36 - Open Views - Vera Franz, OSI

Vera Franz, Information Program, OSI
Vera Franz is Program Manager of the Open Society Institute's Information Program. In this capacity she leads the Open Information and Intellectual Property Reform programs.

The Information Program supports four initiatives which enable access to knowledge in poorer countries: a project on the reform of intellectual property; the eIFL library consortium; the Open Access Initiative, and an East-East translation program.

Vera Franz talked to me about the detailed problem with the current intellectual property/policy regimes around the world and the OSI's strategy for combatting the issues. Her experience monitoring and working with trade organizations such as the WTO and WIPO provides perspective on how the people drafting these regulations and policies deal with Open Source, Free Culture and transparent processes in general.

Very interesting podcast.

Very interesting podcast. I've learned a lot of new. I didn't have any idea that Mr.Soros is so active in this field. I made little research and i found a very interesting video http://www.tubesfan.com/watch/george-soros-calls-for-a-new-world-order where George Soros calls fro a new world order. I think the majority of people understand it but very few have opportunities to do something for it. I'm very glad I listened to the podcast as I've heard about new aspects of George Soros' personality.

Centralisation vs openness

Vera is clearly very intelligent and has articulated some great ideas for changing some of the fundamental dynamics of rewarding innovation while opening access to intellectual assets. However I think there could be negative ramifications to some of her suggestions. For example there is nothing stopping government from buying patents now. But there are also lots of other potential buyers. The government is not necessarily have our best interests at heart and may well pay a premium for "bad" patents and leave genuine innovators in the cold.

Well, what Vera Franz is

Well, what Vera Franz is trying to say here is clearly conceivable. The idea she is trying to put forth here is very innovative and could indeed very well change the very core of fundamental dynamics. But then again, if things are to be done according to what she says, others, especially the government also has to take part in it. But that is not the case as the government is interested in their own profit through buying bad patents!

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