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This Sunday night beginning at 11pm (eastern) there will be a barrage of beautiful music from some inspiring friends of mine. C. Threw throwing down a brand new mad series of rhymes we worked on together, Shaunbak will be sharing some of his seriously secret brand new tekno compositions mixed live for 50 minutes and then Yacob (aka: Yakob, Yakob Crin Cran, Rafael, RAW-FI. L, and Jacob Shier) will be showcasing exclusively for us, a massive 70 minutes of his original compositions ranging from funky disco to sweet ambient drum and bass to cool tekno. All in the true spirit of CREATIVE COMMONS.

Please tune in and enjoy the evening with us!
Maximum Love, Light and Blessings

Obvious World

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Tonite's show continues on with the original compositions of Obvious World's SoundRETROSPEKTIVE... there's tek-hop, drum n' bass, house, experimental and ambient compositions, along with a 30 minute mix --- all designed specifically for you.

The pieces grew from a deep desire to meld together the forms of hip hop with other genres, and then to just explode with odes to great new age psychedelic tribal gatherings organized by little elves in the thick mysterious forest.

Glad to have you travelling along on this adventure!
Love, Light and Blessings!

-Obvious World

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After a year of playing my own original, fresh and interesting music for the listeners of KRUU FM 100.1 and KRUUFM.COM, I have never once been a disc-jockey who introduced each piece and discussed where or how the music was inspired and created. I would simply weave together 3 hours of totally original journey music and put it out there for you to enjoy, daring you to take from it what you could...

Until now.

Tonite I will be selecting and discussing music I composed between May and October of 2006. During the broadcast I will be playing various selections and discussing (sometimes at length) such details as: the historical significance of each piece, the other artists involved in collaborative efforts, and the move of my old record label freakie people records [now put to rest] towards becoming a net-label focused on creative commons compositions.

[the new net-label as of january 1, 2008 is called BEAUTIFUL ETERNAL]

If you're a fan of the music I've composed and have ever wanted to know more about the music or the artist, this is your chance.

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