Taylor Ross discusses her art porject that she'll be presenting this weekend Saturday, December 10th 8pm to 9pm at the ICON Gallery, the perfect space for what she'll be presenting. You can see her preparations anytime Saturday afternoon after 1pm, with the official showing starting at 8pm. There will also be live music from Lake Mary out of Colorado.

Taylot is an artist, activist, spoken word poet, musical composer, world observer and traveler. The eye of an artist as she scans the landscape wherever her feet find themselves. More scavenger than hunter, she is a found artist with a bent for sustainable beauty, objects made by animals, for instance, then abandoned because they make them anew each year.

Her work in support of the water protectors at Standing Rock included fundraising and delivery of hard wood from Wisconisn, a solar-powered truck, and much more.

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥

Champagne Uncorked

This month's LIVE show at Green Building Supply is rescheduled to Tuesday, December 13 at 7:00 PM.  Chestnuts in many different forms on the menu.  Don’t miss it!

Now on to to this week's Great Taste.

The story of Champagne is a complex one with hundreds of years of history.  It is one of the most famous wines made in France.  A wine cannot be named Champagne unless the grapes are grown in one of the 320 appellations that comprise the entire Champagne area.

Fact:  Every champagne is not extraordinary.   I bet you have experienced some like that.

Many, though, can elicit a transcendent experience.  A few years ago, Alan Tardi, a James Beard award-winning writer and chef, was allowed access to one of the most famous and secretive champagne houses.

Justin JohnsonEarly in the first hour, watch (and listen) for the bold spotlight on DJ Andy's interview with Justin Johnson (photo left) with music tracks from his new CD If Walls Could Talk.  This sparkling instrumental virtuoso plays heritage cigarbox banjos and guitars, some of which have never been before been recorded. Tune in early!  Read music review on Justin from the Fringe Toast Music column published in Iowa Source Magazine in May 2016.

DJ Andy Bargerstock unveils another LIVE program of 100% never-played-on Fringe Toast tracks featuring first-hour contributions from French DJ electronica master Møme, French band Erevan Tusk, Colter Wall, Michael Penn (brother of filmmaker Sean Penn), and Ibis-masked DJ Claptone (photo right).  Listen closely for first-time tracks from Howe Gelb, The Oh Hellos, and Maribou State.Claptone

The second-hour Chill Zone is anchored by N*Grandjean, Japanese Wallpaper, Steven Wilson, both solo and with his band Porcupine Tree, and Fairfield's own James Dean Claitor who provides a twin-spin from his incredibly abundant music library.   Click here for playlist.

Invite friends to join the live stream at www.kruufm.com. Fringe Toast emits the best music you never hear... unless you are tuned to KRUU-FM.  

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The Feed Store

Boy oh boy, I'm a lucky so and so. I spent Thanksgiving weekend in the greatest city in the whole wide world(and I don't me Paducah). I was in the Square for the Xmas lighting ceremony. I went to the Bargain Box(thanks for the killer 45's). I got on stage with James Moore at the Depot Brewery. It was just about the most fun I could have. And you'll hear all the gory details in the upcoming weeks on The Feed Store, Thursdays at 10 AM CT and Sundays at Noon CT [Gawd willing...]

Mandolin OrangeDJ Andy Bargerstock creates another original live program with 100% tracks never ever played before on Fringe Toast Music ®.   New artists on this program include Matisyahu, Chris Joss, Somerville & Wilson, Mandolin Orange (photo left), Nadia Ali (photo right below) & PANG!, RY X, and Madrugada.  Mandolin Orange is based in Chapel Hill, NC featuring songwriter Andrew Marlin and violinist- vocalist Emily Frantz. The other spotlighted artist, Nadi Ali, is a Nadia AliPakistani-American singer.

Twin spins come from recently introduced albums from artists The Argument, Steve Mason, Diane Birch, Kaleo and TJ Rehmi

In the second-hour CHILL ZONE, you will be swept away by an array of international artists who enjoy creating positive brain chemistry in listeners. 

Share this playlist with friends and invite them to join the live stream at www.kruufm.com.  It is the best music you never hear unless you are tuned to to Fringe Toast on KRUU-FM.

Get ahead of the mainstream and enjoy DJ Andy's music reviews published in the Iowa Source Magazine the first week of each month. 

THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

Trump Kicks Off ‘Thank You’ Tour, Reveling in Crowd and Campaign Themes

Supporters don’t really care if Trump drains the swamp

Wall Street Wins Again as Trump Picks Bankers, Billionaires

Carrier Will Receive $7 Million in Tax Breaks to Keep Jobs in Indiana

Another Clinton-Trump divide: High-output America vs low-output America

Strong job growth still isn’t giving Americans a raise

Poll: Only One-Fourth Of Americans Actually Want Full Obamacare Repeal

Even with the most high-tech targeting, U.S. airstrikes are still killing civilians in Syria

You can't hide from government hacking

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The New Album by John Prine

John Prine's new album

It's an album of cover songs done as duets. Prine's singing partners include the likes of Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, Lee Ann Womack, Kathy Mattea, his wife Fiona and his old friend Iris DeMent.

Tune in to KRUU today, Thursday Dec. 1, from 4-5 PM for an audition of a new music show: In Root. Not the latest and greatest music out there, rather the roots of rock and roll via the blues, folk, and country. People like Lonnie Johnson, Robbie Fulks, Johnny Cash, RL Burnside, and Paul Reddick will be bringing their particular brands along. There are lots of frequently forgotten artists that get rediscovered these days, thanks to folks out there unearthing old tapes and studio sessions. Here is a new showcase for some blue collar craftwork. This is a one-off, no replay, tune in today.

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Ten Years of Centripetal Sounds

G ManYes, that is correct, this month marks the ten year anniversary of this show. I am taking the entire month of December to celebrate. The tunes change but the theme is still the same: look back over the last fifty years and find the most creative and exciting music to experience. Nothing too fancy, just some solid rock and roll in all its various forms. I did find an alternate version of Planet Caravan that is so very cool I just have to play it. I studied the playlists I have put together over the years and I will be playing cuts off of the ones that have the largest number of readers. I am bringing back some old theme songs just for the heck of it. Otherwise you are in for the usual eclectic mix of finely crafted songs. The G Man

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