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- Abundant Planet - 20070619 - BioTour Interview

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Vegetable Oil Powered Bus - Solar Electricity

BioTour is a journey that aims to enliven the sustainable energy movement, while exploring the depths of America—the people, land, and culture.

BioTour educates about global warming, peak oil and sustainable energy, bringing people together for discussion, exploration and celebration. The BioTour project demonstrates a different way of living and conceiving of energy, one in which human civilization exists in balance with the natural world.

Co-directors Ethan Burke and Alan Palm purchased the BioBus in August of 2006 and were inspired to expand BioTour into a year-round full-time project traveling to all 48 of the continental United States. BioTour now has a new partner, co-director and documentarian, Cat Hainfeld, who specializes in web design, videography, and photography. Brian Burke has joined to round out the crew, and BioTour is ready to kick off the Spring 2007 Tour in April.