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The "great Israeli novel" by Assaf Gavron

The HilltopAssaf Gavron is the author of seven books, and his fiction has been translated into ten languages.  In the Israeli best seller, "The Hilltop," Gavron grapples with one of the most controversial issues in the world today:  the settlements in the West Bank, but not in an entirely serious manner.

Khaled Hosseini, author of "The Kite Runner" writes that in "The Assaf GavronHilltop" Gavron "treads the line between the serious and the absurd, the tragic and the comical, the sincere and the satirical, and creates a sweeping, complex story that

raises more questions than it provides answers."

If you've ever wondered what the difference is between a kibbutz and a settlement; why someone would choose to live in the West Bank; or what daily life is like there, please tune in to Writers' Voices this week to learn all that and more.

"The Hilltop" is the winner of the Bernstein Prize.

2pm / Austin Two Hawk, host of KRUU's OUTLAW RADIO SHOW [Fridays 11pm; rebro Wednesdays 11am], talks with James Moore about his life as a Lakota growing up Episcopalian on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. It's a fascinating story you don't want to miss. 

3:30pm / Frank Meeink, who talked at the public library this week, shares his experiences growing up in Philly and his life as a skinhead in various gangs that would eventually land him in prison before confronting his demons and learning the value of empathy. He now works as an author, motivational speaker and youth coach for hockey. He resides in Des Moines.

Friends' accounts differ significantly from victim in UVA rape story

>>They Blinded Us With Money
Congress Snuck Science into the $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Bill

>>A Rising Tide Of Oil Lifts All Yachts
Yellen: Cheap oil is good for America
andZowie—Somebody Made an Absolute Killing by Shorting Oil http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-12-12/zowie-somebody-made-an-absolute-killing-by-shorting-oil

The Real American History X: An Evening With Frank Meeink

Frank will be in person at the Orpheum Theater Live Thursday Dec 18 at 7pm

James Moore talks with former SkinHead Frank Meeink about his personal journey from the streets of Philly to Illinois to Iowa, where he is now happily married and coachin

g ice and roller hockey teams while pursuing his commitment to personal transformation through empathy and understanding. His facebook and website have attracted a lot of attention and followers.

Frank Meeink became a SkinHead at 13. By 18 he was roaming the country as a SkinHead leader and Neo-Nazi recruiter, with gangs that would beat people indiscriminately. In Illinois he had his own cable-access TV show, "The Reich". He was finally arrested and convicted of kidnapping and beating a member of a rival SkinHead gang.

While in prison he befriended men he used to think he hated, men of different races. After being released from prison, Meeink tried to rejoin his old SkinHead pals but couldn't bring himself to hate those whom he now knew to be his friends. Now a noted speaker, author and founder of Harmony Through Hockey, Frank's life stands for tolerance, diversity and mutual understanding in racial, political and all aspects of society. Frank is truly an inspiration in any time of strife and conflict.

Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead
is Frank’s raw telling of his descent into America’s Nazi underground and his ultimate triumph over hatred and addiction. The story of Frank’s downfall and redemption has the power to open hearts and change lives.

Tj Rehmi(See play list link at bottom).  DJ Andy Bargerstock serves more of his favorite tracks from 2010 shows.  The show begins with recording of David LaFlamme's famous 1968 composition (photo of original album cover below), "White Bird," done by David and his recent band mates recorded in 2003 at a live concert.  May be better than the original.  Listen early for blues and jam tracks from Widespread Panic, Miller Anderson, and duo Harry Manx and Kevin BreitIt's a Beautiful Day

When temperatures dip into the Chill Zone, you will hear electro-acoustic, down-tempo swoon artists whose mission in life is to boost your endorphine levels. Among the most notable artists on this journey: TJ Rehmi (photo), Wah!, Echophlekz, William Orbit, Soundbuffet, Numatic Soul, Future Loop Foundation, Mind Soup, and Spiral System.

The show ends with the magical 16-minute track, "Emptiness of Form" from the CD, Slow Music for Yoga. "Turn the lights down low, and go with the flow."   Click here for play list.

Program originally aired 10/13/2010.  You don't want to miss this epic program.

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Centripetal Sounds

G ManHour One of the show contains some great tunes by The Happenings, The Animals, Bauhaus, A Certain Ratio, and The Handsome Family. Hour Two is made to be special by the likes of Al Gromer Khan, Holly Beth Vincent, Greg Brown, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Atomic Rooster. This is a regular mix of show tunes- next week, a special edition for Christmas Day. Lots of very mellow and contemplative music for the times. The January 1 show is songs about people treating each other better in the coming year. We could all use a bit of that, eh? Great music for great times, courtesy of The G Man.

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Best of 2014: Big Band Jazz Edition

The 2014 retrospective continues this week on That Righteous Jive. This time we'll be listening to my favorite big band jazz released this year.

It's hard enough to make it in the music scene today without having eighteen musicians to pay after each gig, but there are still some groups swingin' on: keeping the tradition alive and re-imagining the genre.

Once again I've got five great albums by five great bands:


Orrin Evans' Captain Black Big Band - Pianist Orrin Evans returns with his 16-piece NYC-based band for some more beautiful jazz on their second album: Mother's Touch.





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Colonel Bernard Banks on Speaking Freely with Dennis Raimondi

Bernard Banks 

Colonel Bernard Banks is a senior military officier who has served in the U.S. Army for over 25 years.

He is currently Chief Executive Officer for the United States Military Academy at West Point's graduate program in leader development. Colonel Banks holds a PhD from Columbia University in Social-Organizational Psychology.

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Stacy Price, "Paper And The Queen"

     Stacy Price, Paper And The Queen
Emotionally honest lyrics merged with the magic of her indie-pop musicality, Stacy Price energizes hearts and minds within the Denver music scene. She possesses a lush crème vocal style while utilizing the punch and drive of indie-rock magnetism which is the keystone of her grounded yet creative sound.
Stacy grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, listening to the underground sounds of R.E.M., The Indigo Girls, Sinead O'Connor, Souixsie and the Banshees, 10,000 Maniacs just to name a few. Her latest project 'Paper & the Queen' explores the raw emotion that often leads to fiery situations with songs like "Just Get Me Out", "She's the Queen" and "Paper Thin." In other facets, this album touches on the tenderness and explosion of new found love with songs like "Your Return" and "Tangled Up."
Stacy's Lush, smooth yet strong and captivating vocals in juxtaposition to the amped up guitars of 90's underground rock, fuels a sort of resurgence, linking two pairings that normally aren't mixed together. Think Ingrid Michaelson vocals with the driving electric guitar rhythms of Liz Phair.

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The Feed Store



When I like something a whole lot, I tend to talk about it on The Feed Store. And when it comes to country music all I need to talk about is Mr. Dale Watson.

Dale is one of the best damn musicians to ever come out of Texas. And my wife and I have been seeing him perform in Chicago for nearly twenty years at this point. We sincerely love him, his band and his music. Well holy cow, he'll be close to Fairfield real soon.

On Saturday January 10 he'll be appearing at the Five Flags Theatre in Dubuque. If you truly love traditional country music (like Hank the First, Merle, Lefty and Buck) Dale is the man for you.

And if you go to the show, tell him Ken sent you.

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