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- Sports Talk With Paul - 20140209 - Sports Talk

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Join Paul Strubell as he talks all the latest news coming out of sports, including which team has the very best uniforms from college to pros.

- Writer's Voice - 20140207 - Elizabeth Scarboro

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My Foreign CitiesFirst, a little explanation as to the title of this post.  I read the end of this book on an airplane and although no one around me seemed to notice, I was, quite obviously, crying. So be forewarned.

When you are young and in love, "until death do us part" seems like a daunting amount of forever.  Unless the one you love suffers from something like cystic fibrosis. Elizabeth Scarboro and her high school sweetheart/first husband, Stephen, refused to let his illness define their lives or love, but they could not avoid its impact.Elizabeth Scarboro

Scarboro's story, "My Foreign Cities" was an Oprah Book of the Week and named by Library Journal as one of the bestmemoirs of the year.  Previously, Scarboro published two novels for children.  Her essays have appeared in The New York Times, Huffington Post, and more.

Join us this week on Writers' Voices to learn what it takes to share such a personal story with the world.

- Filmosophers - 20140207 - Filmosophers

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This weekend "Fairfield 1st Fridays Art Walk will be highlighting Art in Film & The Final Season posterPhotography, showcasing films, projects and photographs by well known area and visiting artists." This week "the Orpheum Theatre in Fairfield will be screening a selection of films that have all originated in Iowa. These films have all been made independently and outside of the major Hollywood studio system. The main event will be an Orpheum fundraiser weekend screening of the Iowa-themed The Final Season, starring Sean Astin (The Lord Of The Rings), Powers Boothe (Marvel's The Avengers) and Tom Arnold, followed by a Q&A with the film's producers. Screenings will benefit the Fund for Reconstruction of the Orpheum Theatre." For more information on this and all the Orpheum Theatre events, bookmark their new website: orpheumtheaterfairfield dot com.

We'll talk about that, the new releases, including two surprises (Lego!), what we've seen and more. We're the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller, "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions." Fridays at 12:30PM, again Sunday mornings 11:30. President Business: Hi, I'm President Business, president of the Octan corporation and the world. Let's take extra care to follow the instructions, or you'll be put to sleep, and don't forget Taco Tuesday's coming next week. - The Lego Movie

- The Skinny - 20140206 - Sonia Summers

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THE OUTER BEAUTY EPISODE : WITH BEAUTY EXPERT SONIA SUMMERS and in news  this week RIHANNA named the new face of MAC VIVA GLAM campaign to fight AIDS using what? Lipstick!

Sonia Summers- President and CEO, Beauty Specialty Group After a hugely successful career in the beauty industry, making her mark with several global brands in the likes of Avon Products, Valeant Pharmaceuticals (Kinerase Skincare) and indie brands like DuWop, Sonia decided to build her own business and dedicate her expertise in the beauty industry with a portfolio of brands known to have an innovative and distinct point of difference. With a varied and distinct pool of experience that includes, direct sales (MLM), direct response, retail, home-shopping, spa, international and the Physician-dispensed channels – Sonia has an edge on most companies when it comes to understanding the marketplace and what strategy works best for what brand. That is why she felt a need to share her talents with brands that simply cannot afford the resources or time that it takes to get up to speed and launch into new segments. As a winner of the highly coveted award for branding from “WWD’s Best Executed Brand Launch”, Sonia not only understands the market landscape but, she is expert at the brand story, positioning and the connection to the consumer. 

- Planet Erstwild - 20140207 - Daniel Estulin

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James Moore sits down with Daniel Estulin, author of TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction. Daniel argues that the race to better humankind is about to go to a new dimension as a result of a nanotechnological revolution, this enthralling read purports that the depth of progress and technological development is such that people in the very near future may no longer be fully human. TransEvolution discusses the transition from human to someone—or something—new and different and the increasing trend of implementing prosthetics, organ implants, bionic eyes, hearing aids, and other technological augmentations. Humans are capable of doing things they never imagined would be possible 20 years ago, and the rapid growth of this trend is nowhere near its end. But do the benefits of these advancements come with a price? Is humanity in danger because of this domination of science and technology?

- Great Taste - 20140205 - Peter and Susie Swan

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Baker Creek CatalogThe GREAT TASTE interview this week is with two of the world's foremost experts on Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture (MVOC), Peter and Susie Swan.  They have a unique perspective on the global food system, and many practical suggestions designed to rebalance the struture of that system leading to a healthier planet and more vital individuals.

Peter began his research on MVOC in 2003, and since 2008 has been teaching courses on the subject all over the world.  Last year he and Susie began offering a new course on MVOC and gardening.

Susie was born and rasied on a farm in Zambia.  She had a highly successful Ayurvedic restaurant and taught cooking classes at the Transcendental Meditation Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She is a passionate gardener and garden designer.

The time I spent with the Swans went by way too quickly.  Don't miss this thought-provoking hour.  I hope it inspires you to order seeds for the warmer weather coming soon (I hope).

- Around Town - 20140205 - Cindy Woodbury

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Enjoy scintillating converstaion with host Melinda Arndt.

This week Melinda talks with Cindy Woodbury of First Fridays Artwalk.

Interviews and announcements regarding cultural and civic events happening in and around Fairfield with regular monthly visits from Mayor Ed Malloy, Fairfield Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Rustin Lippincott and First Fridays ArtWalk Director Dania De Bortoli.

If you have events to be announced, please email KRUU-FM at events@kruufm.com.

- City Business - 20140204 - Curt Hanson

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Learn all about the business of City & State government with regular guest state representative Curt Hanson.

Stay informed & keep up on the local and state haps. Shows archived as well.

- The Studio - 20140203 - Noah Loin

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Noah Loin's Rock'n Raw Chocolates, organic red wine, and the Hurlin Brothers' and James Moore's music will be featured at a candlelit Valentine's Party Friday, Feb. 14th at Fairfield, Iowa's Cafe Paradiso. Learn how in a single year Noah developed raw chocolate recipes and convinced retailers in Iowa and New York City to market his wares. Noah also shares lessons he learned along the way, including how to identify mentors and develop a personal business philosophy. Tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl Fusco Johnson and guest co-host Eric Johnson.

- Sports Talk With Paul - 20140202 - Sports Talk

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Join Paul Strubbell as he makes his Super Bowl picks!

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