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Tony AbbottIt's Inside the Headlines' time once again with the insightful Newvandal JP Sottile and co-host James Moore.

This week's three tiers include have shovel, will dig, especially if you're down under with Tone E coal la (la); the economy sucks like a high end vacuum taking us all to the cleaners; and a need to know SOS.

As always, the headlines discussed may be referenced by clicking "Read more" below.

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Kal Cahoone was raised in Colorado and studied piano as a young child. Her mother had a passion for folk music (bruce cochburn, judy collins, gordon lightfoot, leonard cohen, the fairport convention, tim buckley) and Kal never imagined that one day she would also be a fan.

After receiving a degree in Spanish she ended up in valparaiso chile, living on a hill (cerro alegre) in total solitude with nothing but a typewriter and a Beautiful view. Here she began writing songs, at age 26.  Six months later she took a bus across the Andes, arriving in Buenos Aires. Within a few days she met composer Christian Basso and they began recording together and eventually married. Thier song “The Movement” can be heard in the film “Dot the I” starring Gael Garcia Bernal. She also took up accordion, which was easier to travel with than a piano.


- Speaking Freely - 20141015-Amalia Nash

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1pm: Amalie Nash, an award-winning Michigan journalist, is the new editor and vice president for audience engagement for The Des Moines Register and

Nash has spent the past three years at the Detroit Free Press as assistant managing editor for metro-state news. For the past 15 months,

Nash also has coordinated the Gannett Michigan network of news sites, which includes six newspapers and one TV station.


- Speaking Freely - 2014-Donna Cleveland

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Dennis interviews Donna Cleveland

- Speaking Freely - 20141014-Jeff Shipley

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Dennis speaks with Jeff Shipley

- Planet Erstwild - - 20141013- Chris Harris

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interview with Chris Harris

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Debbie Goodman


With a head full of songs and ready to tell about them, Debbie Goodman packed up a U-Haul and headed to Los Angeles with her guitar and her percussionist. She left behind a budding country career in Nashville to pursue pop and rock in more progressive California.

The song Beautiful Girl can be heard streaming in some major grocery stores across the US. Pop star Grace Potter sings her song "Stars". Debbie's rock and country crossover tunes and that undeniable twang in her voice reveals an Oklahoma City upbringing with a nice mix of Tennessee. Other influences include Led Zepplin, who she loves covering with a live band, and she looks up to country star Miranda Lambert for her rebellious feistiness.

From East Coast to West Coast and right in the middle, Debbie Goodman has touched the nation with songs that come straight from her own real life.

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Gidgets with gadgets.

Today JP Sottile, the Newsvandal, and James Moore invite you to tune in for another weekly dose of news at 4

pm CT when they go INSIDE THE HEADLINES.

This week's 3 tiers include Ebola! Ebola! Ebola! (not Ricola), the near-ish end is not a river in Egypt (Is that a whitleblower in your coalmine or a black canary?), and secrets & lies--so many secrets & lies.

As always, click "Read more" below for links to all the headline stories discussed on our program. Show is rebroadcast Sundays at 9am and archived Monday.

- Writer's Voices - 20141010-Meg Wolitzer

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Monicah interviews Meg Wolitzer

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