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Furious Cool This week, Writers' Voices welcomes guest host Paul Gandy, local attorney, to the air as he and Monica interview Joe Henry, coauthor with his brother David of the biography "Furious Cool: Richard Pryor and the World That Made Him."

Richard Pryor is a fascinating subject - born and raised in Peoria, Illinois into a rough world of brothels and drug-runners, he was truly a comedic trail-blazer and introduced an entire generation of white America to Black culture.

 How this book came to be is a story in itself. Over a decade ago, Joe Henry, a 4 time Grammy-winning producer, singer and songwriter, contacted Richard Pryor to get his permission to use his name in a song title ("Richard Pryor Addresses a Tearful Nation" on Joe Henry's "Scar" album.)  One thing led to another, and soon Pryor had recruited Henry and his screenwriter/producer brother David to write the script for a bio-pic.  Shortly before going into production the movie was derailed, and the Henry brothers decided to convert the wealth of material they had gathered on their (flawed) hero into this book. Tune in for a fascinating conversation!