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by Nidal El-Khairy
Featured on Planet Erstwild this week is a live phone-in interview with Osamah Khalil, a doctoral candidate in US & Middle East History at the University of California, Berkeley, focusing on the origins of US foreign policy in the Middle East. He is also a regular contributor to the Electronic Intifada website. We will be discussing his recent piece, "The Dogs of War." Its conclusion:

Caught between this collection of madmen, criminals and fools are the people of Gaza, who have suffered for far too long and have paid an unbelievable price for simply being Palestinian. After more then 30 months of sanctions and siege, many have become desperately poor, living a daily reality of constant terror and deprivation that few can imagine. Yet, in the face of overwhelming cruelty and a conspiracy of silence and indifference they persevere. That they must do so is an
indictment of us all.

Join host James Moore as he attempts to break down this complex subject. Israel is not allowing international journalists into the Gaza Strip.