- Speaking Freely - 20160503 - SF Johann-Svenson

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Dennis Raimondi interview Johann Svenson

Speaking Freely
Interviews with prominent people from business, politics, sports, entertainment, and non-profits.

Dennis’ angle is to ask intelligent and thought provoking questions and allow guests to speak in detail about their area of expertise and interest. He tries to have people come on who represent diverse points of view.

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Apple’s iPhone-iPad-Mac Fiasco in 4 Interactive Charts
Is Facebook Turning Into the New Google?

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Will Oil And Refugees Force European Intervention In Libya
State Dep’t Spokesman: Phrase ‘Boots on the Ground’ Has Reporters ‘Wrapped Around the Axle’

>>>Politics & Fleas & Trolls & Devils
The Trolls, the Political Operative, and the Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Pro-Bernie Facebook Groups
Ted Cruz is 'Lucifer'? Why John Boehner's words matter.

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James Moore talks with EcoJam Fashion show executive director Marandah Franke and EcoFairfield co-founder Minca Borg about this year's exciting event Saturday, May 7th 7:30pm in the Expo Hall at Fairfield Arts & Convention Center.

An exciting and highly anticipated tradition that has been going on since 1993, Marandah and Minca say this year promises to be another fabulous evening of fashion, ecology and entrepreurial celebration with plenty of surprises. An afterparty will continue the festivities with a DJ dance party at the Arbor Bar.

- Great Taste - 20160427 - Anna Thomas

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Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore

One of my favorite cooks this week on Great Taste: Anna Thomas.

Anna Thomas started a cookbook revolution in 1973 when her now classic, The Vegetarian Epicure, was published.  Her newest book, Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore:  Dinner for Everyone at the Table, is a paradigm-shifting volume filled with over 200 recipes.  The book is about hospitality. "Start with the foods that everyone eats," she writes, "design a meal that works, then expand it, make it flexible..."  Personally, I think she may have hit on a real solution for world peace.

Don't forget GREAT TASTE is LIVE at Green Building Supply next week, Tuesday, May 3 with asparagus whisperer, Michael Havelka.  See you there at 7:00 pm for the show and free tasting of my favorite spring vegetable.

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James Moore interviews Tim Britton, Arnie Wolfson & Rick Stanley on Club 47.

Now called Club Passim, Club 47 was the center of the folk music scene around the Cambridge area from 1958-1968.

- Planet Erstwild - 20160420 - Mary Roche

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Mary Roche talks about Byron Katie


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Kathy Kelly & Ann Wright To Tour Iowa, May 1-7

Kathy Kelly and Ann Wright today announced that they will launch their “War and Refugees: Peace Is Possible” tour of Iowa in Wellman  on Sunday, May 1.  Kelly is the coordinator of Voices For Creative Nonviolence, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times, and was awarded the US Peace Memorial Foundation  Peace Prize in 2015. 

She will be going to Kabul, Afghanistan to continue her work with the Afghan Peace Volunteers immediately after the Iowa tour  Ann Wright is a retired Army Reserve colonel and a 29-year veteran of the Army and Army Reserves. She served many years in the U.S. State Department, and resigned in protest over the U.S. invasion of Iraq.  Ann will be coming to Iowa from a speaking tour in Europe and work with refugees on Lesvos Island.

- Planet Erstwild - 20160413 - Daniel Bellone

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Daniel BelloneDANIEL BELLONE Interview airs Thursday 7:00 PM and Saturday morning at 11:00 AM.

Coralee Dey and Bruce Miller interview Daniel Bellone about his upcoming Monday evening concert at Morning Star Studio April 18th. (7:30 PM, tickets $15, students $10 at Thymely Solutions or Morning Star at the door.)
Originally from Argentina, Daniel's performed worldwide, including Japan, China, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and India. Described as a "spiritual musician," at about the age of 20, Daniel experienced a spiritual transformation. This was the beginning of his vision of "Awakening Through Music. Singing these praises is more than mere enjoyment, it also produces changes in the chemistry of our bodies, rewiring our perceptions of suffering, creating a happier life and opening the way to manifest the higher self."

From local accounts of folks who've heard Daniel sing, his performance will be a joyful, spiritually transformational event.Bruce says, "I'm personally grateful to Coralee for inspiring Daniel to perform here in between his Chicago and Kansas City concerts. He's going to love the spiritually resonant Fairfield audience and vice-versa."

Learn more about Daniel at

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Dennis Raimondi, host of SPEAKING FREELY, discusses Tom Fiegen's political run for US Senate in Iowa.

Click here for a list of issues that are important to Tom Fiegen.

- The Studio - 20160411 - Lynda Cohen Loigman

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Book Cover of the Two Family HouseHer deceased mom's messy recipe box is one of author Lynda Cohen Loigman's most prized possessions, and it appears in the hands of Rose, a viewpoint character in Loigman's debut novel, The Two-Family House. "This book is for the women in my mother's family," Loigman's acknowledgment reads, but both men and women play pivotal roles in this richly-textured multi-generational story that explores the impact of sustained family lying.

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