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- Greate Taste - 20130911-Chef Gaby

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JChef Gabbyoin us in the Club Room at 7:00 pm as we welcome Chef Gaby from Iowa City.  Gaby is a personal chef , who is going to bring South American cooking to our local table.

Gaby's roots are in Venezuela where the arepa is an everyday fixture on plates from breakfast to dinner.  Similar to the gordita (Mexico) and the papusa (El Salvador), the arepa is made with corn.  Gaby will teach us how to make this simple flatbread and fill it with beans and avocado/tofu cream.  She has a special apple dish planned for dessert.  Also, we'll get a look into the working life of a personal chef, and why she made that career choice as opposed to standing in front of the powerful stoves in a commercial kitchen.

GREAT TASTE LIVE Wednesday, September 11 at 7:00 pm CDT with Chef Gaby, our health coach, Emily Rose Shaw, Cinebites with Beverly Merson, and Tom Allen on guitar.  Don't miss it!

- Great Tatse - 20131127- Great Taste All Stars

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Liana Werner-GrayJoin us in the Hy-Vee Club Room for an exciting food-filled hour.  Leading off the show we’ll welcome to Fairfield, Liana Werner-Gray, founder of The Earth Diet.  Liana, along with our health coach, Emily Rose Shaw, will help you set the proper parameters so the holiday season is both delicious and healthy.
Emily Rose Shaw
The stellar Indian Hills Culinary Crew featuring Kelli Kuenzler, Savannah Strode, and Jesse Juran will prepare a Thanksgiving feast of spiced cranberry dip, brussels sprouts, basil garlic green beans, and turkey stir fry.

Noah LoinNoah Loin is bringing lots of his rock’n raw chocolates for us to taste.  His cacao-powered business is really rock’n, and I can’t wait to hear about it.

Tom Allen will play us a tune, and share his rather dry wit.  Beverly Merson is back with Cinebites, providing insight into a food film we should put on our “watch” list, and I really hope that is about it!

A really exciting 60 minutes of radio at Hy-Vee this Wednesday.  Come on by.

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- Great Taste - 20131204- Sheila Ross

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The Club Room lights up with a Chanukah celebration featuring music, food, and fun.  Sheila Ross is making chicken soup and latkes. Tom Allen and ladies from Beth Shalom will provide the music, Beverly Merson joins us for her CineBites feature, and who knows what else might happen!  Don't miss this live happening!



- Great Taste - 20131211- Emily Shaw and Corey Morrow

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Tea LeavesOne of our greatest pleasures in life is starting off several days each week with a cup of black tea from India, Ceylon or Africa.  Rachel adds a touch of milk and a little sugar to our cups.  We stir, smell, taste, sigh, and sip.  It’s a magical experience. 

A great espresso is just that, but it’s not tea.  The only other liquid that brings me a simillar type of pleasurable experience is when I am lucky enough to enjoy a special glass of wine.  Fascinating.  A realization just clicked inside that I connect both tea and wine with romance, which means they are  intimately intertwined with peak experiences Rachel and I have enjoyed together-quiet, leisurely breakfasts at home, a tea shop in Paris, afternoon tea at the Four Seasons, a dinner in a corner booth at Vetri, dinner with friends in Rome, and many other entrancing moments.

- Great Taste - 20140416 - Winnie Abramson

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One Simple ChangeWinnie Abramson, the author of One Simple Change, has a message that appeals to many of us-it's not that difficult to improve your health if you work at it systematically by taking little steps that add up.  Too many people set themselves up for failure by attempting to radically change their lifestyle.  Give a listen to some of the practical principles Winnie has found that really work.  Her approach to living well is refreshing, and, I'm happyy to write, free of the dogma espoused by many others in her field.

The second half of the show is the host waxing about many different topics, including some of the favorite places he's eaten at recently, articles he's read, and on and on.