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Big winner from Obamacare ruling: Health care stocks

>>The Recovery Doesn't Suck. It Just Sucks For You.
CEO pay at US’s largest companies up 54% since recovery began in 2009

>>Collaterally Damaged
Is Iraq worth the fight? After years of war and chaos, its people no longer know

The Many Miseries of Yemeni Families

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- Speaking Freely - 20150623-Stephen Raimondi

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- Mental Health Matters - 20150616-PTSD in Africa Pt. 2

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Ceschi Ramos Music - they're saying 1 fellow can do it all!?!... 

ceschi ramos

Ceschi Ramos & his music label Fake Four have saved mountains & walked skylines... sounds impossible & that is exactly why you have to hear it for yourself in his own words.  While I'm writing this he is flying out of the country on another solo international tour & concurrently operating his independent music label.  Yes, some of the art work & song titles are shocking; in this instance & from this distance it is what it is.  Like it or not his song lyrics walk a longing search for Equality & Humanity.  Word has it that Ceschi's acoustic guitar, laptop & voice make up his notable Folk / Rap / Hip Hop / Indie Rock / Punk band...  Peace.                                                                                          

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Intellectual Rapper Chris TIME Steele - Newstalgia & Advocating for Humanity!

Ft,     NEWSTALGIA - a personal/political compilation. 

 Speaking from the heart & Rapping from the soul, TIME is 1 of the activists/journalists & mentors saving the world & opening minds 1 track at a time :) With HUMANISM & EQUALITY he teaches us diversity of tactics, SOLIDARITY, boycotts, marches DIRECT ACTION & more.  We talk about 'music, police violence & resistance' as well as critical literature.

 The Anarchist/Activist/Journalist Intellectual Rapper TIME is quickly becoming one of my personal heroes & role models! TIME is For Sure In The Musical Family - Shout out to our colleagues Kyle Jones & Dwayne Wilson!    

This morning TIME is probably checking in with or writing for or

Chris'TIME'Steele Speaks fluently of international & local police brutality, oppression & empowerment in uniting CopWatch, Occupy & similar HR organizations & communities overground & underground in #solidarity. He also uses #speakout to expose ongoing gentrification, the function of video and visibility and DIVERSITY OF TACTICS while paying respects to many of those whose lives have been taken directly by racist police brutality.  TIME praises Michelle Alexander's latest book The New Jim Crow "EXPOSING Mass Incarceration .... in modern America." & tells us about his own participation in DIRECT ACTION to eradicate this new systemic slavery. The goal is equality & accountability!

TIME continues receiving notable critical acclaim for his music - "TIME is the future of indie hip-hop"-URB; TIME was picked as one of URB's Next 100 Artists for MTV2 On The Rise! A Hip-Hop artist from the mid-west, he has toured Europe, US & the Vans Warped Tour; TIME has worked with Kool Keith, Jake One, Budo, Sole, Ix Xiu, & did production on Common's album The Dreamer/The Believer! TIME was most recently noted in a 2Pac & a Meek Mill book!  We get a radio preview of TIME's upcoming album with Jason Horodyski on 'BREAM' (Banks Rule Everything Around Me)

 Reference:

- Broken Bone Ballads CLEAN - Hollywood Sign Dub

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- We Roots - Hollywood Sign Dub

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- -

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