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Episode I (This Week) - Leaves me Speechless 

Episode II (Next Week) - Will make you want to see the live show for sure :)

These Berkeley Graduates +1 Make It Real!

 Celebrating their current release "Zero Cool" & The Japanese Tour.

SHARP THREE Zero Cool - 'DVD/CD Live' - Studio Project- 


SHARP THREE's 'Zero Cool' project is complete.  The recording session was filmed, and the project is available to watch on DVD in its entirely. In making "Zero Cool" (or 007), SHARP THREE has been able to achieve a brilliantly high level of globaly-influenced instrumental music. On this album, the listener will discover creative jazz, Brazilian samba, acoustic Japanese heavy metal, bluesy guitar riffs, prog-rock, ballads, Indian sitar/twang sounds, guitar pedal effects, Balkan rhythms, as well as exotic meters such as 15/16… it is recommended that the audience listen without categorizing the music! 

For Goh Kurosawa, leader of Sharp Three, music does not suggest borders... music is music. Multi-guitarist Goh is often called a musical "Wakonyosai/和魂洋才" which simply means he approaches the Western knowledge with a Japanese spirit. Co-founder of the trio & his brother, Kai Kurosawa, is known world-wide for his extreme bass instruments and his eye opening technical two hand independence on the 24‐string Beartrax “Big Mama Bear" which he designed. Chuck van Haecke brings tastefulness to the band with his sharpness for groove/space on his drums and Black Swan percussion.... (Click Blog Title to See More)...