Scary Move 4"; "Amazing Spider-Man" and a track from the new "Doctor Strange" will embrace you in thrilling palpitations elicited inside of you.

Wed 3-4pm only on KRUU!!Pic

Casey Hynes, JournalistExpat turned Iowan Casey Hynes is a contributing writer for Forbes Asia, a freelance journalist, and a content marketing writer with extensive experience covering tech, entrepreneurship, and human rights issues in Asia. Committed to building community wherever she lands, Casey's a member of the Fairfield CoLab and serves on its Board of Directors. She also founded the Iowa Chapter of the Journalism and Women Symposium.

THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

A Night of Laughter, Charity, and Boos: The Candidates Struggle to Remain Civil at the Al Smith Charity Dinner

Trump a 'puppet' of Putin? WikiLeaks target isn't who you may think, Russia experts say
U.N.: Aleppo a 'slaughterhouse' where Russian, Syrian airstrikes are 'historic' war crimes

Iraq: The Terrible Battle for Mosul

In Somalia, U.S. Escalates a Shadow War

Hedge Fund Managers Struggle to Master Their Miserable New World

Last Month Was the Hottest September Since We Started Keeping Records

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

James Moore interviews BILL STOWE, CEO and General Manager of the Des Moines Water Works, will speak on Iowa’s poor water quality that is sparking a new statewide campaign at the JFAN Annual Meeting, Reclaiming the Soul of Iowa: Why We Need a Factory Farm Moratorium, on Wednesday, October 26 beginning at 7:15 pm.

Stowe will focus on the significant contribution industrial hog production makes to Iowa’s degraded waters. He will also address why we need a factory farm moratorium.

The Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture, a coalition of over 20 local, state, and community organizations, recently launched a moratorium campaign; DMWW and JFAN are members of IARA and support its call for a moratorium.

RRThe four artists listed above are dominating the show this weekend, along with a comedy skit by The Firesign Theatre. Full album side-length cuts will take you quickly through the show. J. K. & Co. is a new addition to my collection even though it was produced in 1968. The album, called Suddenly One Summer, is a candidate for record of the year in my mind. Two other items of note: I found an alternate version of a Turtles song I love, and I have a track from a recent compilation by Lee Hazelwood that is very cool. Lots of other great music, check the playlist. Cool Breeze

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The Filmosophers movie talk

"Awards season is ready to kick into high gear.  La La Land poster

November and December mark the months when movie studios bring out their prestige products for awards consideration, joining already-released contenders such as Sully and Hell or High Water. Barry Jenkins' Moonlight, another likely competitor, arrives in theaters Friday.

Here are 10 movies you'll want to catch that could be on their way to Oscar glory on Feb. 26. (Many release dates are New York and Los Angeles only; those films expand nationwide later.)" - USA Today

Hear about this intriguing list on the Filmosophers with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions."

The documentary film Hamilton’s America will show on PBS Friday night at 9:00.

"Discovering the next big thing is easy when it's created by your friend. That’s how director Alex Horwitz managed to get a camera on Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer and star of Broadway super-smash Hamilton, as he was conceiving the musical in 2014. It was impossible for Horwitz, his college roommate at Wesleyan, to know just how big the musical was going to be. But he knew it was going to be something.

“When (Miranda) said he was going to do this thing about Alexander Hamilton, I knew he wasn’t talking about doing a hip-hop Schoolhouse Rock,” Horwitz says. “I said, ‘Look I don’t care where you’re going with this, I think we’ve got a compelling story.' The resulting documentary is PBS' Hamilton’s America (Friday, 9PM), which manages to tell the story of both the musical and the man. It unfolds the chronological story of the founding father’s life, along with the musical and its creation. The film adds to its narrative clips from the show as well as interviews from the creative team and artists such as hip-hop legend Nas and Broadway icon Stephen Sondheim." For more showtimes check the PBS websight.


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No Commercial Potential

G ManHilariously, record company execs would state that a band had 'no commercial potential', and ash can them. Then watch them generate huge sales numbers. We all want to prove the detractors wrong, of course, and that is the gist of the next show. Appearances by Frank Zappa, Manfred Mann, Dan Hicks, The Grateful Dead, and Spacemen 3 will highlight a playlist full of talented people that found a way to get radio airplay. The G Man

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