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Do You Hear The Bell of Truth Ringing?

G Man'And thats the thing, do you recognize the bell of truth when you hear it ring?' - Leon Russell, from the leadoff track on Centripetal Sounds Thursday at 2 PM, with a replay next Wednesday morning at 2 AM. I was reading these ridiculous posts on a certain self-publishing website, and I thought of the song Stranger In A Strange Land with those fabulous lyrics. As you can see from the playlist on my blog, I have attached 23 songs onto the supposition that the only way out of ignorance and oppression is education. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts. There are at least three sides to every story. And, if you feel like you need a rock and roll fix with thoughtful, socially conscious lyrics, join me for the show. The G Man

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Fringe Toast - Xavier Rudd & Laura Marling - Wed., 10/22 at 8pm CT

Xavier Rudd(See link to playlist below). Another LIVE 100% first-time Fringe Toast music program with DJ Andy Bargerstock. The spotlight shines on Australian multi-instrumentalist and environmental songwriter, Xavier Rudd (photo), and 24-year-young UK folk-singer Laura Marling (photo). New music from up-and-coming artists including Mirel Wagner, Luluc, and St. Paul & the Broken Bones.  Twin-spins in first hour from Death Cab for Cutie, Jesse Stern and Ed Sheeran.

The second-hour Chill Session features two ambient electronic alpha wave Laura Marlinggenerators: Amaya and AURAH.  Listen closely for a 2-minute spoken word recording of an elderly Native American lamenting that "Legend Days Are Over" originally released on Beaver & Krause LP in 1970. LA-based singer Meiko offers lyrical insights on why some girls do "Bad Things" from her recent CD release Dear You.  So many more splendid delights in store for your ears from Fringe Toast, your secret source of great music.   

Click here for playlist.  Follow the show and mark your favorites for downloading later.

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Quinoa and Kansas City on GREAT TASTE this Week

Lisa M. Hamilton 

Ami Freeberg


So much to share this week!!

On the show this week I visit with writer Lisa M. Hamilton.  After a trip to the Andes in Bolivia and stateside research in Salt Lake City, Lisa wrote an insightful piece for Harper's about quinoa, and you can find it here.  There are a myriad of complexities surrounding this protein rich grain and we will explore some of them with Lisa in the first part of the show, plus discuss her article on open-source seed, "Linux for Lettuce."  You can follow Lisa on Twitter at-@HamiltonLisaM.

In the "Iowa Cooks" segment I chat with Ami Freeberg.  Ami is a native of Fairfield, who currently lives in Kansas City.  She works at making the Kansas City area more sustainable, not just as it relates to food, but also community.  In her role as Communications and Outreach Manager for Cultivate Kansas City, she is focused on developing and implementing numerous urban agricultural projects.  You can read more about Ami and Cultivate Kansas City here.


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The Feed Store

Deke Dickerson is a Deke Dickerson & FEED STORE host Ken Mottettrue legend in American rockabilly music. In one band or another(the Untamed Youth, the Dave and Deke Combo, the Ecco-Phonics) Deke has been crisscrossing the United States and the globe for several decades. And everywhere he goes he is as entertaining as hell. He has just joined forces with the greatest masked instrumental band in history, Los Straitjackets, for a brand new record on the Yep Roc label. It's "Los Straitjackets and Deke Dickerson Sings the Great Instrumental Hits!!!!" All your favorite surf style instrumental...now with words for singing. Selections from this killer new disc will be heard soon on "The Feed Store."

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Jazz & Blues On That Righteous Jive


On today's edition of That Righteous Jive we'll be listening to some of my favorite live jazz & blues performances from back in the day--ranging from the early 60's to the late 70's. On the roster we've got: Jimmy Witherspoon, Muddy Waters, Duke Ellington, Patsy Cline and Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles. Stream it live October 21st, 5pm-6pm CDT right here on KRUU radio.

This week's special feature is Shelby Lynne whose birthday is Thursday Oct. 23rd. Her 1999 album, I Am Shelby Lynne, gave her a Grammy award for best new artist and has just been reissued on Rounder records. We'll feature cuts from that classic recording as well as other songs from her ongoing career that has spanned the distance between traditional country, folk rock and retro pop.

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Amalie Nash, Des Moines Registor editor. talks with Dennis Raimondi


1pm: Amalie Nash, an award-winning Michigan journalist, is the new editor and vice president for audience engagement for The Des Moines Register and DesMoinesRegister.com

Nash has spent the past three years at the Detroit Free Press as assistant managing editor for metro-state news. For the past 15 months,

Nash also has coordinated the Gannett Michigan network of news sites, which includes six newspapers and one TV station.


Susie HathawayCertified personal trainer Susie Hathaway gleaned crucial fitness tips from astronauts, waterpolo players, and a nonagenarian track star, and she wants to share these tips with you! Susie teaches strength training to individuals and in classes. She blogs, writes newsletters, and produces DVD's to help all of us stay strong and healthy as long as we possibly can. To hear Susie's fitness tips and her recommendations for great books on health and wellness, tune in to The Studio with Cheryl and Susie this week. 

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Jessica Burks Interviews Wendy Clark

http://wendyclark.net The Wendy Clark Band is a Denver-based original rock band that has evolved from Tequila Mockingbird. Active on the Front Range music circuit and indie scene since 1996, Wendy is a singer, composer, rhythm guitarist, bandleader, independent-recording artist, manager, and promoter. Her music is classified under roots-rock but adds an unmistakable playful voice and infectious melody combined with modern philosophical meanderings and “been there, hated that” themes mixed with a twinge of nostalgia, that are catchy, powerful, and kept fresh by delving into multiple genres. 

Wendy has released three critically-acclaimed full-length CDs under the moniker Tequila Mockingbird, has performed over 1,000 festivals and gigs regionally including A Taste of Colorado, Adams County Fair, The CHUN Peoples Fair (1998-present), toured in the Rockies into Wyoming and through New Mexico, appeared on live TV and radio (Denver's Channel 2 Evening News, KRFC FM, and 1190 AM), released dozens of videos (The Honeymoon and Catching On receiving tens of thousands of views on her YouTube), and opened at sold out shows for bands such as Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, The Samples, Bob Schneider, and Chris Daniels and The Kings. She has opened up for Tim McGraw at Fiddler’s Green, sat in with The Refreshments, Hazel Miller, and backed up Brian Blush (The Refreshments) and Jamon Scott (The Toluenes) as well as collaborated and recorded with bassist Rob Squires of  Big Head Todd and the Monsters on UFO (1998). Wendy has also worked with award-winning sound engineers/producers Eric Shiveley (Alien-American 2004) and Bill Thomas (UFO 1998, Luck and Trouble 2010) and multi-GRAMMY recipient, David Glasser. 



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tom petty puts it all together

the man both changes and morphs, and stays steady. 

at this point in tom petty's career, it would tom pettybe easy to write him off as an old rocker riding waves of nostalgia and recycling his few hits. but his new cd, "hypnotic eye," not only disproves that, but shows his music pulses, and his poetry rings, with the relevance of an artist who's seen it all and who still sees it all new.

this may be the cd of the year (i'll have my picks in early january), so be sure to check it out and see if you agree. here's what petty has to say in "burnt out town":

this is a burnt out town; new emperor, same clothes.

they’re dancing on glass ceilings while the filthy money flows.

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