Become a KRUU Host

Making a pilot -- for solar-powered for KRUU-FM

Thank you for your interest to 'join the KRUU' as a show host. Without you, there is no KRUU!

Your pilot will be evaluated by our programming committee, and, once submitted, we will get back to you as soon as we can--usually in about 2-4 weeks.

KRUU shows run weekly and you are expected to provide content on a weekly basis. Be aware that unless there is another show host leaving, you cannot expect to take over a time slot where a show is currently running. If you request a two-hour slot, we may only be able to offer you one hour.

At KRUU, we do not predetermine the topics and music. The first step is to decide what kind of show you want to do, whether it be music, talk, or both. The show host is in charge of deciding what will be featured, whether it be one genre or focus of topic (e.g., Blues KRUUz Sat 7pm-8pm) or any genre and many topics (e.g., Planet Erstwild Fri 2pm-5pm).

Go to to see the kinds of shows that are already airing.

Once you have decided the type of show you want to do, you will need to come up with a name, decide your preferred show length (from a half hour to two hour), and start planning your pilot.

If you intend your program to be ½ hour, record 28 minutes. If you intend your program to be 1 hour, record 58 minutes. The 2 minutes are left open for station announcements, underwriting spots etc.

If you have the capabilities and know how, feel free to record a pilot on your own. Otherwise, you will need to set up a time to use the Pre-Record Room at KRUU.

If you plan to feature music in your pilot, you can use music from the expansive KRUU Digital Vault or bring in the music you wish to use on cds or a USB/Flash stick to load into the Vault.

Begin the recording by stating the name you will be using as a host, the name of your show, and something like, “You’re listening to KRUU-LP 100,1 FM, ‘The Voice of Fairfield, Iowa... and Beyond.’ [See variations below.] LP stands for low power which is the type of license we have from the FCC [Federal Communications Commission]. We are required to say KRUU-LP at least once an hour.

Every 12-15 minutes, it’s good to identify your name, the name of your show, guest or topic, and a station ID:

-Solar Powered KRUU 100.1 FM,
-Super Variety for a Super Community,
-The Voice of Fairfield, IA and beyond
-Broadcasting from the cultural district in Fairfield, Iowa
-Streaming at

(For an interview, tags every 7-10 minutes is advised. People tend to listen in spurts with radio so this is important.)

It is very important to show up on time for your program without the need for us to remind you of your commitment. We have a great culture of show hosts behaving like responsible adults regardless of their age. The FCC has provided KRUU with a license to give voice to the community. It is something we are delighted about and grateful for.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you are aware of the rules about words to avoid during broadcasts. [Mother f*cker, c*ck sucker, c*nt, tits
, piss (the act), sh*t, f*ck].
These rules apply both to what you, co-hosts or guests say, and to the words in any songs or recordings you play during your program. Please check if you're not absolutely sure. There are "radio-friendly" versions of rap songs, for instance. Also note that live versions are often different from recorded songs and should be checked. The fines are enormous so it's something we all take very seriously.

As a non-commercial station we are not allowed to promote businesses. We may interview anyone about anything but our mantra is: inform, not promote. We can talk about why we like something, or how things measure up, ask questions, even give opinions but no endorsements or calls to action. Our policy is not to give prices for events.

If you choose to list upcoming events, please do it for all upcoming events, not just friends [Refer to Iowa Source or Weekly Reader, etc). Please remember, no calls to action, as in "Don't miss this band' or "Go see such-and-such show"--unless, of course, it is a fund-raising event for KRUU-FM. If the event is co-sponsored by KRUU-FM, it's fine to mention that.

We are not allowed to promote other nonprofits either but people are always welcome to submit events to or take advantage of KRUU's popular and generous event co-sponsorship underwriting packages.

Have fun and we're looking forward to hearing from you!