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Bulging At The Seams: Extra Texture Thursday

G ManWell, I had so much to say- musically- this week that I am obtaining an extra hour for the show. It all begins Thursday at 2 PM CST. First hour highs are courtesy of James Hunter, Wilco, Clinic, and The Weeknd. Its a swinging set of r& b based sounds. Hour two I have some reggae from Burning Spear, and some new music from Fink and Brand New. There is an old song by Serpent Power I am going to spin, also. Hour three is an AM radio level mixture including country by Goose Creek Symphony, Whitney Rose, and some alt rock by Fleet Foxes and Jacco Gardner. As if that isn't enough, stay tuned in the five o'clock hour for a new IN ROOT session of roots music. There is a lot to like about the future of radio. Keep your eye out for the next edition of Centripetal Sounds. The G Man.

David CrosbyDJ Andy Bargerstock offers a spectacular playlist of music from off-the-beaten path '70s style. Among the first-hour performers are Paul Siebel, Dave Mason, Brian Protheroe, Rodriguez, Elvin Bishop, Savoy Brown and John Renbourn. The second-hour Chill Zone includes rare tracks from Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane and a similar-sounding band Sweetwater, Ten Year's After from the LP A Space in Time, Hawkwind, Brian Eno, Robin Trower, Klaatu, and Captain Beyond.

Perhaps, the most inspiring song of the program is David Crosby's "Laughing" (photo right) from his LP If I Could Only Remember My Name featuring Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia delivering a heart-twisting lament on pedal steel guitar. The song recounts Crosby's search for "the man who knows the truth" about life.

Click here for playlist. The best music you never hear ... unless you are tuned to Fringe Toast on KRUU-FM.  Stay tuned to learn about how to continue to get Fringe Toast Music after March 1.


The Inspiration InitiativeJoin host Luke Davids on this week's episode of The Inspiration Initiative for Part 2 of diving deep into the most creative chord progressions used in Pop music from the 60's to present day. 

Obvious World ~ Sunday Nights ~ 9e/8c/7m/6p ♥


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The End of The Rainbow

RRTo shutter: A device that limits the passage of light. You are experiencing the beginning of the end with me, seven shows left. Oddly enough, about seven minutes after the sun stops shining, people on this planet would notice. I have had a tremendous amount of fun over the past seven (!) years shining a light on really obscure recordings with this program. And there is a lot to like about these remaining shows. 0n Jan. 27 the eight year anniversary show happens. This week I am spotlighting a 2017 release by The Deviant Amps called Take Me Back To The Sky. I am alo playing a nice alternate version of Darlin' Companion by The Lovin' Spoonful. Also wrapped around this full album spin is Randall Bramblett, MC5, The Rolling Stones, and The Alan Parsons Project. All manner and sorts of genres, as usual. Check the playlist online, and please enjoy the music. Cool Breeze

It’s with a mixed emotions KRUU's board announces this beautiful open source juggernaut, a DIY citizen-based little train that could--and did--ride the rails, mostly uphill, for more than a decade in our local area and across the globe, spreading information and inspiration 24/7, will cease broadcasting on March 1st.

What we’ve created at solar-powered, people-powered KRUU for going on twelve years is an amazing tribute to the colorful, committed, creative souls in our neck of the woods and what’s possible when a community comes together with a clear vision and mission, a healthy dose of blood, sweat and tears, hours and hours of selfless giving, and fruitful, directed activity.

As the ‘Voices of Fairfield, Iowa and beyond’, we have lived up to our mission, and beyond, in so many ways. We have much to celebrate and to be proud of and thankful for--especially the scores of talented hosts and cherished supporters who have made it possible to operate as long as we have.

It's been a pleasure and honor doing our best to serve the community, attracting over 250 volunteer hosts over the past decade, some who've been doing weekly programs since our launch on September 30, 2006.

The board was unanimous in its decision to let this proud chapter in Fairfield’s community broadcast history stand on its own merits, accomplishments and integrity.

We are in the process of drawing up parameters and timeline to offer a short window to accept community proposals for a possible transfer of the LPFM license which should be in place in the next week or so.

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For Light

G ManJay Som anchors the show with the last track from her new release Everybody Works. Also in the 2017 new music department is Bong Wish, Wire, and two songs off the new Dream Syndicate release. Lee Michaels, Yes, and Lou Reed are also featured on extended tracks sprinkled through all three hours. I will go back in time for some tunes by Blackwater Park, Wild Turkey, and Leviathan, all of which land in the progressive realm. More of my many record convention finds in the dusty bins where all vinyl hunters go. The G Man

The Inspiration InitiativeJoin host Luke Davids on this week's episode of The Inspiration Initiative to dive deep into the most creative chord progressions used in Pop music from the 60's to present day. 

Pink Floyd(See Revised Updated and Improved Playlist Link). Transport yourself to the late 1960s. You find yourself listening to a late-night, obscure Underground FM radio station laying down music from off-the-beatnik path.  DJ Andy Bargerstock shares what a FRINGE TOAST MUSIC radio show might have sounded like back then. Tracks pulled from his personal collection include artists/bands like Native American singer Buffy Sainte-Marie, rare Pink Floyd (photo left), John Martyn, King Crimson, Fairport Convention, and Pentangle (photo right).Pentangle

In the second-hour, explore the outer edges of your mind with epic tracks including Joe Byrd & the Field Hippies, Rolling Stones' 1968 wonderful oddity "2000 Light Years from Home", Tonto's Expanding Head Band's electronic Indian synthesizer classic "Riversong", Pink Floyd's "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", Blood Sweat & Tears' "Variations on a Theme by Erik Satie," and Paul Horn's "Agra" from the LP Inside the Taj Mahal.  This will be a magic carpet ride!

Click here for playlist. Mark your calendar and experience the rare space of '60s FRINGE TOAST STYLE via live streaming on kruufm.com or at KRUU 100.1 FM in Fairfield, Iowa.

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