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- Generation whY - 20140605 - Imatter

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Join host, Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y.

This week Generation whY is joined by delegates from IMatter Youth Movement, Mina Arasteh and Grant and Garrett Serrels. IMatter Youth recently started working with the non-profit group, Our Childrens Trust, and pro-bono attorneys around the country. They've sued the federal and state governments of the United States to secure climate recovery plans that will restore the balance of Earth's climate systems. ​ The plaintiffs are asking the judges to rule that the atmosphere is a common resource, a public trust, shared by all, and hold the government to its responsibility to protect it for all generations.

Mina Arasteh is an 18 year old from Bay Area, California, and an intern with Kids vs Global Warming/iMatter. Mina coordinates the iMatter Climate Change Council of Youth and has been a member of the Council since 2011. She just finished her freshman year at UC Davis majoring in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. Mina has led two youth empowerment marches in San Francisco, drafted a Green Purchasing section of her town's climate action plan, and worked with local city governments on a myriad of environmental actions, ranging from creek pollution, to pesticide management, to divestment from fossil fuel companies. She is a passionate advocate for a sustainable future.

Grant and Garrett Serrels are 18 year old twins from Harrisonburg, VA, leaders with Kids vs Global Warming/iMatter on the iMatter Climate Change Council of Youth. Garrett and Grant are plaintiffs on the federal atmospheric trust lawsuit against five government agencies, asking for a comprehensive and coordinated climate recovery plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the amount scientists say is necessary to avert disaster. They have led marches and rallies, spoken at their city council, given presentations at schools, met with members of Congress, and walked the C&O Canal Trail from Harper's Ferry to Washington, D.C. as part of the Walk for our Grandchildren last Summer.