- Sports Talk with Zeb & Paul - 20100307

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- Icon Art Radio - 20100307 - Color Perception

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- Writer's Voices - 20100305 - Robyn O'Brien

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Robyn ObrienWriters’ Voices welcomes Robyn O'Brien, who is being called "The Erin Brockovich of Food". A conservative Texan with an MBA, Robyn used to roll her eyes when finicky parents talked about their children's food allergies and special diets. When her own children started having severe allergy problems, she was catapulted into a research project that changed her life. In her book, The Unhealthy Truth, she lets us in on the secrets of GMO foods, the revolving door between the FDA and the food industry, and

- Planet Erstwild - 20100305 - Kay Hazen

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- Planet Erstwild - 20100305 - Emma Rainey

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James Moore talks with Emma Rainey about her production of “Cirque d’Amour”—a nouveau cabaret of dance and song that begins with a Parisian street scene and then journeys into the heart of a dream. Created and directed by Emma Rainey, and joined by Diva Adrien Daller singing an array of tantalizing love songs, this unique evening of entertainment promises to chase your winter blues away at Café Paradiso, March 12-13, 8:00 p.m. Sponsored by the Dance Theatre of Iowa and the Center for Ballet.

- Tanner & Moore - 20100304

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- Lyrical Venus - 20100330-lv-lexieshine

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Lexi ShineThere's something there that's always on my mind
It hurts me right down to the core
Something that I just can't redescribe
Always there, can't close the door
~ Between You and Me, Lexie Shine

L.A. based singer-songwriter Lexie Shine does just that.  With a delivery that is passionate and raw, her songs glow from inside out.  Whether they are flirty or funny, romantic or rockin' there is always a familiar thread for the listener to find their way to relating to Lexie's song, and a catchy hook that will have you humming long after you press stop.

- Planet Erstwild - 20100302 - Mike Pina

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- Lyrical Venus - 20100302-lv-laurameyer

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Laura MeyerThis morning I woke up grey
Just like this cloudy day
Still haven't made up my mind
Whether to shine or to rain
~ Between The Earth & The Sky, Laura Meyer

Laura Meyer lists New York City as her base, but between moving often while growing up and her extensive touring, it seems that this independent artist is also an independent spirit, able to find beauty wherever she lands.  Her latest album, Miles From Nowhere, supports that idea, capturing slices of the traveling life from New Orleans to Colorado, Carolina and back to New York.  Painting word pictures with a shimmering, smokey voice, Laura supports her little road vignettes with deft finger-picking and crunchy blues riffs in turn, providing as much of a trip for your ears as your imagination.

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