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The Studio - The Studio - 20130220 - Lynn Koos

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Lynn Koos, curator of Cedar Rapids' African American Museum of Iowa shows off drums that are part of the new Western Africa Before the Boats exhiibit. Featuring vibrant murals, beautiful artifacts, intriguing videos, and weaving-, music-making, and other hands-on opportunities, this exhibit runs through March 30, 2014.

Lynn reveals other great features of the museum, which embraces the mission of preserving, publicizing and educating the public on the African American heritage and culture of Iowa.

Don't miss this new exhibit or Lynn's inspiring talk. Tune in!

- The Studio - 20130218 - Darryl Pitts

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On The Studio, Director Darryl Pitts discusses Reel Black Love, his documentary film that explores cinematic depictions of African American romance. Narrated by acclaimed actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, Pitts' documentary highlights powerful (but rare) romantic moments of African Americans in movies. During candid interviews, Pitts captured industry elites (including Lynn Whitfield, Regina King, Vanessa Williams, Ernie Hudson, Nia Long, Diahann Carroll, and Keenan Ivory Wayans) sharing favorite on-screen couples and the movies that changed their perceptions of themselves and blacks in Hollywood. In a free program co-sponsored by Cedar Rapids' African American Museum of Iowa, Pitts screened Reel Black Love and engaged in a panel discussion about it Feb. 21st, 2013 at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport.

- The Studio - 201310211 - B.K. Loren

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Why did the editor of B.K. Loren's first book of essays accuse her of writing like a wolf? How does B.K. strive daily to live up to that accusation? B.K. answers these questions during an in-depth discussion of the creative process that helped her produce her novel, Theft;her first essay collection, The Way of the River: Adventures and Meditations of a Woman Martial Artist; and her newest book, Animal, Mineral, Radical: Essays on Wildlife, Family, and Food.

B.K.'s writing has garnered Pushcart nominations, fellowships, and inclusion among Best American Spiritual Writing anthologies. Tune in to learn how B.K. crafts prose that reviewers deem visceral, lyrical, and incandescent.

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Karen Grencik was working happily as a court reporter when she met Lu Chi Fa, a Chinese immigrant to the U.S. His story of overcoming terrible hardships without becoming bitter impressed her so much that she began using her court reporting skills to record it. Next she searched for a writer willing to shape his story for publication. Before long Karen found herself running her own literary agency, which was propelled to success largely by her sale of Double Luck: Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan by Lu Chi Fa with Becky White. Karen became a favorite presenter at writers' conferences and her clients won many awards. In 2011 she joined forces with Abigail Samoun to launch Red Fox Literary, a boutique agency specializing in picture books, middle grade novels, and young adult titles.

- The Studio - 20130128 - Matt Stutzman

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Matt StutzmanMatt Stutzman won a Silver Medal in the Paralympic Games in London in 2012 for Archery (Individual, Compound, Open). He holds two national records in archery and a Guinness World Record for the longest accurate shot--230 yards! Matt's accomplished all this despite being born without arms. Dubbed the Inspirational Archer by all who know him, Matt reveals how he overcame his disappointment at shooting less than what he considered his best during the 2011 Parapan Games in Mexico--he missed garnering a world record by only two points--and persisted in pursuing his goal. Matt lives in Fairfield with his wife Amber and three young sons. He's developing a speaking career, plans to enter the 2016 Paralympics, and is slated to compete in many international archery events in 2013. He's got a great sense of humor, too. Don't miss this inspiring show!

- The Studio - 20130121 - Phyllis Khare

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Phyllis KhareSocial Media Marketing expert Phyllis Khare, co-founder of an online learning center called the Social Media Manager School, has tons of advice for entreprenuers and others seeking to use online resources wisely. Phyllis authored Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies and coauthored Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. She's been a featured guest on Social Media Examiner, eMarketingVids, and many Twitter Chat Events. She's also an experienced entrepreneur. Don't miss this show--you're bound to learn something new!

- The Studio - 20130114 - Rob Cline

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Cedar Rapids Arts and Culture Professional Rob Cline wears a lot of hats. He's Director of Marketing and Communications for the University of Iowa's Hancher Auditorium, Grants Manager of Cedar Rapids Czech and Slovak Museum and Library, and Series Coordinator of Out Loud!, the Metro Library Network Author Series.

Somehow he's also managed to write and publish a great new mystery, Murder by the Slice. And-- launch the 365 Short Stories reading campaign for 2013. How does he do it???

Find out at The Studio this week!

- The Studio - 20130107 - Jill Farmer

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Certified Master Life Coach Jill Lingwall Farmer's mission in life is teaching fun, open-minded men and women how to overcome their belief that there's not enough time to get everything done.

In this premiere episode of KRUU's new show "The Studio," Jill shares client-tested strategies for streamlining to-do lists so that they reflect our deepest motivations in life and ensure satisfaction and success.

A former TV anchor and consumer issues reporter, Jill's a summa cum laude graduate of Drake University's School of Journalism. She's received Emmy Awards and other accolades for excellence in reporting. Her book, "There's Not Enough Time...And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves" was published in 2012. Don't miss this life-changing hour!

- 20121116 - Writers' Voices - Susie Hathaway

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Susie Hathaway helps women over 50 stay active and strong. Certified as a personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, she's an active volunteer for the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Her newsletter and exercise-advice blog provide tips on how to stay healthy, strong, and independent during the second half of your life. Susie recently wrote, produced, and released a home-exercise DVD called Susie Hathaway's Safe Strength Training for Osteoporosis Prevention.

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Linda Sue Park is probably best known for writing the 2002 Newbery winner, A Single Shard, for which she became the first Korean American to win the Newbery. That book and many of her others, including A Long Walk to Water, have been named to various best-book-of-the-year awards.

Linda Sue, herself, has been honored with the Boston Public Library Literary Lights Award, the Empire State Author Award, and Rochester, New York's Arts Council Literary Artist of the Year Award.

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