Banjo Babes on Lyrical Venus 9am Tuesday

Leela and Ellie Grace by Steph Barr

And if we’re lost, well we can circle back around
To the well, to the strength, to the home
To the love and to our common ground
~ Ellie Grace, Common Ground

Ok, I admit it, I have a thing for banjos. There's just something about that rich twangy sound that gets me every time. So this week I've gathered up a collection of songs by female singer-songwriters that feature banjos! We'll finish up the hour with an extended set of songs by Leela and Ellie Grace, the singing, dancing, harmonizing sisters extraordinare who many of you may remember from their past live Fairfield shows!

Join me from 9-10 am Tuesday for an hour of banjo babes - it'll be finger-pickin' good!