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Saxon Bass

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The Geese of Insanity

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- JBF - 20150223-JBF-Sharp Three Episode II

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 Episode I, Ft, SHARP THREE (2/9,  2/12) & additional dates - Leaves me  Speechless. These Berkeley Graduates + 1 Make It Real from L.A. to Japan!        Episode II, Ft, SHARP THREE (2/16 2/19 2/23 2/26) - Inspires you to see the live show celebrating their current release "Zero Cool" & The Japanese Tour :) 

http://SHARPTHREE.comSHARP THREE's 'Zero Cool' DVD/CD Live Studio Project is complete.  The recording session was filmed, and the project is available to watch on DVD in its entirely. In making "Zero Cool" (or 007), SHARP THREE has been able to achieve a brilliantly high level of globaly-influenced instrumental music as well as exotic meters such as 15/16… it is recommended that the audience listen without categorizing the music! 

All songs written by Goh Kurosawa or Kai Kurosawa, (known world-wide for his extreme bass instruments.) Chuck van Haecke brings tastefulness on his drums and Black Swan percussion.  All songs arranged by SHARP THREE.  In addition to the nine tracks, the DVD offers three alternate takes.  Playlists Here Including Song Credits :) 2/9,  2/12,  2/16,  2/19,  2/23, 2/26  Archives In Progress :) 2/9, 2/12, 2/16, 2/19, 2/23 2/26 :) Thank you, JessicaBurksMusic  Note; Special thanks to Goh for extra help with audio engineering on dialogue  :)