Our feature is  guitarist, songwriter and singer:

Robben Ford


In his career Robben Ford has teamed up with an equally impressive list of legends including Larry Carlton, Keb’ Mo’, Robert Randolph, ZZ Ward, Tyler Bryant, Warren Haynes and Sonny Landreth.

buddy guy(See link to playlist below). DJ Andy Bargerstock brings another LIVE 100% new tracks playlist to Fringe Toast Music.   Blues legend Buddy Guy (photo left) performs "Whiskey Ghost" as a preview to his live performance forthcoming in September 2016 at Fairfest in Fairfield, Iowa.  Summer Twins (photo right) takes the stage for the first time on FT with their retro 50s-60s stylized twin harmonies. Summer TwinsVividly lyrical US singer-songwriter Richard Shindell and Irish-Scottish band Snow Patrol offer twin-spins of their own during the first hour.

During the second-hour Chill Session, your ears will be thrilled by electro-acoustic tracks from Astronomyy, Justin Johnson, Claptone, Black Square, Radiohead, Psychic Ills and Digitonal.  The summer swoon continues with Fringe Toast Music offering the best tracks you never hear unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM.  Invite friends to join the live stream at www.kruufm.com.  Click on LISTEN LIVE to connect through your music software.  

Click here for playlist.  Playlist now enabled.

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Neon HitchDJ Andy Bargerstock delivers another near 100% new track edition of Fringe Toast featuring UK electro-pop singer Neon Hitch (photo left) to launch the first hour and guitar instrumental band, The Perfect Circle (photo right) to spotlight the second hour Chill Session.  Singer-songwriter talents abound in the first half including FT first-timers Blue-Eyed Son, Grace, and Disclosure (featuring Hannah Reid's outstanding vocals).

In the Chill Zone second-half, you will experience a swirling swoon with internationnal contributors including Laya Project, Balanescu Quartet, Human Bell, Chris Zippel, and of course The Perfect CirclePerfect Circle whose mellow electro-acoustic guitarwork reminds us of the softer side of Wishbone Ash with their twin harmony guitars in the 1970s.

Click here for playlist.  Invite friends to join the live stream including a possible guest experience by Cameron who contributes the voice to many of the Fringe Toast spoken word bits. 

Summer means travel. Summer means hitting the highway. And my country band the Gin Palace Jesters has been doing just that. Earlier in the season we went to Nashville. Then we went to Milwaukee. And we stopped in Louisville along the way. Most recently we planted our musical feet in Pleasant Hill, Missouri. It's a town that looks like a big version of Brighton or Richland in their prime. And it's about twenty minutes from Kansas City. We had a wonderful time there(despite the heat). Boy, it sure required a lot of driving to get there and back. Hey, maybe we'll jump in the van and make it out to Fairfield real soon to make an appearance at this new venue in the Depot District. Stay tuned. 

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RRAt the time of this writing, the blog at the top of the KRUU page is for 'That Was The Week That Was', J Moore's brilliant news effort. It reads like a spiritual war zone cliff notes. It scrunches your shoulders up and tightens your sphincter muscles. It probably is no surprise to frequent listeners of my shows that I feel like I do not live on the same planet as some of these people. Which is why the good news is timely: I have two hours of simple, easy, and decent music. Enough to calm the soul and tickle the fancy of any avid rock and roll listener. Come for the Vibravoid, Pheromoans, and Robin Trower, stay for Rhyton, Plan 9, and PERRO Project music. Cool Breeze

THE WEEK THAT WAS w/the Newsvandal

Americans' Satisfaction With U.S. Drops Sharply

Trump Accused Of "Apocalyptic" Fearmongering In Speech Promising "Security And Prosperity"

Police bullet that hit man lying on ground with hands up was aimed at autistic patient

US air strike in Syria kills up to 85 civilians 'mistaken for Isil fighters'

28 Pages Raise 'Scores of Troubling Questions' on US-Saudi Ties

America’s Nukes Aren’t Safe in Turkey Anymore

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Rage Against The Dying Of The Light

G ManFamous line sends the G Man into a head spin and the resultant burst of creativity produces the show starting at 2 today, or next Wednesday morning at 2 AM. After you listen to the entire two hours you will likely feel prompted to take action on some situation you have been avoiding, go to the store and buy only healthy food, swim in a lake stream or river, and fund a charitable cause. Yes, Centripetal Sounds is a chemical-level experience, join me, won't you? The G Man

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THE WEEK THAT WAS w/the Newsvandal

Why Terrorists Keep Succeeding in France

Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly declare 'world war scenario' after Nice attack

U.S. arms sales approvals on track to reach nearly $40 billion

CEOs At Corporate Powerhouses Got Paid 276 Times The Typical American Worker’s Salary Last Year

Market Rally Juiced by Stock Buybacks

The Death of the Middle Class Is Worse Than You Think

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