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Chuck FosterChuck Foster hosts Reggae Central on KPFK in Los Angeles, California. For two decades he wrote the Reggae Update column for Beat Magazine and currently writes a book review column for the annual Reggae Festival Guide. He is the author of Roots Rock Reggae: An Oral History of Reggae Music From Ska To Dancehall (Billboard Books, 1999) and The Small Axe Guide To Rock Steady (Muzik Tree, 2009).

Chuck started playing music and recording in his teens. Over the years he worked as a timekeeper, shipping clerk, antiquarian bookseller, journalist and record store manager. He has written liner notes for dozens of albums from artists as diverse as Burning Spear and Maya Angelou. In 2013 he produced the various artist album We Roots and issued two solo albums and a dub set the following year. He is currently working on a new album.

- Jessica Burks and Friends - 20140922 - Andy Ard

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www.andyard.comOriginally from Atlanta, GA, Andy brings a bit of his southern twang along with a love of funk and British rock. Mix all that up into a guy whose mother is a classically trained pianist and a father who was a preacher that loves rhythm & blues.

The kind of song you get from Andy might depend on what day it is. Andy Ard is the primary songwriter for the Denver band, PJ Zahn, for whom he also sings and plays guitar.

He’s been a winner in the Durango Songwriter’s Expo “Write With a Hit-Maker” contest, as well as a longtime showcase performer at the Expo. Andy is a past nominee for Singer/Songwriter of the Year in the Westword Awards, and is currently signed to Lyric House Publishing in Denver.

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     Benedikt BrydernBenedikt Brydern studied violin and piano at the Richard-Strauss Acadamy of Music in Munich.  He was selected out of 1000 applicants tor Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival to perform in the Festival Orchestra under the baton of Leonard Bernstein and returned to the Festival in 1990 to take part in the TV series "Orchestral" hosted by Sir Georg Solti and Dudley Moore. He has composed music for a number of films including Jon Voights "The Tin Soldier" and the Miramax Documentary "Rhyme & Reason" featuring Dr. Dre and others. 

     Besides being a classically trained concert violinist he co-founded the "Hot Club Quartette" which pays tribute to the music of legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli. He has played violin on soundtracks for films as diverse as Battlestar Galectica, Terminator and the Sarah Conner Chronicles.  As past President of the Rotary Club of Hollywood and a board member of The Harmony Project, a non-profit organization providing free music lessons and instruments to more than 1,500 under-privileged children in the Los Angeles area, he connects with the community and shares his passion and love for music.

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"I love Fairfield. People are open and accepting."

"It’s not easy to pigeon-hole the Iowa based Dylan Sires and Neighbors. They definitely have a solid command of melody in the tradition of power pop, and are influenced by The Beatles, Vampire Weekend and 50′s styled balladry."  --Powerpopaholic | "Sires’ sound is a delightful mash-up: Beatles-esque harmonies, rhythm syncopation ala Modest Mouse, and guitars that hail from all over. Yes, if your normal bill of goods is something harder and faster, Sires’ pop sensibilities will come off as milquetoast. But variety is the spice of life, folks."  --Chad Taylor Des Moines Cityview magazine

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"Bring two pairs of dancing shoes to FAIRfest cuz you're gonna wear one pair out!"

 Grammy Award winning vocalist Nawlins' favorite son Cyril Neville has been called a philosopher, poet, and one of the last great southern soul singers. His prolific career spans work with the Meters the Neville Brothers, and now the Royal Southern Brotherhood who have a NEW RECORD JUST OUT with Ruf Records recording group. Their third studio album is called “Don’t Look Back: The Muscle Shoals Sessions”. The album was recorded at the legendary FAME Studio in Muscle Shoals and produced by Grammy award winning producer, Tom Hambridge, along with some new talent has created RSB’s best studio effort to date.

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"We love letting the songs speak for themselves, create themselves."


Society of Broken Souls is the songwriting duo of Dennis James and Lauryn Shapter. Both multi-instrumentalists, they write, record, and perform songs for fearless hearts, using words and melody to create musical snapshots that confront our shared, raw humanity while they celebrate the beautiful mosaic of the human experience. Their live performances feature seamless harmony vocals and a wide array of instruments from fiddle and guitar to piano and drums.

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>>>Bernie & Donnie's Excellent Adventure
Sanders now a threat
Republican Elites Land in South Carolina With No Plan to Stop Trump

>>>American Imperium
NATO Plans Biggest Build-Up Since Cold War
Gamechanging U.S. Missiles May Alter North Asian Geopolitics
Obama Punts Controversial War Account to Successor


- Planet Erstwild - 20160212 - David Olney

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David Olney

David Olney

Singer/songwriter David Olney talks with James Moore about his storied career and upcoming special 2pm concert in Fairfield coming up Sunday 21st at Hickory Highlands, an Intimate Farmhouse Concert in Fairfield, IA.

For more details call 641-451-0438.

Click on the pic for the full interview.

- Planet Erstwild - 20160218 - Paa Kow

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James Moore speaks with Ghana-born multi-instrumentalist, master performert Paa-Kow who is bringing his world Afro-fusion to Cafe Paradiso this Saturday.

The music is richly-layered, up, and beat driven, a highlife extravaganza. Fairfield's very own Jonnie Cohen (former KRUU host) plays guitar in the band.

- Planet Erstwild - 20160326 - Bob Hillman - Lost Soul

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San Francisco singer/songwriter Bob Hillman is back with a new album after more than ten years away from the business.

He plays Cafe Paradiso Sat Mar 26 at 8pm with Jason Wallsmith of the Nadas.

After over a decade away from the stage and studio, Bob Hillman returns with the full-length album Lost Soul. The album’s title is ironic in the sense that, with his longtime musical mentor ex-Plimsoul Peter Case at the helm, the San Francisco-based singer/songwriter has found his way out of the creative wilderness. He taps back into literate, tuneful songwriting that defined earlier works like Playing God (1999), Welcome To My Century (2001), and If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home (2006). This time, however, he moves beyond the Americana-leaning folk-rock of his past to embrace a fresh, contemporary sonic landscape; the result is a less crafted, more visceral album.

Hillman and Case bring unique individual and collective histories into this project. The Plimsouls had a regional hit with “A Million Miles Away” in 1983, at a time when Hillman was learning guitar and starting to check out the Los Angeles music scene. In 1989, Hillman experienced an awakening when he saw Case perform a solo show at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica. “Peter played solo acoustic—the classic ‘folk’ construct—but with rock energy,” the singer says. “That was the kind of music I wanted to make.” Cut to the mid-90s, when Hillman—now living in New York—on a whim sent Case, who had just released his album Torn Again, his first batch of demos. Case saw potential and invited him to L.A. to play with him at the Ash Grove on the Santa Monica Pier.

Hillman subsequently embarked on a path to a series of breakthroughs, including two albums produced by Tommy West, who made a bunch of hits in the 70s with pop troubadour Jim Croce and others. He also started picking up higher-profile gigs, including opening for Suzanne Vega at the House of Blues in L.A. and The Fillmore in San Francisco.

- Planet Erstwild - 20160329 - Javk Lion's Justin LeDuc

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JACK LION live in concert in Fairfield, IA - The Arbor Bar
  • Saturday, April 16, 2016
  • 10:00pm   11:00pm
  • The Arbor Bar 60 West Burlington Avenue Fairfield, IA, 52556 United States

- Planet Erstwild - 20160413 - Daniel Bellone

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Daniel BelloneDANIEL BELLONE Interview airs Thursday 7:00 PM and Saturday morning at 11:00 AM.

Coralee Dey and Bruce Miller interview Daniel Bellone about his upcoming Monday evening concert at Morning Star Studio April 18th. (7:30 PM, tickets $15, students $10 at Thymely Solutions or Morning Star at the door.)
Originally from Argentina, Daniel's performed worldwide, including Japan, China, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and India. Described as a "spiritual musician," at about the age of 20, Daniel experienced a spiritual transformation. This was the beginning of his vision of "Awakening Through Music. Singing these praises is more than mere enjoyment, it also produces changes in the chemistry of our bodies, rewiring our perceptions of suffering, creating a happier life and opening the way to manifest the higher self."

From local accounts of folks who've heard Daniel sing, his performance will be a joyful, spiritually transformational event.Bruce says, "I'm personally grateful to Coralee for inspiring Daniel to perform here in between his Chicago and Kansas City concerts. He's going to love the spiritually resonant Fairfield audience and vice-versa."

Learn more about Daniel at

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James Moore and Michael Sternfeld chat with Chrysta Bell, David Lynch's muse, at 10pm CT on Will play some of her exquisite music as well. Tune in and turn on.

Chrysta Bell is performing at the Sondheim Center Sunday, June 19th for a benefit for the David Lynch Film Department. David Lynch is this year's keynote commencement speaker.

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This FRIDAY, SOUL SHERPA from Iowa City/Cedar Rapids brings their original funk/soul/RnB 9-piece band to The Depot Brewery!!

Station manager James Moore talks with Soul Sherpa founding guitarist (and Fairfield native) Casper Huggins about the band's EP INVEST IN THIS, recorded in Cedar Falls in "24 hours and a minute," their career trajectory and plans for the future.

- Planet Erstwild - 20161028 - Bill Kirchen

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Guitar Legend Bill Kirchen at The Depot Brewery Thu Nov 3rd

Bill KirchenInterview airs Tue Nov 1st at 7am CT

Indy Week calls him "one of the best guitarists in the land". Vintage Guitar Magazine labels him "an American classic." British rocker Nick Lowe says, "He is one of the singular instrumental stylists of American roots music. To hear his sound once is to have it indelibly etched on your musical memory." The Man in Black, Johnny Cash, put it simply: "I think he's great."


Grammy-nominated Titan of the Telecaster Blll Kirchen, co-founder of the original Kirchen, on the far right, with Commander Cody“Americana” band, Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, will be in Fairfield for one show only at the Depot Brewery on Thursday, November 3rd at 8pm. His guitar licks propelled Commander Cody's hit “Hot Rod Lincoln” into the Top 10 back in 1072 and he's been blazing away ever since. His latest release "Transatlanticana" came out in August.


Kirchen is no stranger to Fairfield but this will be his first time playing the Depot Brewery, an artisan juke joint with a killer sound system and spacious dance floor perfectly suited to his twang-a-billy rock'n'roll sensibilities. Bill grew up in Michigan where he graduated same year, same class from Ann Arbor High School as one James Newell Osterberg, Jr., otherwise known as Iggy Pop. Kirchen relates: “I first saw Bob Dylan at my high school in Ann Arbor in ’63, then Newport Folk Festival in ’64 where he debuted ‘Mr. Tambourine Man.’ I went to Newport the next year and saw him ‘go electric’. I loved it. What I saw those two years at Newport, and all the wild music that came through Ann Arbor and Detroit pretty much ruined me for normal work.”

A founding father of Americana, Bill's fun-loving, devil may care, go for broke musicality is always entertaining. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 day of show. Available now at the Depot Brewery or by credit card at 641 469-6959 during working hours.

- Planet Erstwild - 20170131 - Luke Davids

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Jimmy Moore interviews a new singer/songwriter who has just moved to town. His name is Luke Davids and he has two great records out.

Join me on to hear some of his music and learn more about the London-born musician who emigrated from Orlando. His voice is a heart-centered light beam.

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Korby Lenker drops by KRUU prerecord studios on his way out of town.

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SOUL SHERPA in the House!

Band performs this Saturday, Feb 25th at the Depot Brewery 8:30pm $5 cover.

Soul Sherpa, a 9-piece original horn band, was pieced together from the remains of members of a jazz combo from Kirkwood Community College.

After playing music with each other daily, there was such an indescribable connection that we just couldn't leave behind. Having similar inspirations and aspirations, Soul Sherpa emerged.

According to Ian Draves, the band's bassist, "We strive to bring the groove from our hearts to the audience, playing a mixture of R&B, Funk, Pop, Jazz, andSoul music."

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Interview to air Friday 3pm | Sat 11am

Did you know Iowa is home of the oldest mosque in America?

In response to a distrurbing rise in reports of Islamophobia, talk of Muslim travel bans and the new administration's emphasis on radical "Islamic" terrorism, Imam Taha Tawil, the leader of North America's oldest mosque, has scheduled a multifaith rally for this Sunday, March 26th at 3pm to encircle the Mother Mosque of America in Cedar Rapids.

Enjoy a conversation about the rally and related topics. Imam Taha stresses that it's not as much a Muslim rally as a rally for Americans of all faiths and even non-faiths to stand for the Constitution, the freedom to practice religion, assembly and exercise free speech which are birthrights of all Americans.

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Gary Garles inrerviews Justin Black of the band Saw Black about theur new release,

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WED 1pm | FRI 3pm | SAT 11am: Singer/songwriter, artist, activist and organizer JENNY SAMMONS talks with James Moore about music, love, standing up, making a difference, compassion, community building, and where she's coming from.

Jenny is holding a special gathering Wednesday August 16th at 5pm at the Phoenix Rising Hall in solidarity and to show support for those activists in Charlottsville who have suffered trauma and harm. The first half hour will be a meditation and then some song and witnessing.

She performs this Saturday at the Fairfield Farmers' Market and leads regular Sunday services at the Phoenix Rising Hall at 10am-noon. The first hour is a safe space, judgment-free, kind of spiritual variety show and the second hour is a livestream with Michael Beckwith and Agape.

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Dr Scott Terry talks with musician Luke Davids about mental health matters.