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Suzanne YoungIt took high school teacher Suzanne Young five contributions to "the novel graveyard" before she wrote the first novel that sold. On Writers' Voices this week, Young describes what kept her writing and how she fianlly broke through to publishing success. Since 2010, she has had six young adult and crossover books published by three different major publishers, with three more on the way.

Her most recent novel, "The Program," from Simon Pulse, deals with the sobering reality of teen The Programsuicide.  Motivated by memories of her own troubled adolescence, Young originally set out to write a true-to-life novel on the subject, but soon realized that the story could reach a broader audience and have more impact with a futuristic, slightly distyopian setting, where teen suicide has reached epidemic proportions.   

 "The Program" is the government's attempt to prevent suicide by closely monitoring teenagers' behavior.  At the first sign of depression, the targeted teens are instituionalized and "cured" - but with unforunate side effects. The ultimate theme of the book is hope, and Young recounts the effect the story has already had on readers, and her hopes that the novel will help bring the subject out into the open.