- The Studio - 20150420 - Jill Burnett

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Jill Burnett



It's Money Smart Week! Celebrate by learning how Jill Burnett, CEO of Libertyville Savings Bank and winner of the 2014 Extraordinary Banker Award, honed her money management skills by raising and selling calves on the family farm.

Like her dad, whose career path included being a bank janitor, a bank president, and a bank owner, Jill believes, "Life is a good teacher."  

For tips on developing "Money Smart" skills, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Jill Burnett. 

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No, not THAT Bush & Clinton!!THE WEEK THAT WAS

>>Blackwater Runs Deep
Blackwater’s Legacy, Beyond Public View

>>Peddling The Dynastic Cycle
Jeb Bush’s Administration Steered Florida Pension Money to W’s Fundraisers
Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street backers: We get it

>>Oil And The Future Don't Mix
Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Extend the Age of Oil
This striking chart shows why solar power will take over the world

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- Planet Erstwild - 20150414 - Rebecca Young

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- Planet Erstwild - Steve Perry

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James talks with Steve Perry and the Cherry Poppin Daddies

- Speaking Freely - Tom Neumark

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- Speaking Freely - Jennifer Kachler

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- Mental Health Matters - Alzheimer and Dementia

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- The Studio - 20150413 - Stacey Hurlin

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Stacey Hurlin"Everyone has that creative impulse: it's what we have in common." So says arts advocate, Fairfield First Fridays Art Walk founder, and visual artist Anastasia Kirtakis Hurlin (a.k.a. Stacey Hurlin). How did this dynamic Fairfielder thrust the impulse to showcase art every month on the Fairfield town square into a reality that will soon celebrate 13 years of existence? That's over 150 diverse & delightful art-focused social gatherings in a town with less than 10,000 people!

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Officer Slager following executionTHE WEEK THAT WAS
>>Bad Cop/Worse Cop / Broken Taillight Policing

>>9/11 Changed Almost Everything
U.S. secretly tracked billions of calls for decades Cotton, War Mongerer

>>The Past Is Prologue / Six Things You Didn’t Know the U.S. and Its Allies Did to Iran
What Tom Cotton’s warmongering reveals: It’s still Dick Cheney’s GOP

- Planet Erstwild - 20150410 - Francis Thicke

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