- Great Taste - 20100421A - Great Taste

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Ani's Raw Food Desserts

- Great Taste - 20100421B - Great Taste

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- Speaking Freely - 20100420 - Ed Petersen

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Mr. Ed Petersen is a former agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During his time with the Bureau, Mr. Petersen investigated a wide range of federal violations including general criminal matters, international and domestic terrorism, and foreign counter intelligence. He has also served as the director of security for major league baseball. Mr. Petersen is currently one of the directors of Buckley Petersen Global, a private investigative and consulting company

- Lyrical Venus - 20100420-lv-sweaterset

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The Sweater SetI don't know what I want from you
I pretend that I do
I'm sure you see it in my eyes
I'm sure you feel it in my grip
I'm sure you hear it my voice
I'm sure you're hip
~ I'm Sure You're Hip, The Sweater Set

Friends as teens in a DC church choir, Maureen Andary and Sara Curtin reunited in 2008 when Maureen was selected as a finalist in the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest.  Maureen knew Sara was pretty much the only person she could think of who would be able to do the high harmonies in her songs.

In their short time as a band, the women have been wowing audiences with quirky-smart, self-aware songs, beautifully intertwined soprano voices, and a plethora of musical instruments including guitar, ukulele, flute, glockenspiel and kazoo, to name a few!

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- Politickin' with Dennis & James - 20100419

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- Splitted by Mp3Splt v. 2.1 - 20100418

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- Life & Debt - 20100418 - Single Moms 4

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- Icon Art Radio - 20100418 - Art Ended in 1960

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- A View From the Pew - 20100418

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