Cyril NevilleGrammy winner Cyril Neville, Greg Brown, Elephant Revival, BoDeans' Sam Llanas, Pieta Brown, The Pines, Ian Moore, Shook Twins, Muddy Ruckus, Giving Tree, Gipsy Moon, Chad Elliott perform at free 3-day festival June 19-21

An eclectic mix of over 35 national, regional and local bands will be presented this year at FAIRfest '15, three days of free music in and around the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, June 19-21.

With a musical arc that extends from bluegrass to new grass to singer/songwriter to rock, blues, folk and more, and a strong mix of established artists and rising stars, old favorites and new, this signature Fairfield event, as the mayor has called it, Elephant Revivalpromises to be another stellar year. Full roster will be posted soon at

This is the third year of the grassroots-organized festival spearheaded by Fairfield's solar-powered comGreg Brownmunity radio station, funded by community donors and staffed by community volunteers. The weekend also includes food, sustainability, and literature workshops, a beverage garden, food and exhibit vendors, a children's corner and more. Last year's attendance came in around 15,000 with over $250,000 generated, according to a local net economic impact survey.

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Short version:
 The KRUU machine-robot-hive runs on Open Source Awesomeness + Hard Drives + Homies... hard drives are dying and we need more! Help us by donating now, seriously:

(continue reading for long version... with numbers and stuff)

Update as of 3/25 @ 10pm: we've received $2110, over 75% of the way there! Thanks Gary G, Chris S, David J, Michael G, Luke S, Susan F, Cole F, Doug H, Steve B, John F, Andy B, Steve S, Bob M, Brandon N, Kevin R, Monica H.

Update 3/23: progress on backup vault, its happening.

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Could You Live Without Your Cell Phone? And the Internet?

The Joy of Missing OutFor some reason, this subject has come up a lot lately.  What unknown, potentially detrimental impact does modern technology have on our lives, relationships, health?

Personally, I love technology and I don't think it consumes my life, but I think for a lot oChristina Crookf people it does.  Christina Crook was feeling that way and decided to take a 

31 day fast from the internet and, instread, write 31 letters on a manual typewiter to a friend.  

Join us this week on Writers' Voices to learn what Christina learned from this experience, how it changed her life, and how it turned into a book ("the Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World") and a TEDx talk: ("Letting Go of Technology: Pursuing a People-focused Future")

First up, Gene Luedtke, president of Fairfield's Carnegie Historical Museum board, talks with James about Fairfield's colorful, cultural history, impressive museum, and the 1915 "Fairfield Chatauqua" gathering, billed as 'Iowa's Most Successful Summer Assembly.' An exhibit by the Museum and other historical sights like the Maasdam Barns will be a featured dpart of FAIRfest '15.

Showcase of the line up announcement from this week's FAIRfest '15 press conference--and it's one sweet doozy that has musicians and music lovers across the country talking about, with acts like Cyril Neville & Royal Southern Brotherhood, Greg Brown, Elephant Revival and much more.

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The Feed Store



You've heard some of the songs off my solo cd "Showmen's Rest" on the ever-lovin' "Feed Store."

Twangin', sangin' and everythangin'.

Now it's available worldwide through the courtesy of

If you click on the pic, that'll do the trick.

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Record Collectors Show: Fantastic Finds

RRMore goodies from my latest record collectors convention trip. We start with Roy G. Biv from Psychedelic Schedule by late 80's band The Inn.

Then it is on to My Solid Ground and their long version of Dirty Yellow Mist from their most excellent self-titled release, and now remastered.

A song you may have missed by Psychic Ills called Outvocation from their Catopteric release. Plus The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Jimi Hendrix Experience, and The Alan Parsons Project. 15 songs in all. Cool Breeze

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Inside the Headlines w/ Newsvandal JP Sottile & James Moore

>>Middle Yeast
Iran-backed rebels in Yemen loot secret files about US spy ops
>>The Economy Doesn't Suck. It Just Sucks for You.
U.S. Home Prices Are Surging 13 Times Faster Than Wages

>>The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight
New DOJ report shows Philly cops are hella confused about when it’s OK to shoot people

>>Teddy Bare
Ted Cruz: I stopped liking rock music after 9/11

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The Filmosophers Movie Talk

Among the new releases this week is While We're Young written & directed by Noah While We're Young posterBaumbach. "With two films, Baumbach established himself as a disciple of the Whit Stillman School of Well-Heeled Post-Modern Post-Collegiate Anxiety" The brilliant "While We're Young" contains the same self-lacerating humor as his "Greenberg," "Margot at the Wedding" and "The Squid and the Whale. - N.Y. Daily News. This delicious satire about aging hipsters and their discontents is everything we've come to expect from the best of Noah Baumbach, as well as several things more. - L.A. Times

We appear to be in a time when more well-reviewed horror films are being made. The latest is It Follows "Thought-provoking, clever, and properly terrifying, one of the best horror flicks to emerge in the past few years." - RT

We'll talk about that, other new releases, what we've seen and more on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch and Bruce Miller, "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions", Fridays at 12:30 PM, again Sunday mornings, 11:30. "Life Never Gets Old"

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deep tracks

deep into the indie sounds of some amazing groups:

sonia dadalots of great vocals: sonia dada (pictured) with african vocal sensibilities, the shins mysterious "sea legs," the temper trap, new johnny cashtantric, stateless, frou frou (aka imogen heap).

most memorable is leonard cohen's stunning "here it is"--a dickensian review of one's life from the other side:

here you are hurried, & here you are gone;
and here is the love it’s all built upon.

may everyone live, and may everyone die.
hello my love, and my love, goodbye.

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