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Today's show focuses on the Congressional testimony of General David PetraeusGeneral David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker regarding progress-or lack thereof--in Iraq.

Also discussed is a BBC/ABC survey of Iraqi sentiment towards the U.S. surge.

To reference Ari Berman's blog today from the Nation, click on: "Questioning Petraeus' Crediblity".

Titles of two BBC articles are a study in contrasts:

"U.S. Surge has Failed"

"U.S. Surge Plan in Iraq 'Working'"

The first, a survey of 2000 Iraqis in 450 neighborhoods from all 18 provinces, shows 70% expressing that security has deteriorated in the area of the surge, that conditions are worse for politcal dialogue, reconstruction and economic development. Only 29% think things will get better in the next year (compared to 64% two years ago). And forbodingly, nearly 60% of Iraqis see attacks on US-led forces as justified. (93% of Sunnis vs 50% of Shia.)

The second is the more upbeat assessment of General Petraeus. He informed Congress U.S. military objectives were "largely being met". Ambassador Crocker said he believed it was possible for the US to see its goals achieved in Iraq, that security was attainable, but it would not be achieved quickly,