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Ken Mottet

Hey folks, Corey Hickenbottom here. Let me tell you about this fella Ken Mottet.

Ken Mottet lives in Chicago and is known as the Mayor of Rockabilly. Ken is the host of The Otherside, a music video show out of Chicago. He plays acoustic rythm guitar for the great honky-tonk, country boogie, western swing band, Gin Palace Jesters. He emcees rockabilly events all across the country. He's a former stand-up comic. He's a very cool cat. He is also from Fairfield.

On this Saturday's Local Yokels, I will be live in the studio with Ken Mottet. Ken will be performing live on the air. He's also bringing a copy of the nearly finished new album by Gin Palace Jesters! It's going to be a blast and I would recommend not missing it!

Further interview with Ken may appear on my regular show, Folkabillyrockblues.

- KRUU Programming - 20100511 - Dale Thomas

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- Country Music Jamboree - 20100727 - Bill Kirchen

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Bill KirchenIn 1972, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen had that top ten hit record, Hot Rod Lincoln. It featured their guitarist, Bill Kirchen, playing his Fender Telecaster. He's been seen singing and picking ever since. Known as the Titan of the Telecaster, King of Diesel-Billy, Kirchen mixes hard country, rockabilly, western swing, and blues to create some fantastic music.  Bill's most recent album is Word To The Wise.

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Big River, Way Off Broadway's final musical of their summer season, is opening Friday, August 13 over at The Sondheim Center. Big River is the musical adaptation of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with a score by country music legend, Roger Miller.

I spoke with the director Adam Cates, the musical director, Mark Hanson, and cast member, Mike Ragogna about their upcoming production and the history of this musical. 

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Country Music USABill C. Malone, one of the most respected country music historians, is my featured guest on this KRUU Country Music Jamboree. In 1968, the first edition of Bill's book "Country Music, U.S.A." was published. "Country Music, U.S.A." was the first definitive history of country music and has been called "the Bible for country music history." Just recently re-published in it's Third Revised Edition. Bill is also the author of the books "Don't Get Above Your Raisin': Country Music and the Southern Working Class", "Singing Cowboys and Musical Mountaineers" and more. We discuss his life, writings, and country music. 


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CJ HardingCorey Hickenbottom talks with CJ Harding, star of Sweet Dreams:A Patsy Cline Tribute. She talks about Patsy, the show at The Sondheim, how her life has been influenced by the role, and tales from the road. She has some fascinating stories to tell.

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The Great Recession Orchestra Corey Hickenbottom talks with Gary Bristol, bass player for western swing group, The Great Recession Orchestra. They discuss the group, their newest release "Have You Ever Even Heard of Milton Brown?", and more.

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Leroy Troy

Corey Hickenbottom talks with Leroy Troy, a regular fixture on every episode of The Marty Stuart Show, & Lil' Mikey Armistead, both of The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band, about the history of their band, the late great Charlie Louvin, Roy Acuff, their newest cd, "Poor Leroy's Almanack", and much more.

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Corey Hickenbottom goes on a wing and a prayer trek to Scott Timm's house to discuss raising chickens in the city limits with Scott's son, Grant. A workshop will be held at the Fairfield Public Library on Sunday, April 10th at noon, with a self-directed tour to follow from 1pm-3pm, all part of Fairfield's Go Green Backyard Conservation Series.

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Blaze Across the West"Country" Corey talks with "Tumbleweed Rob" Wolfskill of the great singing cowboy/western music group, The Tumbling Tumbleweeds. Their group has been making music for 5 years, with many #1s and numerous awards to their name. Corey & Rob talk about their most recent release, "Blaze Across the West", the history of the group, and much more.

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Leroy Van DykeCorey Hickenbottom interviews country music great Leroy Van Dyke. Leroy will be performing in Mount Pleasant at the Old Thresher's Reunion on September 1 as part of the Country Gold show with Jim Ed Brown, Helen Cornelius, and Moe Bandy.

Leroy's first big hit, "The Auctioneer", launched his musical career and has since become a bona fide classic. His song "Walk On By", in 1994, was named the biggest all-time country hit by Billboard magazine. We'll be talking all about his life, his hit songs, and his long successful career in country music.


- 201110816 - Country Music Jamboree - Joe Baker

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Joe BakerJoe Baker, from Ruidoso, New Mexico. Joe is an avid fan and promoter of western swing, Texas Honky Tonk, classic country, and cowboy music. He is the host of The Backforty Bunkhouse Radio Show, which airs every week. He has been named Disc Jockey of the Year by many western music associations. Joe is involved with many events and organizations working to preserve and promote this genre.

To say the least, Joe has done a whole lot for this music and has his finger on the pulse of what's going on and we're going to be talking all about it.

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Bob & Sheila EverhartBob has been performing and preserving traditional country music for many many years. He has been performing traditional country music with his wife, Sheila, for 20 years. Bob hosted/produced the very popular PBS tv show "Old Time Country Music". He has recorded for the Smithsonian Institute. He is the founder of The National Traditional Country Music Association, as well as  America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.

He is also behind the upcoming 36th Annual Old Time Country, Bluegrass & Folk Music Festival happening Aug. 29-Sept. 4 at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds in LeMars, IA. This year featuring performances from Ralph Stanley, Jim Ed Brown, Little Roy Lewis, and many more.

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AudioBodyCorey Hickenbotttom speaks with Jason Tardy, of the physical comedy/music brother duo AudioBody, all about their act and their September 6 performance at The Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts. AudioBody is the kick off act for the 2011-2012 Sondheim Center Artist Series

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Ray BensonThe Nine time Grammy Award winning Kings of Western Swing(or so their press release says), Asleep At The Wheel, are coming to The Sondheim Center, Thursday, September 8 at 7:30 PM.

I'm very excited to talk with 2011 Texan Of The Year and the front man/founder of this world-renowned Western Swing band. Ray has also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Americana Music Association. He's also worked as producer for many great artists.

We'll be talking all about his career, Western Swing, and what they've got planned for the Fairfield show.

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Corey Hickenbottom talks with Iowa Friends of Old-Time Music board member and Old Time musician, Marc Janssen about the 41st Annual Fiddler's Picnic, Sunday, September 18 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Iowa City. They discuss the history of the Iowa Friends of Old Time Music and the Fiddler's Picnic

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Corey Hickenbottom talks with Ed Murphy and Hilary Jordan all aboutthe 1st Annual 80s Day in Fairfield on Friday, September 30, which includes The Provocative 80s Dance Gala at The Sondheim Center and The Funkin' 80s Dance Party at The Red Rock Tavern. Co-Sponsored by KRUU-FM

(Due to Copyright laws, music from original broadcast has been removed)

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Cambridge Investment Research IncA spotlight on local Fairfield business, Cambridge Investment Research Inc. Corey Hickenbottom speaks with their First Vice President of Advisor Services, Carol Fischer and Vice President of Technology, Gary Gagnon. They share about Cambridge being named one of the top ten workplaces in Iowa, as named by the Des Moines Register. They also talk about the recently added IT jobs and a little bit about the company's 30 year history.

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Junior Sisk & Rambler's ChoiceJunior Sisk and Rambler's Choice have become one of my favorite bluegrass bands of recent times. Tune in to hear a very special interview with Junior Sisk all about their new album, "The Heart Of A Song", current happenings in the band, and more.


- 20111201 - KRUU Programming - Lyal Strickland

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Lyal StricklandKRUU-FM welcomes rootsy American folk singer/songwriter Lyal Strickland to the studio to perform live and let us know what he's been up to. Hailing from the Missouri Ozarks and raising heritage grass fed beef when not performing, Lyal performs songs inspired by life lived in small towns, the Ozark hills, and on insterstate highways. His most recent album, So Many Incidents was produced by Larry Lee, founding member of the legendary Ozark Mountain Daredevils and was recorded on the banks of the Finley River in Southwest Missouri.

- 20120131 - KRUU Programming - Phyllis Khare

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Internationally published social media author and expert, Phyllis Khare talks about social media and her upcoming talk for the Fairfield Golden Speakers Toastmasters Club bi-annual guest speaker event. The event will take place Tuesday, Feb. 7 at The First United Methodist Church in Fairfield.

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Corey Hickenbottom talks with Derik Wulfekuhle, Director of Fairfield's Parks & Receration Department, about their many current and upcoming activities.

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American Meat


Corey Hickenbottom talks with filmmaker, Graham Meriwether about his film "American Meat", the making of, and much more. American Meat is a solutions-oriented documentary surveying the current state of the U.S. meat industry, exploring feedlots through the eyes of the farmers who work there, as well as the revolution taking place in sustainable animal husbandry.

American Meat is screening in Fairfield, Tuesday, February 28th, 7:30 pm at The Fairfield Public Library. It is a free screening with a panel/audience discussion following.

- 20120225 - KRUU Programming - Seth Braun

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Indesctructible Success


Corey Hickenbottom talks with Seth Braun, the best selling author of "Indestructible Success: Creative Entrepreneurship and The Art of Small Business" and Fairfield resident, about his upcoming book talk at Revelations Cafe, Seth's life, rock 'n' roll, and more.

Seth will be giving a book talk Saturday, March 3, 1-3 PM at Revelations Cafe. Admission is free. In this 2 hour discussion for Fairfield residents, Seth will reveal what you need to do to handle the two factors that kill a creative business faster than anything else.

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KC & The Pick-Up Band performing live in the KRUU studio.

- 20120522 - KRUU Programming - BOOM Fitness

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BOOM Fitness

Corey Hickenbottom talks with Ti Liptak and Jeff Stone. the masterminds behind BOOM Fitness in Fairfield.