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Yung Caly (FB/flyy1) & The Real Stevie Bee (FB/TheRealStevieBee)           

 "Hip-Hop/Conscious Rap/Good Music"/Radio Edits (Click Archives below :)  

Thanks to P-Squad Entertainment for the photos, media & artist interviews.

As a radio-host this is my Hip-Hop premier :) featuring artists The Real Stevie Bee and Yung Caly who label their music "Hip-Hop/Conscious Rap/Good Music" :) The "Good Music" statement got my attention :) I'd never seen artists describe themselves like that before :) I liked it... sounds confident :)

These articulate young artists rap their thoughts to track.  And I have to tell you, some of these words run deep.... I don't know how many times I listened to Yung Caly's radio edit of 'Black King' but it was so transcendental that I started to write out the lyrics for myself, just so I could be inspired at a glance.

On the new music scene (post 6 major labels now down to 3) we as musicians are all re-defining the music business paradigm.  The Real Stevie Bee had the sense to create a collective of sorts in founding P-Squad Entertainment out of Florida by bringing together the most talented folks around to rap their messages in some inspirational tracks/radio-edits with "... messages of hope, love and prosperity... bold messages used to change the music industry and the world we live in..."...(Click Blog Title to See More)...

- Jessica Burks & Friends - Mane Rok Hip-Hop

60:00 minutes (54.94 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)