- A View From the Pew - 20091018

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- A View From the Pew - 20091018

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- Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost - Many Moods of Moore

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- Lyrical Venus Podcasts - 20091006 - dejhacoulantouno

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Dejha ColantounoIn this interview we'll talk to New York rocker Dejha Colantuono about her first solo album, Tea and Vodka. No stranger to the music scene, Dejha has fronted a number of Seattle bands, including 3DS&M, the Pin-Ups, Rotten Apples, and Ragazza. Her solo album is informed by a variety of influences, but is all tied together with her amazing voice.

Click here to read more about Dejha on Lyrical Venus.

- Planet Erstwild - 20091016 - Randy West

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- Writer's Voices - 20091016 - Michelle Wildgen

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But Not For Long by Michelle Wildgen, tells the story of a sustainable-foods cooperative house going through some summer blackouts and gas shortages, forcing them out of their insular house and into the larger community. In a novel that is swift, slyly funny, and rich in atmosphere, But Not for Long reveals how a few tense days inside a small community show us who we are. You can listen to this interview at

People Magazine says:

“An evocative look at the green movement that includes improbably interesting passages on everything from artisanal cheese caves to the joys of hunting for morels in a damp forest, But Not For Long is also a stirring meditation on modern angst and the meaning of selflessness.” —People Magazine

- Speaking Freely - 20091013 - Rev. Irene Monroe

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Reverend Irene Monroe is the Coordinator of the African American Roundtable of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry at the Pacific School of Religion, a Huffington Post blogger, and a syndicated religion columnist. Reverend Monroe is a graduate of Wellesley College and Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University, and served as a pastor at an African-American church before coming to Harvard Divinity School for her doctorate as a Ford Fellow. Monroe has been profiled in O, Oprah Magazine.

- Lyrical Venus - 20091013 - Kait Berreckman

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Singer-songwriter Kait BerreckmanWell I guess I stole his heart
Cause when I got into his car
he asked me how do you feel?
And I said, I'm a theif not a liar
I'd rather just keep my mouth shut
~ Kait Berreckman, Theif

I can't remember if it was first on the open stage or around one of the song circles that Kait Berreckman first wowed me out at Rocky Mountain Song School in Colorado, but boy did she ever! I loved the way she told her stories through songs - simple little jewels that cut through with flashes of sharp insight into human nature.

A native of Nebraska, Kait is currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and playing at local venues like Club Passim where she recorded her newly released live EP called Without A Bullet.

- Politickin' with Dennis & James - 20091012

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- Sports Talk with Zeb & Paul - 20091011

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