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- Practically Worthless Sports -

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A discussion of world events with a focus on the global ecovillage movement.

Tanner and Moore on Planet Erstwild 2-16-07

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Tanner and Moore on Planet Erstwild 2-9-07

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17 - Open Views - Jennifer Papin Ramcharan, UWI

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Jennifer Papin-RamcharanOn this show I've spoken to editors from the Public Library of Science - Mark Patterson and Virginia Barbour - and to the Executive Director of Science Commons, John Wilbanks. They are all involved with the production and distribution portion of the Open Acces equation. What happens on the other side? How does Open Access affect an institution in the developing world, and does the model really have the promised benefits?

Are the problems stated by the Open Access movement "real", or just marketing?

To answer these questions, and to get a clear perspective from the end-user-side of Open Access, I spoke with Jennifer Papin-Ramcharan. Jennifer is the Engineering and Physical Sciences Librarian at the University of the West Indies, in Trinidad and Tobago. Jennifer agreed to talk to me about her experiences with Open Access.

15 - Open Views - Kembrew McLeod, Author, Filmmaker, Professor

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Kembrew McLeod is author of the Oboler Award winning book Freedom of Expression, and the documentary films Copyright Criminals and Money for Nothing.
Kembrew is currently Associate Professor at University of Iowa, in the Department of Communication Studies.
This audio file is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 2.5 license. If you find it useful or interesting, please consider donating a few bucks to this station (KRUU).

8 - Open Views - Richard Jefferson, creator of BiOS license

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My guest today on open views is Richard Jefferson, creator of the Biological Ope Source license, and founder of Cambia, a foundation based in Australia. Cambia creates tools to foster innovation and a sprit of collaboration in the life scinces.

6 - Open Views - Abhas Abhinav, founder

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Today's guest is Abhas Abhinav. Abhas leads the team at DeepRootLinux (on the web at and in Bangalore india. DeepRoot provides custom linux solutions, and also a Messaging Server, which is an email server, which is something that virtually every company - small, medium or large, requires today. Their deepofix solution is, according to them "the most complete, flexible and simplest mail server in the free software world".

Abhas spoke with me about what got him on the path to free software, and how he has dealt with running a business around an open source product, which is basically available for free from their site.

5 - Open Views - Siva Vaidhyanathan, author and historian

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Siva Vaidhyanathan, a cultural historian and media scholar, is the author of Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How it Threatens Creativity (New York University Press, 2001) and The Anarchist in the Library: How the Clash between Freedom and Control is Hacking the Real World and Crashing the System (Basic Books, 2004).
Vaidhyanathan has written for many periodicals,including American Scholar, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The New York Times Magazine, MSNBC.COM,,,

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Janet Hope's PhD thesis was titled Open Source Biotechnology.

In 2002 Janet was awarded the APN Media Dialogica Award for Excellence in Scholarly Communication for an essay on complexity and risk in biotechnology. She has recently completed a series of papers on biotechnology regulation in New Zealand and is currently working full-time on her PhD at the Law Program, Research School of Social Sciences, under the supervision of Professor Peter Drahos (RegNet, ANU). She is also affiliated with the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia, which together with the Law Program is funding the project.

Janet spoke to me about what Open Source means in Biotechnology.

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