Join us for another fresh helping of weekly headlines. This week's three tiers include heart & minds & bombs, poor rich people, and a tier I call the 'duh, man' category: yep, poison kills. Fancy that, eh?

JP Sottile, the Newsvandal, avid historian, award-winning journalist, all around ace in the hole, aggregates the news for our daily and weekly shows here on KRUU. As always, all headlines referenced are listed below. Just click "Read more".

Greg Palast3pm | James Moore interviews investigative reporter extraordinaire Greg Palast who tells me both BP and our own government knew about a deepwater blowout in the Caspian Sea with BP (they were using nitrogen as a cost cutter for the cement) 17 months BEFORE the Gulf blowout--but covered it up. BP apparently used nitrogen with the cement in the Gulf, too. Palast contends if the the earlier blowout had not been covered up, 11 lives might have been saved. His new DVD, VULTURES & VOTE RUSTLERS, is out now. You can see a trailer here.

2pm | The lovely Eniko Reeder discusses this Saturday's special SINGING CEDARS event: Easter Family Fun Day 2pm-4pm at  2149 N B St in Fairfield at the Singing Cedars' School. A chance to enjoy some family fun and support a great community nonprofit.

• Magical Scavenger Hunt - For children of all ages • Craft Activities - Including wool bunny making • Spring Waldorf Puppet Show• Hot Drinks • Spectacular Easter Cake Raffle | Plus these free activities: • Live Bunny Petting • Face Painting • Live Music

Matt Taibbi


2:15pm | Award-winning journalist Matt Taibbi is out with an explosive new book that asks why the vast majority of white-collar criminals have avoided prison since the financial crisis began, while an unequal justice system imprisons the poor and people of color on a mass scale. In "The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap," Taibbi explores how the Depression-level income gap between the wealthy and the poor is mirrored by a "justice" gap in who is targeted for prosecution and imprisonment. A Democracy Now interview with Amy Goodman.

3:40pm | Australians for Coal explain new company strategy for embracing duality of messaging. Rajneesh explains the F-word in great detail. N.W.A. share their feelings about tha police.

When Grief Calls ForthWhen Mary Rockefeller Morgan's twin brother Michael disappeared off the remote coast of New Guinea in 1961, at the age of 23, her loss was both deeply personal and extremely public, as the event was front page news around the world.  In this touching memoir, Morgan discusses grief, healing, and her life-long work as a psychotherapist specializMary Morganing in twin loss and bereavement counseling.  Morgan is also Executive Producer of a forthcoming documentary on genetic determinism and the American dream.

Join us on Writers' Voices this week for what promises to be a moving conversation.

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The Filmosophers Movie Talk

The well reviewed animated film Mr Peabody & Sherman starts Friday at the Fairfield Heaven Is For Real posterOrpheum Theatre. "A smart, funny and beautifully designed feature" - N.Y. Post. This is fun for kids and the adults that remember the Mr. Peabody and Sherman segments on The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show. The Book Thief is showing free at the FF library Friday evening.
The very filmosophical Heaven Is for Real opened Wednesday and is showing at the Ottumwa 8. It's the "true story of a small-town father (Greg Kinnear) who must find the courage and conviction to share his son's extraordinary near-death experience with the world." I'm excited to see this and hope to watch with my son Shane and friend Thomas "TJ" Gates, who experienced a profound near-death experience, or NDE. Our conversation while driving home will be intriguing! “Gentle, well-meaning and suffused with the easygoing tolerance that largely characterizes its small Midwestern community setting, Heaven Is For Real is well timed to coincide with collective speculation on transcendence in its varied, most inexplicable forms.”- Ann Hornaday, "Washington Post"

We'll talk about that, start our summer movie preview and more, on the Filmosophers Movie Talk show, with Chris Busch and Bruce Miller, "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions." Fridays, 12:30 PM, again Sunday mornings 11:30. Heaven Is for Real "is so down-to-earth and supernatural at the same time, you better buckle up. I've been blessed with faith and belief in Jesus, Mary, heaven, and angels. So like the pastor in this movie, these weren’t new concepts. It’s seeing them with new eyes that will change your heart and actions, possibly and hopefully forever." - Marya Jauregui,

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One Simple Change Author Winnie Abramson on GREAT TASTE this Week!

One Simple ChangeWinnie Abramson, the author of One Simple Change, has a message that appeals to many of us-it's not that difficult to improve your health if you work at it systematically by taking little steps that add up.  Too many people set themselves up for failure by attempting to radically change their lifestyle.  Give a listen to some of the practical principles Winnie has found that really work.  Her approach to living well is refreshing, and, I'm happyy to write, free of the dogma espoused by many others in her field.

The second half of the show is the host waxing about many different topics, including some of the favorite places he's eaten at recently, articles he's read, and on and on.

RRThe Rainbow Rider show for this Saturday morning at 2 AM consists of six different EP's, and here is the list: East Grand Blues by The Greenhornes, Alwaysnever by Film School, EP by The Host Country, In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country by Boards of Canada, Fight Songs by The For Carnation, and Illinois 5 A.M. by Kevin Gordon. Sort of a unique experience, hearing these through just like you would at home. Please enjoy the show. Cool Breeze.

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Songs of Loss and Leaving

G ManWow, are there a bunch of songs out there about loss and leaving. Goodbye songs, and songs that help exorcise the demons by releasing all that emotion. And its so long for now with me, I got some things I gotta do. The G Man

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Walk the Moon!

Join host, Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y.

This week Generation whY talks with Walk the Moon's lead singer, Nicholas Petricca.  Nicholas Petricca is the lead vocals, Keys, Synthesizer, and Bass Drum.  Nicholas wrote the song "Anna Sun", which was named the song of the summer in a 2011 Esquire article "30 Summer Songs Every Man Should Listen To". Written by Petricca and New York singer/songwriter Nick Lerangis towards the end of their college career, the song is named after their professor from Kenyon College and is meant to symbolize youth. "It's about college, about maintaining that little bit of being a kid," Petricca said. "Don't be afraid to play."

Walk the Moon is an indie rock band based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lead singer Nicholas Petricca started the band in 2008 and went through several member changes before finally coming together with current members, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman sometime in 2010. The band derives their name from the song "Walking on the Moon" by The Police. The group independently released their debut album, i want! i want!, in November 2010, receiving airplay for the track "Anna Sun". In February 2011, Walk the Moon signed with Mick Management. They signed to RCA Records and released their first official album, Walk the Moon in June 2012. Their self-titled debut is composed of many of their original tracks from i want! i want! in addition to new tracks that were written specifically for the album and were meant to reflect the kind of energy the band produced in their live shows.


The program begins with tracks from Swedish electronic brother-sister duo, The Knife, featuring track "Marble House."  See photo of singer Karin Elizabeth Dreijer Andersson (left).  Later, Moroccan-French singer Hindi Zahra (photo right) shares world music with jazz influences.  Jazz violinist Natalie Brown from Cedar Rapids, IA contributes a rough mix from Hindi Zahraher upcoming CD inspired by the great Jean Luc Ponty. Listen closely for 3 tracks from Jesse Harris and the Fernandos' 2003 album Secret Sun.

This week's Chill Session in the second hour kicks off with DJ Andy Bargerstock's "Breathe Mix", an 8-song blend of music about pulling in prana. You won't hear Faith Hill or Pink Floyd.  Instead, prepare for rare tracks from artists like Bliss, Sia, Anna Nalick, Urban Myth Club, Telepopmusik, Alexi Murdoch, and Blue Stone.

Some of the best music you never hear... unless your dialed to Fringe Toast. Invite friends to join the live stream at  Click here for playlist.

Jim Belilove

Twenty-five years ago business strategist Jim Belilove and artist Harri Aalto recognized undeveloped possibilities inherent in emerging waterjet technology.

Headquartered in Fairfield, Iowa, the company they founded, Creative Edge Master Shop, Inc., is the largest and most experienced independent waterjet fabrication and design company in the U.S.

What exactly does Creative Edge do to marble, granite, and a host of other flooring materials to make their products so coveted and unique? And how did Jim and Harri translate their appreciation for new technology into global leadership in the waterjet fabrication and design arena?

During this episode of The Studio with Cheryl, Jim answers these questions and shares details about Creative Edge's Gigantic Premium Floor Products Remnant Sale taking place 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday, April 19th at 601 S. 23rd Street in Fairfield.

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