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Diane FrankMUM's Literature Department Reunion, Part 1: Diane Frank, Silvine Farnell & Terry Fairchild

Poets, professors, authors, and former students will celebrate 40 years of Maharishi University of Management's Literature Department August 30 through September 2nd on MUM's campus in Fairfield, Iowa. Literature Reunion celebrations will include book exhibits, readings, and master classes.

- The Studio - 20130722 - Ariel Kiley

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Smitten Book CoverJames Gandolfini's advice helped inspire Sopranos actress Ariel Kiley's transformation into an author--and licensed yoga instructor. Ariel and her best friend, actress-turned-psychotherapist Simone Kornfeld, spent five years refining their dating philosophy. The result? A unique nonfiction dating guide called  Smitten: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt. Despite the lighthearted title and occasionally jocular tone, this attractive little black book contains some daunting but intriguing suggestions interspersed with tons of sensible guidance. Even happily established couples will find something helpful in this fun-to-read book. Tune in to The Studio with Cheryl and Ariel this week!

- The Studio - 20130708 - D. J. MacHale

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NYT best-selling author D. J. MacHale reveals success secrets he's gleaned from celebrities and fans while directing films, executive producing TV series, and penning wildly popular young adult novels. Paraphrasing the famous (Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen King, Haig Manoogian) and the relatively unknown (a young fan, a school librarian, his 10-year-old daughter) D. J. dispenses a bit of crowd-sourced wisdom nearly every minute. How to deal with reluctant readers, wordsmithing vs. storythinking, long-haul truckers' reading preferences--it's all covered here!

You'll also hear D. J.'s thoughts on fan fiction, Skype school visits, and his brand new thriller (deemed "unputdownable" by Kirkus) Sylo. Don't miss this show!

- The Studio - 20130715 - Kate McGuinness

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Kate McGuinness


To educate people about discrimination and sexual harrassment in the workplace, attorney Kate McGuinness self-published Terminal Ambition, a legal thriller.

By strategically blogging, newsjacking, and participating in Amazon's Kindle Direct program, Kate got her book into the hands of 32,490 readers.

Kate discusses her role as an advocate for women's rights and her successful book promotion strategies this week on The Studio with Cheryl.

Tune in!

20130701 - The Studio - Susan Daniels

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Book Cover Horse Show Mom's Survival GuideWhile earning her B.S.N. in Nursing from the University of Iowa, Susan Daniels was persuaded to write a magazine column and then a book, The Horse Show Mom's Survival Guide, for parents of children competing in horse shows. With her passion for writing unleashed, she launched into fiction-writing, too, and recently earned an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. While agents are considering her new novel-in-stories, Susan's enjoying blogging about books, writing, and life at

Tune in to The Studio this week for Susan's thoughtful reflections on creativity, healthcare, writing, and healing. She'll share an excerpt from her new book, too!

- The Studio - 20130610- Frances Caballo

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Marketing Strategist Frances Caballo provides online marketing tips for authors in her book Social Media Just for Writers and in Caballo is Social Media Editor for three large California writers' groups, has 25 years of communications and marketing experience, and owns ACT Communications.

A specialist in social media training, she sets up and manages clients' social media accounts, coaches clients on social marketing platforms, and blogs for clients. Her latest Kindle e-book is Blogging Just for Writers. Caballo accepts that  social media can be challenging but says, "It's the future and we all need to ride the wave and let it help us to reach our dreams." Learn how social media can help you reach your dreams--tune in to The Studio with Cheryl this week!

- The Studio - 20130603 - Marilyn Bode

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Book Cover: My Mean MomMarilyn Bode attributes her complete recovery from polio in 1952 partly to her "mean" mom's rigorous administration of a physical therapy regimen that included twice-daily hot baths. Those baths weren't easy for her mom, Vivian Lawson, to arrange in a farmhouse that relied on an outhouse and had no running water.

With help from friends and relatives, Bode has turned her family history into a poignant, self-published children's book, My Mean Mom. It includes an informative historical afterward and includes a page of activities children can do to further their understanding of this era of our country's medical history. Tune in to The Studio with Cheryl this week: you'll be inspired to record your own family's stories!

- The Studio - 20130527 - Susan Salzman Raab

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Marketing Consultant Susan Salzman Raab will reveal "New Rules of Media Engagement" on Saturday, June 1st at the Coralville, Iowa Public Library during a conference sponsored by the Iowa chapter of The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators for its Published and Listed (PAL) members. During this "Wave of Inspiration," two Iowa children's authors will also speak. Jacqueline Briggs Martin will discuss research techniques and Gary Metivier will provide time management strategies. 

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Corey Morrow in Tea Shop 


Corey Morrow's Earth & Water Tea Lounge & Pottery Shop celebrates one year of business in Fairfield, Iowa on Friday, May 24th, 2013.

During this episode of The Studio with Cheryl, this young entrepreneur reflects on what it took to launch the business voted as Winner, Best Coffee or Tea Shop in The Iowa Source 2013 Regional Restaurant Survey.

For details on the Tea Shop's birthday celebrations and on the strategies Corey uses to run a successful new business, tune in to The Studio this week.


- The Studio - 30130513 - The Blue Zones

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Get ready, Jefferson County, Iowa! Behind the scenes many of your friends and neighbors are working with businesses, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, health service providers, and other entities to help you enhance the quality and length of your life. The crest of the Blue Zones wave will hit the county this autumn, but change is already in the works. To guide their efforts, organizers are harnessing nine powerful principles observed in communties with the world's longest lived people. Soon many opportunities will emerge for you to learn about and consider trying activities aligned with these principles. Want to know what to expect? Tune in! Ken Daley and Julie Howland Stephens reveal Blue Zones plans on The Studio with Cheryl.

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