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JChef Gabbyoin us in the Club Room at 7:00 pm as we welcome Chef Gaby from Iowa City.  Gaby is a personal chef , who is going to bring South American cooking to our local table.

Gaby's roots are in Venezuela where the arepa is an everyday fixture on plates from breakfast to dinner.  Similar to the gordita (Mexico) and the papusa (El Salvador), the arepa is made with corn.  Gaby will teach us how to make this simple flatbread and fill it with beans and avocado/tofu cream.  She has a special apple dish planned for dessert.  Also, we'll get a look into the working life of a personal chef, and why she made that career choice as opposed to standing in front of the powerful stoves in a commercial kitchen.

GREAT TASTE LIVE Wednesday, September 11 at 7:00 pm CDT with Chef Gaby, our health coach, Emily Rose Shaw, Cinebites with Beverly Merson, and Tom Allen on guitar.  Don't miss it!

- Greate Taste - 20140521

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 Lukas VolgerLast time Lukas Volger was on the show we discussed his book, Veggie Burgers Every Which Way.  Since that time Lukas has expanded what now is a mini creative empire. 

He has written another book, Vegetarian Entrees, started a company that makes veggie burgers and sells them through retailers in the northeast like Whole Foods, created a digital quarterly, Feast by Lukas, that is available on the iTunes store, does cooking demos around the country, and even put together Lukas V’s Ultimate Vegetarian Dinner Party MixTape.  The guy’s taste in music is as classy as his burgers.


You can read about Lukas in the latest issue of Brooklyn Magazine, but tune in to hear him on GREAT TASTE.  He was kind enough to share the recipe below.  It’s from “Building Blocks”, the latest digital quarterly Feast by Lukas release.