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- Great Taste - 20131016- Great Taste w/ Giselle Isadori

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This episode of Great Taste is dedicated to Jerry Deprey.  Thanks for hanging out with us.  We're going to miss you.

Gisella Isidori and Kelli KuenzlerThe amazing Gisella Isidori returned to the Club Room last week.  As always, she brought with her the collective knowledge of Italian culture and cuisine, pouring it out during every encounter in a never-ending flow in exchanges always full of surprises. And she did surprise me several times. 

Gisella/Kelli/SavannahDuring the show Gisella was assisted by Indian Hills Culinary Arts students Savannah Strode and Kellie Kuenzler.  She had nothing but praise for their perfect rendering of her recipes into food reality-Halloween panini, pumpkin soup, grape mostarda, roasted chestnuts, and pollo schiachiatta.

(A few recipes are at the end of the post.) 

Also, Emily Rose Shaw, our health coach, gave us an inside look at the Blue Zone initiative, and Tom Allen provided the musical entertainment.