- Abundant Planet - Jan 3, 2007

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13 - Open Views - Wayan Vota, IESC-Geek Corps

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Wayan Vota is director of IESC-Geekcorps.

Geekcorps pairs skilled volunteers from US and European high tech companies with businesses in emerging nations for one to four month volunteer tours, although many volunteers have extended their stays for much longer. Volunteers have served in 14 nations including Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Vietnam and Morocco, and have completed over a hundred projects. Geekcorps became a division of the International Executive Service Corps in 2001. The group is now officially known as the IESC-GeekCorps, and is located online at


- Speaking Freely - 20061227 - Mary Johnson Pizzaro

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Mary Lou Johnson Pizzaro

Ms. Mary Lou Johnson Pizzaro works for the U.S. State Department and is currently stationed in the U.S. Consulate’s Office in Lagos, Nigeria. She works closely with the local community there and has also done State Department work in South Africa. Ms. Pizzaro has degrees from the University of Nebraska and Harvard University.

- Speaking Freely - 20061220 - Kevin Clawson

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Kevin Clawson

Mr. Kevin Clawson is the president of the non-profit, Reach the Children. Reach the Children provides underprivileged children opportunities for self-reliance by strengthening families and communities.

They operate in fourteen countries throughout Africa.

12 - Open Views - Richard Poynder

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Richard Poynder is a feelance journalist, with contributions in the Financial Times, Information Today, Information World Review, and a regular blogger on his Open and Shut blog. In 2003 Richard Poynder had the idea to write a book about the open source and free culture movements - focusing on the people behind the movements.

The interviews that Richard has compiled thus far include Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, Eric Raymond, founder of the Open Source Institute, Lawrence Lessig, creator of the Creative Commons license and the person who created the "free culture" monicker, Richard Jefferson, creator of the Biological Open Source License, and others.

The full text of his interviews and biographies can be found from his Open and Shut blog.

Richard agreed to speak with me about the free culture world and what he found to be interesting about the open source movements.

- Writer's Voices - 20061215 - Linda Egenes

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11 - Open Views - Mark Shuttleworth

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- Speaking Freely - 20061205 - Joe Seehusen

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- Speaking Freely - 20061205 - Connie Shabbaz

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In 2003 PLoS launched a medical and scientific publishing venture, committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a public resource. PLoS provides high-quality, high-profile journals in which scientists and physicians may publish their works. The works are immediately made available online, with no access charges and no restrictions, except for giving credit to the authors. The importance of the PLoS is hard to understate. Many librarians and scientists around the world consider the PLoS to be the most important open source project, as you've heard on this show by Mike Linkvayer and Richard Jefferson.

My guests today ar Mark Patterson and Ginny Barber, both editors at the Public Library of Science.

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