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- Inside the Headlines - 20141114

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America's favorite cheerless fearleaderMother milked, it'a a beautiful day in the Free-falling poppy: It's reigning mienneighborhood, and never mind Kim Kardashian, hey democracy, you've got a nice arsenal, baby! i.e. it's neocon doo doo time, endless war at warp speed. Speaking of doo doo, Dubya van Gogh says he hopes America beats those al qaeda types in Iraq which he has NO REGRETS invading. And to paraphrase Monica's ex, he said unprompted that he DID NOT have war with that country to settle his daddy's score. He wrote a book for that.

Yep, those are the three tiers today when you come INSIDE THE HEADLINES with the amazing Newsvandal JP Sottile and his trusty sidekick James Moore. Sit back in your saddle, put on your seatbelt and take a cruise at warp speed through the anals of a metaphorical FBI Marshal's cell tower-impersonating Cesna, with a bird's eye view on the latest haps in newsville. Click "Read more" below for links to all the headlines discussed and more.