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THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

How violence in North Carolina could help Donald Trump

Tulsa Police Officer Arrested on Manslaughter Charges, Released on $50,000 Bond

Ahmad Khan Rahami: New York bombings suspect arrested after shootout
Obama: ‘Israel cannot permanently occupy Palestinian land’

Congress is grandstanding on Wells Fargo and Mylan

How Big Pharma Lobbyists Make the Opioid Crisis Worse

The Invisible American

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The second annual Creative Edge Film Fest (CEFF) gets under way September 22-25 at the historic, artfully renovated Orpheum Theater, 121 W. Broadway, providing a venue for independent filmmakers, producers, directors, and actors to showcase their talents. The event is co-sponsored by KRUU.

“Our purpose is to showcase films with style, insight, and inspiration that resonate with Fairfield’s unique arts community,” says Jim Belilove, the festival’s co-executive producer and President of Creative Edge Master Shop, Fairfield’s world class architectural fabrication company that is sponsoring the festival.

CEFF Founder and Producer Tracy McCormick of Lightfinder Public Relations says, “The films we will screen are a diverse blend of transformational ideas reflective of the world we live in today.” Her vision remains clear to bring attention and support to the growing Iowa filmmaking community.

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Rene Holmberg, FAA certified Remote Aircraft Pilot, is available to teach this class, and will share his breadth of knowledge and experience with us. During this hands-on, interactive class, Rene will review what it takes to become a safe video drone pilot and explore how to use drones to enhance your photography or videography interests.  He will also present national and local guidelines for safe drone flying practices and demonstrate basic maneuvers to develop good flying habits.

Please go to to fill out the registration form. There is a limit of 12 people for this class. One must be 14 years or older. For technical questions, please contact René at 641.919.0528 and for logistical questions, Deborah at 641.919.0990.

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JFAN's Diane Rosenberg talks about upcoming special announcement and press conference Wednesday, September 21st at the statehouise in Des Moines.

Jefferson County Farmers and Nighbors is a nonprofit community organization composed of rural and town residents, and traditional family farmers with a common concern to stop the growth of CAFO Factories in Jefferson County and Protect our Quality of Life.

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This FRIDAY, SOUL SHERPA from Iowa City/Cedar Rapids brings their original funk/soul/RnB 9-piece band to The Depot Brewery!!

Station manager James Moore talks with Soul Sherpa founding guitarist (and Fairfield native) Casper Huggins about the band's EP INVEST IN THIS, recorded in Cedar Falls in "24 hours and a minute," their career trajectory and plans for the future.

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Home Improvement Week in September 2016 at Jefferson County Extension Office

Do you live in a home that is an energy hog and YOU want to fix it up? Join us for FREE workshops on home improvement. Hosted by Bill McAnally, Scott Timm and Bob Yapp. All highly qualified in their fields. Bill with "Sealing Your Home" on Sept. 19th. Scott with " Building Science and Weatherization" on Sept. 21st. Bob with "Old Window Restoration, Historic Preservation of Buildings, and Exterior Painting" on Sept. 24th. Call the Extension Office for more details. 641-472-4166

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THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

This Trump-Putin bromance is getting seriously weird - but so is the polling

Hillary Clinton’s National Security Advisers Are a “Who’s Who” of the Warfare State

North Korea accused of 'maniacal recklessness' after most powerful nuclear test yet

Obama Won’t Promise Not to Launch Nuclear First Strikes

Remembering the Man Who Got Obama to Talk Openly About America’s Most Violent Secret War

Facebook 'napalm girl' row mounts as Norway PM posts picture

5,300 Wells Fargo employees fired over 2 million phony accounts

The future of automation and your job

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THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

The Federal Reserve is living in a fantasyland

Solid Hiring Without Wage Jump Tests Fed Hopes for Inflation

Apple’s Tax Game Is Hurting Economic Growth

Global economy faces multiple crises as G20 gathers in Hangzhou

Putin Says DNC Hack Was a Public Service, Russia Didn’t Do It

Poll: Record number of Americans dislike Clinton

Corey Lewandowski: Trump’s Immigration Speech Was For White Men
Is Trump v. Clinton the Baby Boomers’ Last Hurrah?


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The Depot Brewery | "Flood Louisiana with LOVE"
We are partnering with the Gulf Coast to 'Flood Louisiana with Love' from Iowa.

3 Ways to GIVE:

(1)The Depot Brewery cash or check Donations
Thursday - Sunday open @ 5:00
(2) Iowa State Bank Fairfield, Iowa account
"Flood Louisiana with LOVE"
(3) Direct to our Gulf Coast Partner

My family is connected with City Hope and I assure you 100% of your donations go directly to the people affected by the flood. If you have never been affected by a natural disaster, it's hard to imagine the devastation. It is like being in a war zone. The realization of the far-reaching impact is truly devastating financially and emotionally to businesses, school children, and the little businesses like news paper routes that no longer exist because the homes are no longer there.

This kind of disaster reaches far and wide for years. People begin to give up hope. They need the basics like drinkable water and it's also nice to have a few comfort foods to give back normalcy. Emotional strength comes from knowing that your country and fellow Americans come to the aide of its people. I always try to remember in every tragedy you can find a blessing. My blessing is that this unites us!!! We all need that right now! Louisiana has had more than its share of disasters. Let's unite to help them and receive a blessing in the process.

Please GIVE strength with your giving and Hope with your LOVE

The Depot Brewery Staff thanks and appreciates you Iowa for uniting with our efforts to help Flood Louisiana with LOVE

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